KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 56

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Chapter 56: Weak Friendship

Su Yu had just rushed forward a few steps when several black lights shot into his left arm, causing the strange energy within it to grow even stronger and more robust, it was only that the ‘barrier’ at his left shoulder was still tightly shut, it was still too early for it to give way.

It seemed that as one promoted it became harder and harder to promote to the next tier.

Su Yu continued forward without stopping as he killed more Gnomes who were in his way, rushing towards the fourth storey.

“Jade! Jade! Where are you!” Su Yu shouted, Gnomes could be seen on this entire floor and the miserable cries of females could be heard occasionally. He did not have the time to stop but rather shouted while rushing towards Jade’s room.

“Jade!” Su Yu frantically shouted as he lifted his leg and kicked a Gnome who was in his way, causing it to fall from the fourth storey and fall to the ground with a ‘Pa!’, immediately dying.

Running wildly through the corridor, all the Gnomes that were in the way were either kicked down or clawed to death. This only took several seconds before Su Yu finally reached the room of the door where Jade lived. The scene within had a girl whose back had a big gash as she laid dead over a trunk that was used to keep clothing while another girl had her head smashed in like a watermelon as she laid on the bed, blood staining the white sheets red.

Within the room, there was also a Gnome who was holding a metal spade and two other girls who were still alive.

The Gnome had just used its shield to smash into one of the girls as the girl screamed miserably, spitting blood out of her mouth as she fell away. The other girl screamed as she supported her.

The girl who supported by stretching her hands out was precisely Jade.

The other girl who spat blood was also someone whom Su Yu recognised and it was a roommate of Jade’s called Lin Xiao Lu.

Finally seeing Jade, his heart relaxed as his heart which was constantly suspended in the air finally came back to its original position.

Jade had just supported Lin Xiao Lu who she was usually on very good terms with when the Gnome suddenly howled as it wielded its metal spade and heavily smashed downwards, its aim was Lin Xiao Lu who had just spat blood.

This smash, if it really hit, would certainly cause Lin Xiao Lu’s head to be lopped off.

Su Yu snorted as he kicked the ground and shot forward.

Almost at the same time, Lin Xiao Lu suddenly forcefully pushed and caused Jade who was supporting her to suddenly move towards the metal spade which was smashing over as she retreated swiftly.

This all happened within the blink of an eye and Jade was completely stunned. She stood there dazedly, her supposed best friend that lived in the same room as her and shared everything together with her had suddenly pushed her towards the metal spade?

This…… how could this be? This can’t be possible……

Looking at the metal spade that was smashing down, Jade’s eyes were wide and it seemed like she could visualize her own gory end.

“Damn!” Su Yu was shocked and felt a violent rage, he was very fast and if Lin Xiao Lu had not pushed Jade, he would definitely have easily taken care of the Gnome and saved the two of them. However, Lin Xiao Lu had pushed Jade in fear for her own life and created a situation where Jade was actually moving forward to collide with the metal spade, this created an extremely perilous situation and Su Yu roared as fissures appeared where he kicked, causing his body to shoot forward like an arrow, his hands grabbed and at the instant where the metal spade was about to hit Jade, he managed to hug the Gnome and send it tumbling away.

Falling to the ground, he felt cold sweat cover his body as he activated the ‘Rending Claw’ and pierced.


The skull of the Gnome was immediately minced into meat pulp.

Jade had felt that she was dead for sure but Su Yu’s sudden appearance like a flying general that hugged the Gnome and sent it sprawling away had saved her in the nick of time.

Jade wondered if she was in a dream and stared blankly before calling out in surprise: “Su Yu?” Thinking back to the scene earlier, her body suddenly became weak as she started to cry.

Su Yu stood up and took a sudden big stride forward, managing to catch the falling Jade into his arms.

“Don’t cry!” Patting Jade’s back, he helped her to stand then raised his hand and grabbed Lin Xiao Lu who was hiding at the back and watching the events play out as her entire body trembled.

Su Yu’s strength was immense and this pull immediately lifted the petite body of Lin Xiao Lu into the air.

“Damn, you almost caused Jade to die?!” Su Yu’s face was ferocious, he was furious and could not stand anyone who wanted to harm Jade.

Lin Xiao Lu was frightened to the point that her face became a pasty white, suddenly her legs shivered as a foul smell filled the air. This woman had actually been frightened to the point that she had pissed her pants.

Jade thought back to what happened earlier and her face became even paler as she said in a trembling voice: “Lin Xiao Lu, I thought we were best friends. You…… Why…… Why would you……”

Looking at Lin Xiao Lu who was biting her lower lip, her entire body was hunched and she seemed frightened to the point where her soul had left her, her face was gradually becoming paler and her lips shivered, unable to say a single word. Su Yu was holding her and his left hand had black scales with claws on it, seemingly very ferocious.

Suddenly, Jade felt that she was very pitiful and it was not worth it to bother about her as she said sadly: “Su Yu, forget it. Let her go.” She knew that the friendship between her and Lin Xiao Lu had ended, within this world, one could lose their lives at any time and under these circumstances, who would care whether there was friendship or not?”

Su Yu tossed Lin Xiao Lu aside as she fell to the ground, she groaned as she slowly shrunk her legs back and stood up without looking at Su Yu or Jade. She could only look down as her hands tightly grasped her skirt, filled with fear and endless remorse.

“Let’s go, follow me.” Su Yu’s anger from earlier had dissipated, he thought of the selfish nature of humans and felt that although Lin Xiao Lu doing this was rather despicable, it was still within reason and he pulled Jade by the hand as he walked out.

Jade saw her two good friends who had died within the dormitory room and did not dare to look any more for fear of crying again as she was whisked out into the corridor by Su Yu.

“Why are you here?” Jade recalled the scene earlier and felt that it was simply unimaginable, Su Yu had actually appeared at the most critical timing and this simply felt like a scene straight out from a movie.

“Didn’t I tell you? Wait a few days for me and I’ll definitely come back. Since when have I gone back on a promise?” Jade was safe and Su Yu’s emotions finally relaxed a little. As he saw a Gnome who was chasing another female student, he stretched his hand and shot forth a single ‘Fang Bullet Burst’.


Fresh blood splattered from the head of that Gnome as its body tumbled away.

Thereafter, Su Yu pulled Jade as he hastily ran down the stairs.

“Where are we going now?” Jade saw that there were Gnomes everywhere down below carrying metal spades and wooden shields and her entire body began to tremble uncontrollably.

“Don’t be afraid, I’m here aren’t I? I’ll bring you out of this place. Don’t ask anymore, just follow me and leave this place first.” Su Yu did not wish to waste time explaining as his right hand tugged at Jade while speedily heading down the stairs. Two Gnomes appeared before him and his left arm flew out, the ‘Rending Claw’ instantly killing these two Gnomes.

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  1. Umu, I truly admire Lin Xiao Lu, she found the will to live. That Jade was truly useless, letting her friend die without putting up a fight. Our MC brought the wrong girl with him when he left.

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