KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 54

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Chapter 54: Returning to School

Zhou Hua Kang was prepared to rebutt Zhang Zhong Mou’s words when Su Yu suddenly nodded: “I agree with your suggestion of evenly splitting the food.”

Having said this, Qin Jia Gui, Li Dong and Zhou Hua Kang were stunned, they did not expect that Su Yu would agree so easily like this.

Su Yu had also contemplated deeply on this matter and if the food was split evenly into ten portions, each person would likely have enough food to sustain a person for a month. In this way, even if he brought Jade along, the two of them would have food to last them for fifteen days and if they were prudent, they could even have it last for twenty days.

Within twenty days, too many things could happen. Since this was the case, why would he bother to bicker with them over how to divide the food?

Qin Jia Gui saw that Su Yu had agreed and thought for a while before also agreeing. He knew that the food would likely last him and Ni Ping ten odd days and within that time, the dangers were unpredictable and who knew when someone would suddenly die. Who could guarantee that everyone would live? If someone died, then his portion of food would be apportioned again and within the ten odd days who knew whether they would chance upon more food? Or even find the exit? Since this way the case, bickering over the division of food was simply redundant.

It was rare that Su Yu and Qin Jia Gui both agreed and the others did not have any opinions. Li Dong and Zhou Hua Kang were suspicious of Su Yu so readily accepting their idea and were afraid that Su Yu actually harboured ill intentions against them. This method of distribution was clearly beneficial for them and detrimental for Su Yu and the others, why would he so readily agree? Who in this world would choose a path that would be detrimental for themselves? They were afraid that Su Yu harboured other intentions.

With this thought in mind, Li Dong felt nervous. Su Yu was a tier two dark iron warrior and if he really wanted to take care of them, it would not take much time and it was unlikely for the others to help them.

Compared to receiving slightly more food, their lives were more important and Li Dong hurriedly shook his head: “No good no good, I’ve thought it through. This may seem fair but really isn’t. Since we’re all comrades, in the future roads ahead we’ll still need to depend on each other. There really isn’t a point dividing it up so clearly. I still feel that the original idea was better, find out our total tally before dividing the food equally.

Su Yu stared blankly at him as he wondered why Li Dong kept changing his mind, what were his motives for doing so?

Unexpectedly, Zhou Hua Kang also agreed with Li Dong’s point of view as he said: “That’s true, we’re all comrades and there’s no need to divide it up so clearly.”

Qin Jia Gui laughed loudly, he could see through the thoughts of Li Dong and Zhou Hua Kang as he said indifferently: “Then that’s what we’ll do. This food is our final hope, if we continue to leave it here it’s really too dangerous. Now that I think about it, back then our decision to leave it here was really too reckless and if someone came and took all the food, the outcome would be disastrous.”

The group nodded as they all agreed that their decision back then was indeed too risky.

The supermarket had large plastic bags and the group busied themselves with taking all the edibles and consumables within. They had filled tens of large bags to the brim and looking at this pile of bags, the group felt satisfied as they sighed in relief.

Following their usual practice, they took turns to stand watch while the others rested.

Although this night was still filled with the roars of several wild beasts, they were not disturbed and everyone managed to have a good night’s rest.

When the sky brightened, the group slowly woke up as they glanced at each other, everyone was still alive and raring to go.

Su Yu leisurely stretched his arms, the strange energy that had formed into qi within his left arm was still circulating however it seemed to have met with a chokepoint at the region of his left shoulder which prevented it from flowing to other areas of the body. Su Yu could feel that if his qi could flow past that barrier, he would likely promote another tier.

Su Yu wondered what it would be like to promote to the next tier, he certainly did not feel that he was at the pinnacle simply being a tier two dark iron warrior.

This day was already the fifth day since they came to this forest and he was worried about Jade and had a strong urge to rush back to the school to check.

Tens of large bags that were brimming with food and each person had to carry several of them. It was fortunate that most of the people in the group had strange energy within their bodies and their strength was several times greater. Even Ning Yan was not an exception as she lifted these large bags. Although it was a hassle, it did not take up too much of their strength.

This supermarket was not that far off from the school and the group were like hard working porters as they each carried several large bags that seemed bigger than their bodies.

Strangely, the group did not encounter any more monsters along the way and this made the group them feel startled and happy at the same time as they moved swiftly, finally seeing the school at midday.

The group felt that if they were to bring the big bags of food to the school, it would certainly create a mess and the group decided to leave the food with Li Dong, Zhou Bi Rong and the others who were not going to the school while the rest like Su Yu, Qin Jia Gui and a few others who wished to go back could do so and bring their friends immediately out, without tarrying within the school.

As for the plight of the others within the school, they could not help and believed that under the circumstances of a lack of food, they would leave the school and venture into the forest to test their luck. They would go through the ordeals that they had experienced however this was no longer within their scope of concern. A person had to look out for himself otherwise heaven and earth would collude to destroy him. Su Yu and the others were not saints and were only ordinary humans, they had to plan for themselves and this was very normal.

One could plan as much as they wanted but when the situation came there would usually be changes, when the group finally reached the school and gazed at it from a distance, the ten odd people were stunned.

In the distance, many of the walls of the school had collapsed and there were a large quantity of corpses on the ground, a wind blew and the smell of blood filled the air.

“Shit!” Su Yu was shocked and he did not think as he flung the bags he carried to the ground as he rushed forward while his heart began to beat rapidly: “Jade, you must be okay!” The thing he was most concerned about had happened.

Qin Jia Gui was also shocked like him as his expression changed, throwing the bags by his side he shouted: “Everyone keep calm, you guys stay here and look after the food.” Thereafter he immediately ran after Su Yu.

Su Yu was concerned about Jade and Qin Jia Gui was naturally concerned for his girlfriend Yuan Ni Ping.

The others exchanged glances as suddenly, Lin Shi also dropped the bags by his side as he rushed forward.

The group were stunned, could Lin Shi have someone he pined for in the school?

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  1. Well… if jade die then i won’t care at all i think… but ofc, in this type of novles she will survive somehow or will be captured and then saved by mc.

  2. well that was expected, of all the monsters they met did they really think those walls/gate could keep out more then a few goblins at best?

    I always find chinese/korean moralities rather baffling in these novels. You dont need to be a saint to help out your fellow people even if there are risks to yourself.

    Even more so their plan is stupid. they just need to remember how many people they lost in 2 days. having another 1000 people (well not anymore but when they planned) is far more beneficial
    I mean do they seriously think they’ll get out of there? They know about skyholes but never heard of this stuff, which makes it unlikely anyone ever came back. Hope is fine but with that knowledge you gotta plan a bit more longterm then ” grab food for 10 days and look for exit”

    they should have started hunting groups and powerlevel the other 1000 on goblins. many would have died but a few dozen tier 0-1 warriors would have vastly increased their longterm chances

    well thats moot anyways with most of them dead now

    • You really wrote my own thoughts about this. The way Su Yu helped his friend level, they could’ve formed small groups and do the same with others, then those others could help other groups once they leveled… And bbq some goblins.

    • They’re life and death really doesn’t matter. Having more groups would be far more benefitial?
      I would rather be with my own small group with no connections to other groups.
      Helping them?
      It’s better to not waste time. It was proven in the novel that no matter the numbers, weak will always be (almost) useless (goblin example).
      A small elite group is much better in a forest where you can die at any time.
      Longterm? Well that’s taking in consideration that the 1000+ will survive. I doubt, even if some of them do, most will die even if they’re enhanced. Even if they get free goblins(they also will not get battle experience), the forest is far more dangerous than that. Waste of time and enffort, utter useless: By the first will their numbers would be about (or even less than ) 100 for sure. Their group was made of people who had the guts to kill the goblins and other strong people: They’re the elite out of the 1000.
      Your idea could word out, but the numbers would decrease faster than increase: In the end just a few tens would be alive.
      Restrained freedom for just a few tens (30~40) at most? Not a good deal, my own elite group could farm by itself without the need to have a meeting point with other or an hierarchy, human conflict of interest or any other thing: It’s more dangerous at the start but you will not have to deal with annoying huaman things that probably will get the group split or destroyed.
      Even if does not, eventualy they will have to gather, what will lead to some strong (big) monster apper: It’s like free candy, lots of free candy.
      In the best hipotesis this is just annoying but is worth, at the worst this very suicidal.
      That’s just my opnion though , mostly biased because of my lack of faith in humanity.

  3. maybe more than 80% died already or the school sent out more parties to search for food in other directions with no success so there is only a fraction of the 1000 people left now

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