KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 53

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Chapter 53: Apportioning Food

Su Yu’s actions made it clear to Ma Zi Ye that he really did like Ning Yan.

Looking past the smoke that Su Yu was puffing out, seeing the blurry face of Su Yu through the smoke, Ma Zi Ye felt a slight feeling of disappointment.

This night was spent listening to the different frightening roars off in the distance. When the sky lit up, the group woke up and Su Yu tousled his hair, it was actually moist and seemed to have been wet by the moisture in the night.

This day was the fourth day since they came to this forest.

The group did not say much as they packed their backpacks and headed back to the school with Qin Jia Gui in the lead.

Along the path back Qin Jia Gui had left markings at conspicuous areas making it easy to trace their steps back without fear of getting lost.

Hurrying back, Ding Shan could no longer move and Su Yu bore her weight on his back while Zhang Zhong Mou assisted him with his backpack.

The group walked swiftly on the road back and half an hour later they met with a group of Gnomes.

There were fifteen to sixteen of them and Qin Jia Gui, Zhao Shi Chang, Ma Zi Ye, Lin Shi and the others swiftly took care of them without any injuries.

Unknowingly, the group had already become much stronger.

At midday, the group took a half hour rest as they ate before continuing down the path. They met many groups of Gnomes and Lesser Goblins but these were handled without much danger and Lin Shi finally promoted, becoming a tier one dark iron warrior.

After becoming tier one, Lin Shi’s strength was totally different from the others. When the right hand which contained the strange energy transformed, it actually became a piece of black iron however it was very different from Qin Jia Gui’s black iron fist because the piece of black metal that his right hand formed strikingly resembled a pistol.

This metal that strikingly resembled a pistol had a piece that extended forth with a hole, by its sides were two smaller holes and when Lin Shi utilised the strange energy, the two small holes by the side began to wildly suck in air before firing out a faint white light beam from the ‘muzzle of the gun’, easily leaving a finger sized hole within a large tree.

Zhang Zhong Mou hooted as he touched the hole in the tree before putting his finger into the hole, he could still feel the heat within the hole.

“Good fellow, it seems to be even better than a pistol. Teacher Lin, you’ve struck it rich.” Zhang Zhong Mou had a look of envy as he lifted his thumb towards Lin Shi.

Qin Jia Gui walked over and asked: “Teacher Lin, what was the name of that ability called?” It could be said that the transformation of Lin Shi was totally different from all of them and had aroused the curiosity of the group.

Lin Shi frowned slightly before replying simply: “Air Bullet.” He found that his close combat prowess did not increase by much and although this ‘Air Bullet’ seemed strong, it was only suitable for long range attacks and once a monster came close, he would be in danger.

The strength within his right arm still remained within the level of tier zero.

Currently, Ning Yan, Li Dong, Zhou Hua Kang and Ding Shan had not promoted to tier one.

Ning Yan was adamant in not killing monsters and simply had no chance to promote, as for Ding Shan, she was a young child and currently did not possess any strange energy within her. As for Zhou Bi Rong, she had a pistol and did not showcase much of her strength. Su Yu guessed that she was a dark iron warrior and should not be too weak in terms of strange energy. At the police station, she had killed several of the monsters and it was not possible for her not to have strange energy.

As for Li Dong and Zhou Hua Kang, they were at the precipice of promoting to tier one level, they could promote at any moment because it was relatively easy promoting from to tier one however, wanting to promote to tier two was not as easy. Besides Su Yu who was currently tier two, the others including Ma Zi Ye did not have the slightest indication that they would be entering tier two any time soon.

If one wanted to promote to tier two, killing only Gnomes and Lesser Goblins was simply insufficient. Back when Su Yu promoted to tier two, he had killed several Greater Goblins and a rare Golden Goblin before promoting.

On the road back, the group’s strength was much stronger and their speed was much faster. They could easily take care of small packs of monsters and constantly move forward. When the sky was gradually turning dark, they had finally returned to the ‘Jin Hua Supermarket’ that was half collapsed.

Li Dong and the others were like arrows as they shot towards the supermarket. They needed to check if the food was still there and everyone was feeling anxious, if the food was gone what would they do?

Even Su Yu began to feel nervous.

It was fortunate that when the group rushed in, they saw ample amounts of goods, bread, sausages, instant noodles, biscuits and other consumables as well as large amounts of water and other carbonated drinks.


The group sighed in relief and Ding Shan slipped off Su Yu’s back as she shouted happily at the floor which was covered with food.

Although she was young, she realised that they had come to a frightening place and it was lucky that she was understanding and did not make a ruckus about wanting to see her parents. Among her peers, she could be considered understanding and mature.

It was precisely this that made Su Yu and Zhou Bi Rong dote on her very much.

The sky was already dark and the group was prepared to stop here for the night. This half collapsed building was still safer than being in the woods. Thereafter, the group began to discuss how to apportion the food on the ground and Li Dong voiced his point of view.

Besides Ding Shan, there were ten adults here and he felt that the food should be evenly spread into ten portions, with each adult getting one. Since Ding Shan had come together with Zhou Bi Rong, she would bear the burden of her food and drink. If anyone wanted to bring their friends from the school, the food and drink of those friends would be borne by the person and he felt that only in this way would it be fair.

It was clear that he did not want to bring anyone from the school and based on his method of dividing the food, he would be getting much more food than if it were evenly spread among everyone who joined their group.

Qin Jia Gui shook his head: “This doesn’t make sense, everyone should split it evenly.”

Zhou Hua Kang laughed coldly: “Qin Jia Gui, are you forgetting that this supermarket was discovered by this current group of ours? The few of us dividing the food up equally here is very logical. As for those who wish to bring friends from the school, that is their own prerogative however the burden of food and drink will be borne by that person. You can’t possibly be asking us to settle the bill for them right? How could it be fair to those of us who don’t wish to bring anyone from the school?”

Zhang Zhong Mou laughed: “If we are splitting the food based on contribution, an even distribution would also be unfair. Who doesn’t know that Su Yu’s contribution is the greatest? What right do you have to receive the same amount as him?” Because of the events that transpired the previous night, he viewed Zhou Hua Kang unfavourably and immediately provoked him.

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