KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: Advance Party

Turned his back and staring at Zhang Zhong Mou, Su Yu said through gritted teeth: “For real?”

Zhang Zhong Mou nodded as his eyes seemed to contain fear.


Su Yu calmly lay down. At this moment, he felt as though he mind was about to explode. The events that transpired were simply too shocking and inconceivable and what was most astounding was that the surroundings of their school had changed and was no longer the world the were familiar with and it seemed as though they had arrived at a strange unknown world.

Having laid down for a while, the door was pushed open and a few people walked in, amongst them were the class monitor Lei Rui and Jade.

The two people carried food containers in their hands as they walked to the bedsides of Su Yu and Zhang Zhong Mou.

“I’m already starving to death, the sky outside should be dark already.” Zhang Zhong Mou said this while climbing up from his bed.

Although Su Yu’s left hand could still move, his body was immobile and he required someone to feed him.

“Jade, you do it.” Lei Rui handed over this duty to Jade.

Jade’s face was red as she grit her teeth and grunted as she sat by the side with a seemingly reluctant look.

Su Yu was incensed as he thought of how he had fought tooth and nail to keep them alive but she was actually reluctant to feed him and said: “Not hungry.” as he turned his head away.

Jade was stunned and Lei Rui seemed to understand something as she took the food container from Jade’s hand as smiled: “Let me do it. Su Yu, you should give some face to me, the class monitor. You’re the hero of the class, if you starve, everyone would blame me. Everyone wanted to come visit you but I blocked them because you are injured and require rest.”

Lei Rui no longer had any airs of a class monitor as she spoke to Su Yu, her face was full of smiles and appeared cute and amiable.

A gleeful expression appeared on Su Yu’s face as he said: “My appetite has suddenly gotten better. Ai! It suddenly feels as though I’m starving.” As he opened his mouth to eat a mouthful of food.

Seeing this, Jade grit her teeth as she harrumphed and turned away.

Lei Rui fed a few mouthfuls to Su Yu as the expression on her face gradually became gloomier.

“What’s wrong? Class monitor?” Su Yu saw this and felt puzzled.

Lei Rui looked at the food within the food container and gently sighed: “If there still isn’t anyone who comes to save us, after two days, we would have run out of food. Also, the electricity……” Looking up at the lights within the class, there was nervousness in her expression.

It was lucky that the school had a generator and the electricity was alright for now.

Su Yu said in puzzlement: “Even if the outside has turned into a forest, hasn’t the school formed a group to go out and explore?”

“Outside……” Lei Rei shivered as she softly said: “It’s filled with those green monsters and it’s fortunate that the outer walls of our school are high enough and the steel gate is closed shut, temporarily stopping them. However…… we won’t be able to hold on for much longer.”

Su Yu’s heart shivered as he heard this, in the forest outside the school it was actually filled with the green monsters?

Looking at the people all around, they had gloomy faces filled with trepidation. There was no longer the jovial smiles and laughter of youths in their twenties, rather, the atmosphere in the infirmary was filled with fear and despair.

During this night, most of the people slept in fear as the frightening sounds could be heard from the outside. Su Yu could hear that most of the noises came from the green monsters but occasionally there were the roars of a fearsome beast that made one’s hair stand on end.

Lying on the bed, Su Yu could clearly feel the strange energy circulating within his left arm, flowing through his entire body as it continually changed his physique causing his body to sweat.

Su Yu’s injuries were very severe; three broken fingers, a broken right arm, a deep wound on his chest that nearly injured his organs. With such injuries, a person would usually have to recuperate for at least half a month.

In a single night, it seemed that the strange energy had a mysterious use as Su Yu discovered that his injuries were much better. Besides his right arm which was recovering slower due to the broken bone, the superficial injuries and the wound on his chest had mostly healed, he could now get off the bed without too much trouble.

This was a new discovery for him. The strange energy not only made the strength within his left arm frightening, but also had the miraculous effect of causing his entire body to recuperate at a much faster rate.

What exactly was this strange energy? And what were the black scales that appeared on the back of his left hand?

Su Yu could not understand, most of the events that transpired simply could not be explained with common logic.

Zhang Zhong Mou’s injuries were much lighter than his, besides his head region that still required bandaging, the other areas were merely superficial injuries and after a day of resting he was already fine.

Under the request of Su Yu, Zhang Zhong Mou supported Su Yu and slowly walked out of the infirmary.

Outside, the sky was dark and in the distance big and tall trees could be seen.

Zhang Zhong Mou did not lie to him, currently the surroundings of the school had become a forest, an unfamiliar forest that was filled with frightening monsters.

As far as the eye could see were male and female students with stupefied expressions. After experiencing such a traumatic event, classes were naturally stopped and although they were studying in a fourth tier university, there were still close to two thousand students who were currently trapped here and food and water would immediately become a problem.

As Lei Rui had mentioned, if the situation did not change. In two days time they would no longer have any food to eat.

Outside, the forest that was filled with green monsters had trapped them here and after a few days without food they would all die here as hopelessness filled the hearts of each person.

“No way, we must get out of here.” Su Yu suddenly muttered to himself.

“That’s right!” Someone from the back agreed.

Su Yu looked back, Teacher Meng Bo walked over, her body was tall and slender, skin white like snow and face mellow and full.

“We certainly can’t just wait for death here. If your injuries are better, follow me. The school authorities are looking for you.”

When Su Yu and Zhang Zhong Mou followed Meng Bo into the food hall, there were already plenty of people gathered within consisting primarily of males. Amongst them, Su Yu saw the familiar faces of Qin Jia Gui and Ning Yan.

“Su Yu, Zhang Zhong Mou.” Qin Jia Gui greeted them and the two nodded in response.

Su Yu swept his gaze as he secretly glanced at Ning Yan, she looked calm on the outside as she quietly stood there, her gaze was reserved and she did not look around much.

It was weird that everyone was standing within the food hall. Even weirder was that outside the hall, there were a large number of students gathered as they looked about but did not enter.

“Everyone please sit.” A few middle aged people were standing in front and Su Yu recognised that the one currently speaking was the Chairman Zheng of the university while the others were various authorities of the school.

Su Yu had a confused expression as he sat down on a chair with Zhang Zhong Mou by his side. To his surprise, Qin Jia Gui also walked over and sat by his side.

Although they were in the same class, Su Yu and Zhang Zhong Mou did not really have a close relationship with Qin Jia Gui. He had not expected that Qin Jia Gui would suddenly act so warmly towards them. The others began to find seats as they all sat down.

“Qin Jia Gui, do you know what’s this about?” Su Yu softly questioned.

Qin Jia Gui clenched his right fist as he softly replied: “Didn’t teacher Meng tell you? The few of us have been gathered here and will have a heavy responsibility thrust upon us.”

Su Yu shook his head and the deputy chair of the board began to speak.

Su Yu remembered that Chairman Zheng was usually very long-winded but he was concise and succinct this time and his few words made Su Yu and Zhang Zhong Mou understand the reason why they were gathered here.

The reason was to create an advance party that would enter the unknown forest to explore. The best outcome would be getting in touch with the police to save them, otherwise finding food would also be an acceptable outcome.

Amongst the people gathered here, there were ten odd students who were like Su Yu, they had managed to kill green monsters, thus gaining the strange energy. Su Yu was the only one who had managed to kill four of them and this made him especially evident in the eyes of everyone, as even Chairman Zheng looked at him as he spoke.

There had been a total of seventeen green monsters, of which four had been killed by Su Yu. A female student from the department of foreign languages had killed two, while the other eleven were killed by eleven different people. This meant that there were thirteen people here who had the strange energy.

What was surprising to Su Yu was that the calm and gentle looking Ning Yan. She actually killed a green monster and was one of the two girls within the thirteen that had the strange energy.

Su Yu knew that in those messy situations, killing a green monster largely depended on luck, which was the case for himself and Qin Jia Gui.

Without taking in the strange energy, when comparing physical strength Qin Jia Gui was certainly much superior to himself. He had merely gotten lucky and the first green monster had gotten itself stuck in the metal grating, allowing him to kill the first monster. This led to acquiring the strange energy which then allowed him to kill the other three green monsters.

Thinking of this, Su Yu felt a sense of relief.

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