KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 50

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Chapter 50: Friend

Su Yu was amazed, could it be that this was a sign that he was about to promote again?

The Savage Bull Demon had been killed by the ‘Earth Spikes Assault’ and the group was still stunned when Su Yu walked forward and crouched before the corpse. He then pressed the solitary arm that was on its back and found that it was rather feeble, nodding his head he immediately understood. The two arms that were grown by the side of the monster’s back were not for attacking enemies but specifically for utilising the ‘Beheading Cyclone’.

Although this arm seemed quite frightening at a glance, it did not contain much strength and although its speed was fast enough to swiftly grab his and Qin Jia Gui’s heads, it did not have the explosive power to crush their heads.

“It seems that utilising that ‘Beheading Cyclone’ requires speed and nimble skill, not too much strength is required. As a result, these two arms are very fast and deft but lack in strength. It’s fortunate that it turned out this way, otherwise, both me and Qin Jia Gui would have died to it.” Su Yu mumbled.

If the Savage Bull Demon really had such speed in its arms and also a frightening destructive strength, it would be able to kill their group in seconds and certainly not only be a tier two beast soldier.

Li Dong stood by Wei Zhang Ming’s corpse and an expression of grief could be seen on his face.

Within their group, Su Yu and Zhang Zhong Mou’s relations were the most iron clad and Li Dong and Wei Zhang Ming could be considered to have good relations. Now that Wei Zhang Ming had died, he felt a feeling of loneliness, like the fox who grieves when the rabbit dies*.

[Idiom: To have sympathy with a like-minded person in distress]

Wei Zhang Ming did not speak much normally and was like Lin Shi in this respect however, he was far from Lin Shi who was so daring and within the group he seemed ordinary. It was to the point where Su Yu and the others almost did not recall when they last spoke with him and seeing his corpse, there was a puzzled expression on Zhang Zhong Mou’s face. He had actually forgotten Wei Zhang Ming’s name but it certainly was not a good time to ask about it.

After a moment of silence, Li Dong lifted his metal spade and began to dig at the area where Zhuang Xiao Hua had been buried. It was clear that he also planned to bury Wei Zhang Ming here.

Qin Jia Gui noticed this and immediately picked up a metal spade as he began to help out.

As he dug, Qin Jia Gui recalled the scene of him exchanging blows with the Savage Bull Demon but he did not understand why he became so panicky after being grabbed by the monster, losing his wits and if he had only calmed down and used the ‘Demolishing Iron Fist’, he could have easily shattered that Savage Bull Demon’s arm but he questioned himself constantly as to why he had not done it.

Qin Jia Gui thought to himself: “For….. for Su Yu, it had seemed so simple. Was this because he had risen to tier two dark iron warrior? Or could it be that he was weaker than Su Yu? No, thats impossible!”

Qin Jia Gui grit his teeth as he promised deep down, if he met with such a dangerous situation in the future, he would not panic and would calmly assess the situation, looking for gaps within impossible situations and turn defeat into victory.

Once Wei Zhang Ming had been buried, Li Dong carried Wei Zhang Ming’s backpack and poured all the contents within out. Thereafter he picked up two pieces of bread before speaking to the rest: “Everyone take a bit, the items are on the ground.” Having said this, he then threw away the empty backpack to the side.

Seeing this, Zhang Zhong Mou clicked his tongue: “Good fellow, still call yourself his friend? He has only just died but you’re already raring to go and splitting up his items?”

Li Dong looked him in the eye as he angrily retorted: “You ass, what do you know? Wei Zhang Ming and I are friends and so I personally buried him. However…… due to this, the items that he left behind, should we just bury it together with him? What do you think? Does doing that make me a good friend? Otherwise I’m just being a superficial friend? Oh, pray do tell. I don’t really know how to be superficial. I only know that a dead person is already dead while the people who are alive still have to struggle to live on. Even if I die, I would think that splitting my items would be the correct choice for the group, giving more chances for the living to go on. Is this wrong? What’s wrong with this?”

Li Dong was howling like as if he was a lunatic as Zhang Zhong Mou was actually dumbstruck and rendered speechless by this.

Su Yu did not speak but rather walked forward, picking up a bottle of water as well as a bag of beef jerky from the pile of items.

The others saw this and also went forward to take one or two items. Li Dong’s eyes were red as he stood there rigidly, his entire body trembling.

Su Yu took the final two items that were on the ground and tossed it to Zhang Zhong Mou who was by the side: “Take it, Li Dong is right. If Wei Zhang Ming were in the underworld he would also wish for us to do this. As living people, we have to carry the hopes of the dead and struggle onward. Why we entered this forest, one day we will find out the reason. If it were because of some people, I think…… I think that as living people we should take revenge for our dead buddies. This is for sure!”

Zhang Zhong Mou received the food which Su Yu had thrown over as he solemnly put them into his backpack. He suddenly felt heavy as though these two food items were a heavy responsibility that had been entrusted on to him.

When Li Dong saw that Zhang Zhong Mou was keeping the two food items, he quickly turned his body around as his shoulders began to tremble faintly.

Su Yu stretched his hands forth to pat his shoulders as he spoke: “What you said is very true, as living people, we have to struggle to live on. In this way, the dead would not have died in vain and i believe that Wei Zhang Ming would not wish to see you like this.”

“I know….. I know……” Li Dong’s shoulders continued to faintly tremble as his breathing became ragged. Unknowingly tears had already welled up within his eyes.

Seeing this, Su Yu sighted. Although Li Dong could be considered a very selfish person and constantly planned for himself, from another perspective, he could be considered a realist. Seeing the way he valued the friendship with Wei Zhang Ming, Su Yu felt a change in his opinion of him. At least this Li Dong was not superficial, he was not a vile person with no regard for others, he merely wants to strive hard to survive, that’s all.

After the commotion with the Savage Bull Demon together with the deaths of Zhuang Xiao Hua and Wei Zhang Ming, everyone felt restless and could not fall asleep easily. Zhuang Xiao Hua and Wei Zhang Ming were different from the others who had died, they had been together for a longer period of time and their feelings were closer. The group was heavy hearted and sat down before a large tree as they chatted.

Ma Zi Ye suddenly asked Zhang Zhong Mou: “Hey, big cigarette addict. You love smoking so much which girl do you think can bear with it? You don’t have a girlfriend right? I think you should stop smoking, sister Ma is showing concern for you.”

Zhang Zhong Mou snorted, although he was not happy but what Ma Zi Ye said was right.

Ma Zi Ye noticed Zhang Zhong Mou’s expression and knew that she had hit the mark as she smiled: “As for Su Yu who doesn’t smoke, it’s clear that he already has a girlfriend.”

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