KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 48

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Chapter 48: Savage Bull Demon

The vigorous battle that was several hundred metres away only lasted one to two breaths of time.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

There were expressions of alarm on the faces of the group and the monster that had been several hundred metres away was rushing toward them, the group thought about running but it was already too late.

This was a dark green monster with an enormous head, its outer appearance was similar to that of the Gnome they had previously encountered but below its hip was actually a large grey wolf. On close inspection it was not that this Gnome-like creature that was riding on the back of the grey wolf but rather the two were conjoined together, evidently it was a single entity. It was just that the appearance was simply too weird and from a glance one would think that it was a Gnome riding a large wolf.

The ‘Eye of Perception’ once again appeared on Su Yu’s left hand and immediately flashed the information regarding the monster through his mind.

Name: Gnome Rider

Information: Tier two beast soldier, mutated evolution within the Gnome race, they are formed when a Gnome catches a wolf and rips the flesh on its back open, thereafter planting themselves atop it before merging and become one entity. Has speed comparable to the wolf and ferocious strength, a killer of the night within the forest. A strong Gnome Rider can even match against a Golden Goblin within the Goblin race.

Su Yu read through the information and took a breath of cold air, this Gnome Rider before them could actually match against a Golden Goblin in strength?

It was only that the Gnome Rider before them was covered in blood and seemed worse for wear, as it rushed towards the group, it simply ignored them and jumped into the river before crossing it and running into the woods on the other side of the river.

Su Yu suddenly came to his senses as he recalled that the sounds of clashing earlier were that of this Gnome Rider and another unknown monster in an intense battle. This Gnome Rider had lost and ran away as a result. It was simply so coincidental that it had actually run away in their direction and in this case the monster that had battled and won the Gnome Rider……

By the time Su Yu came to this conclusion, another frightening roar could be heard in front of them as the monster that was chasing the fleeing Gnome Rider appeared. When it saw Su Yu and the group, it actually stopped as its blood-thirsty eyes seemed to suddenly fill with elation and viciousness. Compared to the tough meat of a Gnome Rider, human skin was thin and their meat soft, their fresh blood was sweet and could be considered a high quality food. Right now, a group of humans were before its eyes.

This monster that was initially hunting the Gnome Rider now fully focused its attention on the group.

At this moment, even if some people of the group wanted to flee it was simply too late. The speed with which the enemy had arrived was several times faster than any of them.

“Everyone be careful, don’t move recklessly!” Qin Jia Gui exclaimed as he clenched his right fist, his skin becoming metal and swiftly transforming into a black iron fist.

Without his reminder, the group knew that the monster before them was not simple and clearly was not something the Gnomes, Lesser Goblins or River Boa Beast could match.

The monster before them had a head of a Bull and two black horns atop its head that seemed to flash with a frightening cold light, one could imagine how sharp it was.

Below the bull’s head was the body of a dog that seemed to be as big as that of a wild bull, its entire body was covered in a thick faint gold fur and what was most striking was on this monster’s back, there were actually two large arms that seemed to be that of an ape. These two arms were black like metal and seemed to contained inconceivable strength, the first thing the group noticed were these two black arms and almost without question, the most frightening aspect of this monster would be those two arms.

It was clear that the bull headed monster had ill intentions towards the group and Li Dong, Wei Zhang Ming, Zhou Hua Kang and the others lifted the metal spades as they slowly fanned out, forming a tight formation. Zhou Bi Rong protected Ding Shan as she slowly backed away, Ning Yan also gradually backed away and it seemed as though whenever there was danger or monsters, she would choose to run and not fight.

Black ropes appeared on Ma Zi Ye’s right leg and once their distance was close enough, she was prepared to activate the ‘Web of Steel’ to trap the monster.

The ‘Eye of Perception’ appeared on Su Yu’s hand and once again sent the information regarding this monster through his mind.

Name: Savage Bull Demon

Information: Part of the Bull demon race, when a Savage Bull Demon matured, it would become a bonafide tier two elite beast soldier. Its speed was average however it had a frightening barbaric strength and could also use the ability ‘Beheading Cyclone’, it was one of the most frightening demon beasts among the tier two elite beast soldiers.

“Beheading Cyclone? This monster before them actually had an ability?” Su Yu felt his mind shudder and had not even warned the group before the Savage Bull Demon released a terrifying bull-like roar, its eyes widened as it lowered its head, its two black horns pointing forwards as it rushed towards the group.

Although the ‘Eye of Perception’ informed that the Savage Bull Demon only had an average speed, when compared to the group it was already frightening.

“Quick, dodge!” Qin Jia Gui shouted as he dodged to the side, his right metal fist swung in an attempt to slam into the side of the Savage Bull Demon. He had already activated the ‘Demolishing Iron Fist’ within this blow and if it landed on the Savage Bull Demon, it would be able to explode a hole on its body.

Qin Jia Gui could see that this Savage Bull Demon was of a high level and if he managed to kill it, he would surely be able to greatly advance and possibly even become a ‘tier two dark iron warrior’. By then, he would really become an expert who would not be one whit inferior to Su Yu.

His thinking was too simplistic and just as his metal fist went forth, the ape arms on the back of the Savage Cow Demon stretched and grabbed his face as it lifted his body into the air. Qin Jia Gui was like a little chicken that had fallen into the claws of an eagle and in this moment he did not have any strength to resist.

Qin Jia Gui howled, he was terrified and if the hands of the Savage Bull Demon were to squeeze, his skull would surely be crushed.

Su Yu did not speak a word as his left arm was covered in black scales, immediately the entire left arm had gone through a bestial transformation, white fangs appeared from within the black scales as his right arm raised and with continuous “Bang! Bang! Bang!”, the ‘Fang Bullet Burst’ was activated.

The ‘Fang Bullet Burst’ was akin to bullets firing and Su Yu was only half a step slower as he fired.

By the side, Ma Zi Ye shot forward and seeing Qin Jia Gui in a perilous situation, she did not bother activating the ‘Web of Steel’ but rather used the ‘Flying Spade’ to aim at the arm of the Savage Bull Demon.

If this ‘Flying Spade’ landed, Ma Zi Ye was confident that it would be able to break the arm that was currently holding onto Qin Jia Gui.

Zhang Zhong Mou lowered his head as he howled, activating the ‘Rock Head Cannon Pulveriser’ as he shot forth the back.

Zhao Shi Chang’s left hand was covered in a thick shell as a ‘Bone Blade’ extended forth and also attacked.

In the blink of an eye, the entire group had pounced and no one showed any signs of fear or hesitation.

Having gone through two days of trials, the group had all become stronger and their mental fortitude was much stronger. Qin Jia Gui was suddenly in danger and the group surged forward, exhibiting the strength of their formidable abilities and showing their proficiency in coordination. In a split second the Savage Bull Demon was in a dangerous predicament.

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