KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 47

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Chapter 47: Painful Decision

Zhang Zhong Mou asked curiously: “What method?”

Li Dong had a profound expression as he slowly spoke: “The food on our bodies can still last us two to three days, if the food at the supermarket is still there, we can bring it all and it would last us at least ten to twenty days…… Within that time, we might be able to find the exit right? At least…… it would be better than being together with those people and eating of the monster’s carcasses and consuming tree bark and wild grass.”

As he was saying this, the fists by his sides were tightly clenched.

Li Dong had spoken his mind and the group were silent. It was a frightening silence and the group could hear the loud heartbeats within their chests.

In this moment, each person was left with a choice. To return to the school and suffer with the thousand over people or throw them aside and choose the road which had a greater hope.

Many of the people had cold sweat on their hands and something that seemed like a simple choice made them feel that they would either be going against their conscience or choosing a path that would be wrought with difficulties.

Seeing that no one spoke, Li Dong continued in a low voice: “What do you guys think?” His voice was hoarse as he yelled, his hands were drenched in cold sweat and seeing the group that remained silent he shouted wildly: “Are you people really that magnanimous? Can’t you bear to throw them aside? If we can’t even ensure that we live, what power do we have to go and care about other people?”

Li dong was very nervous, he was afraid that these people would really choose to go back to the school and work together with the thousand over people. If it was only him, no matter how much gall he had he would not dare to travel alone. He needed to convince them and make everyone be like him, decide to take the food and ignore the lives and deaths of the thousand odd people within the school.

A moment later, Zhou Hua Kang wiped the cold sweat from his brow as he said in a slightly hoarse voice: “My thoughts are similar to Li Dong. Although…… although we are letting them down, however…… however I really don’t dare to imagine, over a thousand people without food and water…… food can be ignored as trees and wild plants can stave off hunger, but what about water? With so many people moving together…… I’m afraid……. Afraid that it would lure even more frightening monsters. The outcome would be simply unimaginable.” Looking at the river before them, although there was water there, the amount that over a thousand people would require was astonishing and merely thinking about it caused Zhou Hua Kang to feel his scalp go numb, simply inconceivable.

Li Dong noticed that someone had finally agreed with his view as he secretly sighed in relief before looking towards Su Yu and Qin Jia Gui. They were still deep in thought as though they had not made their decision.

Zhao Shi Chang suddenly stood up and his voice was very calm as he indifferently said: “I’ve thought through this and….. understood something. Be it us or the people in the school, everyone has come to this forest together. Everyone has started from the same starting point and only we can decide our own futures. We won’t harm them but neither do we have the ability to help them. I think we can share our experiences of these two days with them and I sincerely hope that they all can live, however, we cannot help so many people and thus I’m sad to say, I choose to be with Li Dong and the others. Also…… I don’t believe that this means we’re selfish, when faced with life and death, everyone is equal and why would I treat my life lightly? Why would I cause myself to endure the worst circumstances by starving and thirsting for these people? I’m not a saint and I am unable to do so.”

Having said his piece, Zhao Shi Chang then sat down.

Zhang Zhong Mou snorted: “Good fellow, do you think you’re performing in some recital? You certainly have a refined bearing.”

Su Yu lifted his head as he glanced at Zhao Shi Chang before saying: “That’s right, we are all ordinary people and know how to plan for ourselves. This….. may not be wrong and I am also very selfish. I can’t possibly love and care for everyone in the same amounts however, there are some people, some things, some principles that have to be adhered to and even if I sacrifice my life, this would remain.”

Zhao Shi Chang stared blankly for a moment before speaking: “Su Yu, what is the meaning of your words? Are you going to throw us away? Are you going together with the thousand over people?”
Su Yu shook his head as he softly said: “I’ve already said, I also can’t be fair and show care for each and every person. Although we have to face reality, there are some people in the school that I cannot leave behind, even if I throw away my life I will go and protect them. Do you understand?”

Zhao Shi Chang was dazed and Qin Jia Gui clenched his fists as he made his voice more forceful: “That’s right, I’m similar to Su Yu. There is someone I want to protect within the school and no matter what, I will not give her up.”

Zhou Bi Rong who was by the side then interrupted: “Since that’s the case, why not just bring away the people who you guys treasure, wouldn’t that solve the conundrum?”

Qin Jia Gui’s body trembled as Li Dong hurriedly continued: “That’s right, Qin Jia Gui, you’re talking about your girlfriend right? Just bring her along, one or two more people within the group won’t affect us. Su Yu, who can’t you give up? It can’t be that class of students you were with right?”

Hearing his words, Qin Jia Gui’s eyes lit up, this was indeed a possibility. Thinking of the thousand over people and the days of possibly eating tree bark or the flesh of those monsters, he could not bear to do so and certainly could not bear letting his girlfriend live those days.

The person that Su Yu could not give up on was naturally Jade.

The group had originally felt guilty towards giving up on the thousand over people and were afraid to face it. However, now that they had steeled their hearts and made the decision, it actually became a lot easier. After a careful discussion, each person besides Zhou Bi Rong and Ding Shan could bring one person from the school and they had the choice to give up this right as well.

Su Yu’s choice was naturally Jade and Qin Jia Gui chose his girlfriend Yuan Ni Ping. The other people in the group began to consider whether they wanted to bring anyone along. There were some who were planning to give up their chance as every additional person in the group would mean an additional mouth to feed.

The prerequisite for this was that the food within the supermarket was still there, otherwise, all this talk would be meaningless.


Suddenly, a frightening roar could be heard from the distance followed by sharp hissing.

Hearing this, their faces changed as the sounds of roaring and sharp hissing gradually grew closer. It seemed that the sounds were coming from barely several hundred metres away and finally with an explosive “Ka Cha!” two large monsters could be seen fighting, it extremely intense.

“Everyone be careful.” Qin Jia Gui spoke softly as he climbed up.

Hearing the imposing sounds, their colour on their faces drained. These were definitely two very fearsome monsters.

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    • Firstly, they have been roaming in the forest for 2 days and have seen less than 100 lower Goblins.. Also there are 1000-2000 people in the university so it would take 20-40 days to find enough lower Goblins for everyone to kill. Also by the time they get back to the Uni there would be no more food left in the uni so they can’t even last a week let alone a month to level everyone up.. Moreover, there would be people like that bich women who won’t want to kill the goblins coz its not womenly. Furthermore, who woukd waste a month to level up weaklings when you coukd use a month to have a group of 30 people all above level 5-6 orin higher in a month????

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