KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 45

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Chapter 45: Encountering with Danger at the River

By the side, Li Dong seemed ill at ease as he bit into a bread and suddenly said: “Qin Jia Gui, it’s already noon time but all we see is forest and more forest. Are we still going to continue forward?”

Although Su Yu was the strongest within the group, he was rather low-key and did not make many decisions. Most of the decisions within the group were made by Qin Jia Gui who liked being in the limelight and as a result Li Dong decided to ask for Qin Jia Gui’s opinion.

Although Li Dong had only asked a simple question, his meaning was clear and he was saying that going forward had no further meaning because there was only endless forest ahead of them.

Qin Jia Gui had not spoken up when Zhou Hua Kang nodded and said: “That’s right, originally we planned to spend two days searching and we’ve only got half a day left. There’s only forest in front of us and no reason to continue heading forward. Should we just…… head back to the school and make a decision then?”

Hearing their words, the group had expressions of deep thought before Qin Jia Gui spoke up: “No way, since we’ve already decided we should continue on. Even if there’s only an afternoon left, we should not give up till the end. Who knows, maybe hope will appear at the final moment.”

Li Dong saw that Qin Jia Gui was still firm in his decision as he turned to Su Yu and asked: “Su Yu, what do you think?” Within the group, only Su Yu had the possibility of changing Qin Jia Gui’s mind.

Su Yu muttered: “About that……” He tousled his hair before continuing: “I agree with Qin Jia Gui, till the final moment we should not give up……” He paused for a while before sighing. The truth was, he felt that chances were slim and once they headed back, he would be faced with a difficult decision.

Seeing that Su Yu was of the same mind, disappointment clearly showed on Li Dong’s face but he did not say anything else.

After a short respite, they packed up their belongings and continued hurrying down the road.

The route they continued on was as Li Dong had predicted, the front was still endless sprawling trees and occasionally Lesser Goblins and Gnomes would appear. Finally Zhao Shi Chang also promoted and became the fifth tier one dark iron warrior within the group.

The strange energy within Zhao Shi Chang and Qin Jia Gui were located similarly in their right hands but when he promoted to tier one, his right hand was covered in a black shell-like layer and when he attacked enemies it was different from Qin Jia Gui who would smash down with his fist. A sharp one chi* long blade that was snow white and similar to jade, would actually extend from within the black shell and pierce outwards.

[Chi = ⅓ metre]

When he received the information regarding it, he realised it was known as ‘Bone Blade’ and while wielding it he could easily pierce through the trunk of a small tree, its sharpness was evident.

Seeing the time go by minute after minute, the group became more and more despondent. It was at this moment that Qin Jia Gui walked by a shrub that was approximately as high as him and let out a soft exclamation of surprise.

Ma Zi Ye who was following closely behind also saw this and cheered before suddenly rushing forward.

Past the shrubs, there was a slope and below it there was a river that was over ten metres in length and one could not see the start nor end of it. The river passed through the forest like a white strip amongst the boundless greenery.

At this moment, the appearance of this river made the group fill with elation.

In these two days, they had experienced countless slaughters and their clothes had long been stained with blood and the stench and discomfort could not be described in words. At this moment the river was like a life saver and their elation was evident, it was no wonder that Ma Zi Ye would suddenly just rush forward.

“Be careful.” Qin Jia Gui reminded as he followed closely behind.

“It’s a river, a river!” Zhao Shi Chang laughed as he ran over.

In the back, Ning Yan’s face finally brightened as she also went forward.

In no time at all the thirteen people were gathered before the river, looking at the river water, they were excited and felt that their entire bodies were itchy and uncomfortable. They were tempted to simply jump into the river and take a bath.

“Everyone let’s calm down first. We don’t know how deep the river is or if there are any dangers. Let’s examine closely first.” Qin Jia Gui was more calm than the others and did not forget about the danger at this moment.

Zhao Shi Chang then laughed: “I think everyone should take turns bathing, if we don’t come across a water source it’s fine. But now that it’s in front of us, even a second longer of not bathing is so difficult to bear.”

Even a guy like him felt this way, not to mention the girls Ma Zi Ye and Ning Yan, they immediately nodded as they heard this.

Zhuang Xiao Hua who was by the side also piped up: “This river is very narrow and probably won’t be too deep. I’ve actually got some experience in this area, the water is clear and we can even see the small rocks at the bottom. What danger is there to speak of? Haha, since you guys are scared then I won’t be courteous and go ahead to take a bath first.”

Zhuang Xiao Hua laughed as he excitedly took off his outer clothes and leapt into the water.

Ma Zi Ye spat as the few girls hurriedly turned away.

Qin Jia Gui and Su Yu saw that the river water was indeed clear to the extent that they could see the bottom and it did not seem deep as they finally put their fears to rest. Zhao Shi Chang then spoke: “Then we’ll trouble you girls to keep watch, we’re going to bathe first……”

His words had barely left his mouth when Zhuang Xiao Hua who was enjoying himself within the river suddenly shouted as his four limbs began to struggle violently, the clear river water was suddenly stained with fresh blood.

“What’s going on?” A sudden situation had arisen and everyone was shocked as they rushed forward to take a look, the girls were no exception.

The clear river water seemed to have nothing within it yet Zhuang Xiao Hua’s body was constantly irregularly contorting within, as though something were wrapping around him. Words could be barely heard from his mouth “Save….. Save me……” as his body was continually dragged under.

“Everyone be careful, don’t recklessly jump into the water!” Qin Jia Gui exclaimed as the metal fist appeared on his right hand. Looking over at Zhuang Xiao Hua who was being pulled under as he continually squirmed and struggled, he hesitated.

There was nothing there but why was Zhuang Xiao Hua acting so weird? The more someone did not understand something, the more frightening it was and even Qin Jia Gui hesitated.

Su Yu did not speak and did not bother to remove his clothing as black scales covered his left arm till his shoulders, the black scales raised up as they spat out white mist and he jumped into the river, ‘Rending Claw’ was activated and the force immediately affected the water, causing a loud explosive noise ‘Kaboom!”, thereafter, Su Yu continued to wield it as he continued forward towards Zhuang Xiao Hua who was still struggling for his life.

“Kaboom! Kaboom!”

The high rotational speed from the ‘Rending Claw’ caused the water to fly in all directions, at the same time Su Yu softly hissed: “I understand now!” White fangs appeared from within his black scales and as he shook his arm “swish swish swish” sounds that were similar to beans being fried could be heard, ‘Fang Bullet Burst’ had been activated and immediately the water seemed to explode as large amounts of fresh blood spewed forth. The “Fang Bullet Burst’ that caused the explosion in the water actually produced such a large amount of fresh blood? The people by the shore who saw this soon understood the reason.

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