KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 55

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Chapter 55: Invasion of the Gnomes

Zhao Shi Chang said in a heavy voice: “Everyone let’s be careful, the food is of great importance. Let’s not break up the formation.”

He was primarily guarding against other people discovering the food rather than monsters, this area was after all quite near the school.

Zhang Zhong Mou looked towards Su Yu who was flying towards the school like an arrow, he was concerned for him but as he rationalised that Su Yu was several times more powerful than him, he was relatively certain that nothing would go wrong and decided to remain here and guard the food which was equally important.

Su Yu advanced rapidly and his heart was anxious as though it were boiling over, he was most afraid that the school would be attacked while he was not around and the current situation seemed to be what he feared the most.

Rushing into the school courtyard, he saw several corpses of students interspersed with the corpses of Gnomes.

Frowning, he wondered if the school had been assaulted by Gnomes. Su Yu could faintly hear sounds of fighting in some of the blocks as well as the rear of the campus as he rushed towards the direction of the female dormitory.

The place with the highest likelihood of Jade being there would be that place.

Rushing past the field, he saw many corpses as well as heavily injured students moaning. Seeing Su Yu, they could not help but cry out for help but Su Yu simply did not have the time to stop for them as he continued on, running past the teaching block and arriving before buildings that were currently being surrounded by Gnomes.

The female dormitory was also one of those buildings.

Screams of agony and hoarse cries could occasionally be heard, the scene was a complete mess.

“Damned monsters!” Su Yu’s left arm entered into the beast form as he howled and rushed into the pack of gnomes like a gale. The ‘Rending Claw’ activated as the black scales raised and a white mist was emitted, the qi within the left arm immediately circulated and continually disappeared into the black scales, further fueling the rotation of the ‘Rending Claw’.

“Chii Chii”

Su Yu’s ‘Rending Claw’ was simply too frightening and seemed like it could easily devastate anything, a Gnome simply had no chance to react before its head was already split apart, immediately dying.

Another Gnome managed to barely half turn its body before Su Yu rushed to its side, ‘Rending Claw’ shot forth and a hole immediately appeared on its chest, blood splattered before its body bent and was cleanly severed in two.

In the blink of an eye, multiple Gnomes had already died to Su Yu as he ran single-mindedly towards the female dormitory as he loudly shouted: “Jade! Jade! Where are you!”

The ruckus in the area was too loud and even though Su Yu yelled at the top of his lungs, his voice was drowned by all the noise.

Su Yu was like a tiger amongst sheep as he sped towards the female dormitory, wherever he passed, the ground would be littered with the corpses of Gnomes, his frightening appearance soon gained the attention of the other Gnomes as well as the students who were frantically running in all directions.

“Su Yu? Is that Su Yu?” Someone suddenly exclaimed, Su Yu had become well known since the first day and many people recognised him.

“It’s him, they’re back already?” Someone shouted closely after, his voice filled with excitement but it quickly became a miserably cry as the person ran for his life.

Su Yu constantly looked everywhere but could not find Jade. He continued to yell at the top of his lungs but there was no response. Just as he was about to rush himself into the female dormitories, there was a flash of green as a two metre tall figure heavily landed before him.

This monster had the body of a Gnome while its lower body was that of a grey dog, it was clearly a Gnome Rider.

The previous night, they had seen a Gnome Rider which had been chased by a Savage Bull Demon, it was clear that the Gnome Rider was weaker than the Savage Bull Demon but compared to the Greater Goblin, it was still slightly stronger.

The Gnome Rider was precisely the leader of the Gnomes and had discovered the school, surrounding it and attacking it.

There was not a single strange energy user among the students in the school and normal humans faced with a monster as strong as the Gnome Rider were simply slaughtered, they could not take a single blow and had all haphazardly run away as they were chased and killed by the Gnome army.

It was without question that amongst the students, there were a few who actually managed to kill some Gnomes and become strange energy users.

Su Yu had suddenly rushed out and killed many of the Gnomes, attracting the attention of this Gnome Rider who had just entered the female dormitory and ripped a few girls apart. It had jumped from the second floor and landed in front of Su Yu.

“Out of my way!” Su Yu exclaimed as his legs kicked, the ‘Rending Claw’ on his left hand had an even more vigorous expulsion of white mist, creating an even greater momentum and this blow was extremely fast and deadly.

The Gnome Rider immediately sensed the fearsomeness of this blow and it had relatively high intellect as its four legs kicked the ground to leap seven to eight metres away, when comparing jumping power, even two of Su Yu could not match it.

Seeing it leap away, Su Yu immediately attempted to rush up the flight of stairs within the female dormitory. Jade lived on the fourth storey and Su Yu was ready to go up there to take a look. With the ruckus all around and all his shouting receiving no response, Su Yu had began to panic.

The Gnome Rider had leapt away but upon seeing Su Yu rush towards the dormitory, it immediately kicked as it flew towards Su Yu, its two hands aimed at Su Yu’s back.

Su Yu would then use the ‘Rending Claw’ to retaliate but it would leap away. Each time Su Yu attempted to go up it would then come and tangle with him.

This occurred twice and Su Yu did not have a way to ditch it as he yelled in anger: “Get out of my way!” His right hand pressed against the ground as he activated the magic spell ‘Earth Spikes Assault’ within the ring on his finger.

The Gnome Rider was feeling pleased with itself as it toyed with Su Yu and as it saw Su Yu fly into a rage, it felt excited.

It is a pity that extreme joy can turn to sorrow, Su Yu who was anxious to find Jade had no time to care about it and immediately activated the ‘Earth Spikes Assault’.

Although the ‘Earth Spikes Assault’ could only be used once daily, its power was immense and without question, even the Savage Bull Demon which had been hunting it had been killed in a single strike much less this Gnome Rider.

Without any warning, the area of several metres suddenly erupted with large amounts of sharp earth spikes, this Gnome Rider as well as the Gnomes in the vicinity had no idea what happened as they miserably screamed, the earth spikes pierced through each of them and the spikes were immediately coated with blood.

This single move killed at least a Gnome Rider and five Gnomes.

Su Yu did not bother to look as he turned his body and rushed up the female dormitory, this time, there was no Gnome Rider to block him and the Gnomes that were in the way were all intimidated and did not dare to block him.

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