KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 52

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Chapter 52: First Love

Ning Yan’s face was cold as she glared at Zhou Hua Kang before ignoring him.

Zhou Hua Kang’s face seemed to have been spat on but unexpectedly he laughed mischievously: ”Since you are silent, i will treat it as tacit approval.” He actually went to sit beside Ning Yan and reached out with his hand, wanting to put his hand over her shoulder.

Zhou Hua Kang’s actions were gradually becoming more impudent.

Throughout this journey, he had been secretly paying close attention to Ning Yan. He noticed that no one had spoken with Ning Yan and it could be seen that she was a loner with no relations with anyone. This made Zhou Hua Kang feel relaxed, even if he did something shameless to her, no one would interfere.

Also, the yearning that he felt for Ning Yan had been there from the first time he saw her, it was only that they had constantly been placed in dangerous situations and he did not have to mood to go for it. Thinking that they were returning to the school tomorrow, he became more relaxed and thought of grabbing this chance to make Ning Yan into his girlfriend before returning to school…… Following through to the end, he would have sex with her once they returned to the school.

The forest was too dangerous and one could die at any moment. He did not want to die a virgin and wanted to at least have a taste of male-female relations.

This sinister fire grew larger and larger and fueled Zhou Hua Kang’s courage, this was especially so after several impudent remarks had not trigger any retaliation from Ning Yan making him think that she was afraid of him, further boosting his confidence.

Zhou Hua Kang’s actions did not incite disgust in the others but rather influenced some of them, they felt as though a fire had been lit within them as they could not help but sweep their gazes at Ma Zi Ye and Zhou Bi Rong.

“Zhou Hua Kang, stop!” Finally, seeing that Zhou Hua Kang had wanted to drape his hands over Ning Yan, Su Yu could bear it no longer as he stood up.

Zhou Hua Kang was stunned as his hand stopped rigidly in mid air, he did not expect that Su Yu would speak up for Ning Yan and a strange and rigid smile appeared on his face as he said: “Su Yu, I’m chasing Ning Yan and she doesn’t seem to be rejecting my advances. Are you caring too much? Haha.”

When faced with Su Yu, Zhou Hua Kang did not dare to be disrespectful like how he had been with Zhou Bi Rong. The meaning behind his words were clear, he was chasing Ning Yan and if she did not reject, you were simply being a busybody and there was actually a hint of dissatisfaction in Zhou Hua Kang’s voice.

Su Yu looked over at Ning Yan and her face was clearly angry to the point of becoming pale but she did not reject, what was this woman thinking.

In class, Zhang Zhong Mou also liked Ning Yan however over the past two days of interaction he no longer had any feelings for Ning Yan. In his words, Ning Yan was but an empty shell with a beautiful countenance, besides her appearance she had no other redeeming qualities. At this moment even his feelings towards Ma Zi Ye were better than Ning Yan.

Although Zhang Zhong Mou no longer felt anything for Ning Yan, seeing Su Yu being confronted by Zhou Hua Kang, he jumped up with a ‘Swoosh’ as he said: “Zhou Hua Kang, we give you face but you don’t want it. If he asks you to stop, you just stop. Why talk so much nonsense?”

Hearing Zhang Zhong Mou’s shout, Zhou Hua Kang’s face became red, he was not afraid of Zhang Zhong Mou as he retorted: “What for? Are you bullying me because I’m alone?”

Zhang Zhong Mou laughed: “Ha, what you said is precisely right. We are bullying you. Now that you ask why, I’ll tell it to you straight. My brother likes the girl so you better scram off to the side, don’t be a toad that is lusting over the swan’s flesh.”

As he said this he patted Su Yu on his shoulders.

Su Yu’s face became red in embarrassment but Ning Yan continued to coldly look at them, her face was still deathly pale and it may be that in her eyes, Su Yu, Zhang ZHong Mou and Zhou Hua Kang were similarly just trash that did not differ by much.

Zhou Hua Kang’s face was bright red from Zhang Zhong Mou’s words and veins could be seen on his neck, it was obvious that he was incensed and had the impulse to rush over and fight with Zhang Zhong Mou. He managed to control his emotions as he knew that he could not afford to offend Su Yu, however, youths are reckless and he could not take this lying down.

He felt that he was merely chasing after Ning Yan and did not hinder their plans. They were now using their might to pressure others and this resentment roiled within his chest, suddenly he lifted his hand as he slapped Ning Yan with a ‘Pa!’ and cursed: “Repulsive whore!” before turning away and walking to the side.

This slap caused Ning Yan’s expression to change as a trickle of blood could be seen on her lips.

Zhang Zhong Mou angrily shouted: “You f***er!” as he rushed towards Zhou Hua Kang.

Li Dong suddenly blocked him as a reluctant smile was plastered on his face as he spoke: “We’re all comrades, let’s not let this small matter affect our camaraderie. Don’t you all agree.”

Within this group, Li Dong and Zhou Hua Kang had closer relations and seeing that things were getting out of hand, he had immediately stood out to lend him a helping hand.

Zhang Zhong Mou glared at him as he wanted to continue making a fuss but Su Yu pulled his hand and shook his head.

Zhang Zhong Mou believed in Su Yu and seeing that he did not wish to make a commotion, he grunted and spat on the ground as he cursed: “Damn, if you dare to provoke me again you’ll get what’s coming for you.”

Su Yu looked at Ning Yan who was by the side but only saw that her expression was apathetic as she wiped the blood on her lips, as though what just happened had nothing to do with her.

Sighing lightly, Su Yu felt his enthusiasm dry up, could it be that Ning Yan really was willing to be friends with Zhou Hua Kang? Was he merely overly concerned and being a busybody?

It was precisely because of this that he had stopped Zhang Zhong Mou from kicking a fuss and made the decision that in the future he would no longer be concerned with Ning Yan’s problems.

Su Yu’s liking for Ning Yan had began from the beginning of school and it could be said to be love at first sight.

When Ning Yan had first appeared before Su Yu, she was wearing a white top and skirt, like a pure angel and in that moment, Su Yu’s heart was captivated and he even forgot to breathe.

It was a pity that although both were in the same class, they did not have much chance for interaction and each time Su Yu saw her he would have a feeling of inferiority, unable to summon the courage to speak with her.

Thereafter, the frightening events occurred and the school had appeared within the forest. Everyone had joined a group and finally there was a chance to interact however, Su Yu felt that the distance between the two had not gotten closer but rather further and further apart as they travelled. Ning Yan was like an icy mountain, rejecting anyone who tried getting close to her.

Su Yu’s secret admiration and liking of Ning Yan far exceeded that of Zhang Zhong Mou, Zhang Zhong Mou only loved her beauty but Su Yu had a deep appreciation for everything about her.

It was only that Ning Yan’s attitude made him feel waves of frustration and disappointment, it could be that he really did not have any fate with Ning Yan. No matter how much he changed, be it his mundaneness previously in school or his current powerful status within the group.

To Ning Yan, she could care less whether Su Yu existed, no matter what he did was of no concern to her.

An indescribable frustration welled up within him as Su Yu voluntarily sought a cigarette from Zhang Zhong Mou as he took a puff.

Was this his first love? It had not even began but it seemed like it had ended already.

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  1. The author says nothing about that girl other than how beautiful she supposedly is, the MC fall in love with her because she’s beautiful and yet the author has the nerve to say the MC doesn’t love her for her beauty. All she has is beauty! What else could he possibly love about her! What a stupid forced love triangle.

  2. to me it seems like she has psychological problems
    and probably wouldnt even do anything if she was raped by that guy
    and maybe she even wanted to die but suyun stopped that and she is angry at him
    most weird beautiful girl in a story
    and i hope that pathetic forced romance of the mc also stops

  3. Menstrual cycle maybe? This is a thing that has always plagued me when it comes to girl in these stories. The biological cycle never seems to happen but for men they either go take a leak or take a shit and it’s joked at but the females are never mentioned. Most likely she’s on her period.

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