KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 51

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Chapter 51: A Sinister Fire

Zhang Zhong Mou laughed out: “You guessed wrongly, Su Yu doesn’t smoke or drink but he also does not have a girlfriend……” Having said this, Ma Zi Ye’s beautiful eyes seemed to brighten, Zhang Zhong Mou was not dumb and suddenly seemed to have comprehended something as he scolded in his heart: “Stupid woman, she isn’t concerned about whether I have a girlfriend. She’s just trying to use me to find out if Su Yu has a girlfriend. It seems that Ma Zi Ye has really fallen for Su Yu.”

Thinking of this, Zhang Zhong Mou laughed as he thought of how to give a psychological blow to Ma Zi Ye as he whispered: “Ma Zi Ye, although Su Yu doesn’t have a girlfriend, he has an idol who he would die for.”

The expression on Ma Zi Ye’s face became unnatural as she laughed: “Is that right? You would know?”

Zhang Zhong Mou’s mouth curled upwards as he sneakily glanced at Ning Yan who was resting by the big tree: “That…… it’s a student from his class, it’s an open secret and we all know.”

Ma Zi Ye noticed the form of his mouth as she saw Ning Yan and she seemed to suddenly realise something as disappointment filled her heart. Ning Yan was indeed very beautiful and had an elegant air about her. Although she did not perform much within the group, it could not be denied that her appearance was exceptional. It was only that besides her looks, she had no other attractive points and could Su Yu possibly like such a girl that was like a flower vase? Ma Zi Ye felt rather indignant.

“If you don’t believe me, you can ask Su Yu for yourself.” Zhang Zhong Mou softly whispered.

Ma Zi Ye became rather moody, if she were to personally ask Su Yu, she could not do it. She raised her head and saw Su Yu was sitting together with Qin Jia Gui and Zhao Shi Chang. The three of them were chatting and discussing about their views of this forest.

If Su Yu’s hypothesis was correct, their school had been brought here through the ‘Sky Holes’. In that case, why did the ‘Sky Holes’ occur and why were they sent to this world? Did all this happen naturally or was there a someone controlling this from behind the scenes? If there was a mastermind, what were his motives? How could they escape from this forest, escape from this world?”

The three continued to voice their opinions and their conversation slowly moved towards dark iron warriors. They now knew that people who had gained strange energy within world were known as ‘dark iron warriors’ and ‘dark iron warriors’ had special strengths and uniquely differed from person to person. There were even tier segregations and in that case, was there a highest tier for the ‘dark iron warrior’? In that case what was the highest tier? What was the humongous feet and hand that had come down from the sky? Could it be a giant that was as tall as the sky? There was also that golden eagle monster who had destroyed the huge hands and feet.

Was the eagle monster closer to the Golden Goblin’s type of monster or was it closer to their human biological form?

Su Yu could still distinctly remember the gaze that the golden eagle monster had swept, those eyes were austere, like flashes of lightning or sounds of thunder sweeping through their bodies, emotionless and it felt like a human had inadvertently seen a few ants that were crawling on the ground but his gaze swept past without any regard for them.

They idly gossiped as Lin Shi who was silent for a long time suddenly interrupted: “Why would those who have strange energy within them be known as ‘dark iron warriors’?”

This question was rather weird and Zhao Shi Chang dryly laughed as he replied: “It could be because the colours of the areas that we transform seem like dark iron, my right hand is covered in a hard crust like that of an insects and Qin Jia Gui’s is even more alike, it is basically a fist that is cast from dark iron, Su Yu’s also looks similar.”

Although Zhao Shi Chang said this in a joking manner, his words still had some basis however Lin Shi had different views as he spoke up: “The warrior term within the dark iron warrior can be easily understood however why would one use dark iron to describe warriors? I feel that there should be some meaning behind this. At the very minimum, it won’t be the reason that Zhao Shi Chang stated.” As he said this he pointed at Zhang Zhong Mou who was by the side.

The group understood his meaning, Zhang Zhong Mou’s face could turn to stone and the colour was quite different from that of dark iron.

Zhao Shi Chang was speechless after this rebuttal and Su Yu tousled his hair as he seemed to want to say something but as he lifted his head, he saw that Zhou Hua Kang was walking towards Ning Yan who was leaning against a big tree and seemed to whisper something to her. Ning Yan lifted her face and looked at him, anger seemed to flash across her face but she continued to ignore him.

Zhou Hua Kang seemed angry as he slightly raised his voice: “Why are you still pretending? Do you really think that just because you have otherworldly beauty you can follow us, eat and drink for free without doing anything? What? Being my girlfriend would be an injustice for you? It’s me who thinks highly of you, otherwise, with your trashiness, you will die in this forest sooner or later. If you become my girlfriend, at least I will be able to protect you……”

Having said this, Zhou Hua Kang suddenly had a gentle smiling face as he whispered: “There’s danger throughout this forest and we could die at any time. I believe you don’t wish to die before having a taste of ‘that’ right? Agree to be my girlfriend and once we return to school we can have a go, how’s that?”

Within this frightening forest, they could die at any time and because of this, many people removed their daily facades and superficial attitudes as they straightforwardly talked about their heartfelt desires.

Ning Yan could understand the meaning behind his words and her face shone in anger, her originally snow white face became even paler and seemed to be speechless in anger.

Zhou Bi Rong who was nearer to them heard Zhou Hua Kang’s words and as a police officer, she had a strong sense of justice which shone as she stood up and said heavily: “What you just said is two much, such matters require mutual consent. Wishful thinking only on your part has no meaning.”

Zhou Hua Kang turned his head and gave Zhou Bi Rong a look as he scolded:”Mind your own business, what business do you have when i’m courting a girl.” Afterwards, he spoke with a heavy tone: ”Ning Yan, speak up, what are your thoughts about this?”

Su Yu lowered down his hands that were currently tousling his hair. Zhao Shi Chang who was by the side spoke while smiling: ”This rascal Zhou Hua Kang, he actually knows how to strike first and gain the upper hand. It must have been difficult for him to talk about love in these circumstances, but that Ning Yan….. perhaps she has some illness. If we knew earlier, we would not have allowed her to join this group, other than dragging down our feet, she has not accomplished anything else.”

Qin Jia Gui nodded his head slightly as he seemed to ponder deeply before agreeing, Su Yu took it all in, he now knew what were the majority’s thoughts with regards to Ning Yan’s performance that resulted in antipathy. Some of them were even hoping that Zhou Hua Kang and Ning Yan would tangle and afterwards, perhaps…. they would actually be able to get a taste of something as well.

A sinister longing that was like a single spark, in the beginning it may only be a small flame but once it is aggravated, it may flare up and become bigger and bigger, causing things to get out of hand.

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  1. I’m kinda almost done with this novel. It’s utterly fucking ridiculous. The world they’re in is just retarded. It makes no sense.
    The only thing keeping me going is that the three main characters are somewhat interesting.

    Also, fuck Ning Yan. She should pull her own weight. Literally ANYONE else would be more useful. I mean Christ, at least the little girl inspires people to protect her. All Ning Yan does is glare at people.

  2. Its pissing me off that she is doing nothing but getting rescued all the time. Su Yu probably will rescue her again… And all he is getting is that some angry glares. I hope he will not chase her…

    I made a speculation though. Based on next chapters title ‘First Love’, i think that he might have long ago stopped liking her. Thus he will say that she was his ‘first love’ maybe? (He doesnt necessarily need to say aloud) Chances are extremely slim though… :/

    • I hope Su Yun stay out of this, also pretty disappointed i nZhang Zhong Mou, that fake bro, he clearly knows Su Yun could’ve get a girlfriend if he didnt mentionned Ning Yan heh

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