KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 49

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Chapter 49: Earth Spikes Assault

‘Pa! Pa! Pa!’

Explosive noises rang from its back as the Savage Bull Demon howled. It had already been hit by three ‘Fang Bullet Burst’ and in its anger it actually wielded Qin Jia Gui which was currently in its hand as he smashed him towards Su Yu who was rushing over.

Su Yu had just activated the ‘Rending Claw’ and was using his full strength as he charged forward. Qin Jia Gui was suddenly smashing towards him and it seemed as though the ‘Rending Claw’ would collide with Qin Jia Gui.

Su Yu was shocked as he forcefully retracted his hand, the Savage Bull Demon had whirled its body and its other hand stretched forth actually managing to grab onto Su Yu who was currently frantically retreating, at the same time, Ma Zi Ye’s ‘Flying Spade’ had only landed on the back of the Savage Bull Demon due to it spinning its body.


Ma Zi Ye painfully fell to the ground as the Savage Bull Demon roared from being kicked and let out an explosive roar as it sped forward on all fours.

Su Yu and Qin Jia Gui had both been grabbed by the Savage Bull Demon by their heads and Su Yu felt that it was weird that the arms of the Savage Bull Demon had such speed yet it did not use its fist to clench down and crush their skulls but rather held on, this was simply too bewildering.

That thought flashed through Su Yu’s mind, this immediately showcased the difference between Su Yu and Qin Jia Gui.

Although Qin Jia Gui was impressive, once he was grabbed by the Savage Bull Demon by the head, he immediately thought of all the people before him who had their heads crushed and thinking of the possibility of his skull being squashed, fear gripped his entire body as he now only knew how to yell in fear.

Su Yu on the other hand, started having several weird thoughts, as his left arm activated the ‘Rending Claw’. In an instant, the strange energy that had formed into qi within his left arm began to wildly discharge out. Pieces of black scales were raised up as streaks of white mist that seemed like thin pillars were being emitted, borrowing the counter-force from the discharged white mist, Su Yu grunted and sent forth this fist of ‘Rending Claw’ that contained the full potential of the second tier for the first time.

Streaks of white mist like thin pillars continued to be discharged and the speed of this fist was simply indescribable. Su Yu could only see the mirage of his fist as it shot forth, thereafter, fresh blood splattered as the Savage Bull Demon shrieked miserably, the arm that had grabbed onto Su Yu had already been minced by the ‘Rending Claw’.


The Savage Bull Demon roared as it threw Qin Jia Gui towards Su Yu, its four legs kicked as it suddenly jumped away.

Su Yu’s follow up attack of another ‘Rending Claw’ missed and the Savage Bull Demon had already escaped over ten metres away. It then abruptly turned around as a single arm stretched forth actually breaking a horn off its head as it hurled it towards the group.

The group were stunned and felt that as the black horn left its hand, a “Huo Huo” grim hissing could be heard as a streak of black light was seen and it appeared before Su Yu.

In shock, Su Yu howled as the ‘Rending Claw’ went forth to block.

“Ke Cha!”

Sparks of fire scattered about as Su Yu seemed to be electrocuted, heavily flipped away as the Savage Bull Demon broke off its second bull horn and tossed it.

“Beheading Cyclone!” Su Yu fell to the ground as he let out a shout. He understood that this was certainly the ability of the Savage Bull Demon: Beheading Cyclone.

The second horn flew towards the group as the ‘Beheading Cyclone’ activated, Ma Zi Ye, Zhao Shi Chang and the others saw the frightening scene of Su Yu being sent flying through the air and dodged, the group seemed to have dodged it as it flew by however this ‘Beheading Cyclone’ actually turned and came flying back.


Wei Zhang Ming suddenly screamed as his body trembled as he stood rigidly there. The ‘Beheading Cyclone’ earlier had entered his back and flew out from his chest, returning back to the hand of the Savage Bull Demon.

The hole in his chest was spewing out blood like a fountain and the group stared blankly, Wei Zhang Ming swayed as he moved a few steps before falling to the ground, dead even before he collapsed.

Receiving the horn which it had sent flying, the Savage Bull Demon once again activated the ‘Beheading Cyclone.” The group were terrified as they dodged and Qin Jia Gui had just climbed back up but upon seeing it had no choice but to prone to the ground again.

Su Yu turned his body as he yelled: “Ma Zi Ye!” At the same time his left arm changed and the ‘Lizard’s arm’ was activated.

His entire arm went through this unique change and became a huge arm that was roughly one metre in length and swelled like an inflated monster’s arm. Each part of the muscle were like panels of iron and even nails would find it hard to penetrate.

Hearing Su Yu’s shout, Ma Zi Ye rushed towards the Savage Bull Demon as she activated the ‘Web of Steel’.

The Savage Bull Demon roared as it sent forth the ‘Beheading Cyclone’ while Su Yu howled as he wielded his ‘Lizard’s Arm’.


There was a loud noise as though metal had collided and this time, the powerful ‘Beheading Cyclone’ was actually sent flying by Su Yu’s ‘Lizard’s Arm’, landing on the ground as it became an ordinary black horn.

The ‘Lizard’s arm’ amplified his strength by two to three times and was certainly frightening, even the anti-theft door could be deformed in a single blow much less this ‘Beheading Cyclone’.

Noticing that Su Yu had defeated its ‘Beheading Cyclone’, the Savage Bull Demon seemed to panic as it turned and wanted to run. Although it was strong, it understood that it was not a match for this group of people before it.

Ma Zi Ye delicately shouted ‘Web of Steel’ but was too slow as the Savage Bull Demon had already kicked the ground with its four legs as it jumped, with its speed, the group simply had no way to chase it.

Su Yu similarly had no chance to catch it and seemed to recall something as he turned his body and pressed his right hand onto the ground, activating the magic spell ‘Earth Spikes Assault’ within the Earth Spike ring he wore on his hand.

He remembered that this particular magic spell attacked from afar.

The Earth Spikes ring glowed with an indistinct light as the crisp “Chi Chi Chi” sounds were being emitted from the ground. Thereafter, the area of several Zhang from where the Savage Bull Demon stood was suddenly covered with immense sharp rock piercings, dense and numerous as though the area had turned into a stone needle forest.

This was simply too imposing and the entire group was shocked. Su Yu also stared blankly as the Savage Bull Demon shrieked miserably while being pierced by these sharp rock piercings that had suddenly erupted from the ground.

These sharp rock piercings lasted for roughly a second before vanishing. The Savage Bull Demon’s body seemed like a beehive and there were several large bleeding holes on its body as it fell heavily to the ground. The fresh blood dyed the entire ground crimson and its bull eyes were wide open, dying aggrieved as it did not even understand how it died.

Su Yu was dazed for a while before finally coming back to his sense. This ‘Earth Spikes Assault’ was actually so fearsome? This simply far exceeded his expectations.

After utilising the ‘Earth Spikes Assault’ the earth elemental laws contained within had been emptied and it would require twenty four hours before being fully replenished and allowing the next usage of this frightening magic.

The Savage Bull Demon was not one whit inferior to the Golden Goblin and Su Yu absorbed a frightening amount of strange energy as he felt the strange energy within his left arm was about to advance. It was indistinct as it began to converge in the same place and pushed through the left shoulder area blockade. However a mere touch caused the strange energy to flow backwards.

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