KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 44

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Chapter 44: Demolishing Iron Fist

“Iron Arrow Claw” was precisely the second ability that he had comprehended. He was similar to Su Yu and had comprehended two abilities after entering tier one and both were combat abilities.

The Gnome howled miserably as it attempted to retaliate with the metal shovel in its hand.

Qin Jia Gui noticed that the killing potential of the ‘Iron Arrow Claw’ was insufficient and hurriedly activated the ‘Demolishing Iron Fist’ as he smashed forward again.


Right before the metal shovel slam down onto his head, the chest of the Gnome exploded as it was sent flying away.

Qin Jia Gui had just stepped into the tier one level and comprehended two abilities as he immediately used them and shocked everyone, immediately killing two of the Gnomes.

Ma Zi Ye looked over and felt that her limelight had been covered by his as she harrumphed. This fellow really liked to stand in the limelight and his performance seemed even more outstanding than when Su Yu had reached tier one.

Qin Jia Gui retracted his metal fist, elation evident on his face. Even he could not help but compare his ‘Demolishing Iron Fist’ to the ‘Rending Claw’ and wondered which was stronger. With strength, his ambitions were ignited and he wanted to become the acknowledged strongest person in the group. He wanted to take over Su Yu’s position.

Thinking of this, he glanced over at Su Yu as his eyes seemed to burn with intensity, a challenging air could be felt around him.

Su Yu noticed this but laughed and did not say anything.

Ma Zi Ye also noticed this and backed away to Su Yu’s side as she whispered: “What do you think? This fellow’s skill really has some qualities that make it worth seeing but isn’t he too flashy.”
Seeing that most of the Gnomes had already died, Su Yu relaxed his left hand as the black scales disappeared. He tousled his hair as he smiled and replied: “It’s not bad, seems like it has a rather strong impetus.”

Ma Zi Ye’s eyes lit up, Su Yu said that the ‘impetus’ was strong and did not mention it’s ‘might’, this clearly illustrated the problem.

Su Yu had analyzed Qin Jia Gui’s ‘Demolishing Iron Fist’ and his ‘Rending Claw’ while he was still at tier one and both sides had relatively strong offensive might however, the ‘Demolishing Iron Fist’ relied on the strength behind the metal fist to create an explosive force to destroy the enemy while his ‘Rending Claw’ depended on the sharpness and hardness of his black scales, creating a frightening rotational force that formed a powerful vortex. The black scales were like small knife pieces and when this claw went forth, wherever it went regardless of bone or flesh they would be minced. In comparison to the ‘Demolishing Iron Fist’, it not only matched it in power but also added a rotational force to it.

When making this comparison, Su Yu felt that his ‘Rending Claw’ did not pale in the slightest to the ‘Demolishing Iron Fist’ and this was under the assumptions that both sides were on the same level. Su Yu who had entered into tier two certainly had a much greater destructive power than Qin Jia Gui.

Qin Jia Gui’s competitive spirit only meant that he wanted to work hard and overcome Su Yu but it did not mean that he already had the ability to do so.

The strength of these Gnomes were between that of a Lesser and Greater Goblin and the group managed to kill all the Gnomes without taking any injuries. Qin Jia Gui had also promoted and become the fourth tier one dark iron warrior after Su Yu, Ma Zi Ye and Zhang Zhong Mou while comprehending the abilities of ‘Demolishing Iron Fist’ and ‘Iron Arrow Claw’.

As people continually promoted, they had already gotten a deep understanding of the strange energy. Killing monsters and absorbing the crystals from them would allow them to become ‘Dark Iron Warriors’, there were different tiers of dark irons warriors and the lowest was tier zero followed by tier one then two and each time they promoted a tier they would comprehend new abilities and become even stronger.

Furthermore, each person had unique reactions to the strange energy. Su Yu’s left hand that was covered in a layer of black scales appears to be an arm that only an animal would possess, together with the claws and fangs that his abilities had, it was clear that his strange energy was associated to a beastial form of energy.

Ma Zi Ye’s strange energy was even stranger and black rope-like things would appear on her leg. Zhang Zhong Mou’s face turned into stone and Qin Jia Gui’s skin could become metal, causing his right fist to appear like dark coloured iron.

Although they were absorbing the same energy, each person would go through a different transformation.

Seeing Qin Jia Gui’s transformation, Zhao Shi Chang, Lin Shi and Lin Dong had a yearning within their eyes, they also wanted to know what their abilities were, after going through a transformation.

Having killed this group of Gnomes, Li Dong and the others who had not promoted changed their wooden clubs for the metal shovels. It was clear that the metal shovel had a much stronger offensive capability than the wooden club.

They continued on and spotted holes behind a copse of trees, it was clear that this hole was the dwelling of that group of Gnomes and they had heard the group’s footsteps causing them to climb out and attack, inadvertently losing their lives in the process.

The group did not tarry for long before continuing on, of the thirteen people in the group, there was one tier two dark iron warrior and three tier one dark iron warriors. The group’s strength could be said to be immense and a normal pack of Lesser Goblins or low level Gnomes would not be able to threaten them.

At midday the group stopped to rest and began to eat. The dark clouds in the sky began to disperse as indistinct rays from the sun could be seen, causing the area to not seem as sinister.

The morning had gone by swiftly and the group had already covered much ground but did not made much headway. What was before them was still a sprawling forest with trees that reached the sky, wild grass and flowers littered the area and their uniqueness made it difficult to describe, the group simply did not recognise any of them.

It was already midday and Qin Jia Gui who had been elated earlier gradually felt his spirits sink lower, based on their appointment they only had an afternoon worth of time left.

If they did not make any discoveries this afternoon, they had to head back to the school and the food there would probably have run out already.

The group sat together as they rested and took food out from their backpacks. Ma Zi Ye continued to eat her instant noodles with an intoxicated expression on her face as her other hand reached into her backpack to retrieve a bottle of orange juice. She was not too fond of drinking water and had stuffed many bottles of orange juice, Coca Cola, Sprite and other similar drinks.

Ding Shan drank the mineral water in her hands and felt that it was rather tasteless as she looked at the orange juice within Ma Zi Ye’s hands with a yearning expression.

Ma Zi Ye noticed this and laughed as she handed the orange juice over to her.

Ding Shan was shy and she timidly shook her head.

Su Yu rubbed her hair and laughed: “Little girl what’s there to be shy about.” as he helped her accept the orange juice and passed it to her.

Ding Shan stuck out her small tongue as she softly said: “Thank you big sister.” before turning to Su Yu and continuing: “Thank you big brother.”

Su Yu laughed as he rubbed Ding Shan’s head, he felt that this little girl was simply too cute.

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