KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 57

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Chapter 57: Lin Shi losing an Arm

Gnomes were everywhere and the school was a mess. There were several people who hid and others who ran out of the school, running towards the forest. There were also those who stayed behind and bravely fought, it was only that these Gnomes were slightly stronger than Lesser Goblins and to a normal human, they were even harder to handle. The number of deaths and injured were quickly escalating.

Su Yu wanted to help them deal with the Gnomes but he was even more concerned about Jade, he did not want to meddle in the affairs of others. He was not afraid but he was afraid that he would implicate Jade, he decided that first sending Jade out of the school to Zhao Shi Chang and the group before returning to kill these Gnomes was the better plan.

Although he was not a saint and would not sacrifice himself for others, if it was within his abilities he would certainly do it.

Rushing down the stairs, another group of Gnomes had come forward and Su Yu’s right hand drew in Jade, protecting her behind his body while his left hand lifted, fangs appeared on it as he shook it, “swish swish swish swish”, ‘Fang Bullet Burst’ sent several fangs flying out as he also activated the ‘Rending Claw’. It was almost one Gnome per slash as the Gnomes could not even handle a single blow, all falling before him.

Jade’s mouth was open and her face had shock written on it. Su Yu had become so strong and that left arm that was covered in black scales seemed like the claw of a demonic emperor from hell, even the Gnomes which were so strong were nothing in the face of it.

With Su Yu protecting her, Jade suddenly felt at ease.

“Ha!” Suddenly there was a familiar shout from another side followed by a “Bang!”. A Gnome was sent tumbling away as a bloody finger-sized hole could be seen in the centre of its chest.

Su Yu looked over and saw Lin Shi, he was currently surrounded by a group of Gnomes and although he had utilized his ‘Air Bullet’ and killed three Gnomes, each time he shot an ‘Air Bullet’ he needed a few seconds before he could fire the next one and each time he shot an ‘Air Bullet’ he was forced to run away and wait several seconds before firing again.

At this moment, he was thoroughly surrounded by Gnomes without any road for escape. The situation was dire and when Su Yu looked over, the metal spade of a Gnome had just heavily slammed onto Lin Shi’s left arm.

“Aaahhh!” Lin Shi let out a terrifying shout, blood splashed from his left arm and with a “Plonk”, the metal spade within the Gnomes hand slammed and its sharpness and strength was frightening. Lin Shi’s left arm was almost instantly severed, the severed arm was dripping with fresh blood as it fell to the ground.

Lin Shi howled in his pain as he lifted his right hand, “Bang!”, the Gnome that had severed his hand had its face smashed in as it spat out blood and fell to the ground.

“Damn! Why is he here!” Su Yu immediately lifted his hand while pulling Jade along towards Lin Shi, activating the ‘Fang Bullet Burst’ at the same time.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Several continuous explosive sounds could be heard as the group of Gnomes surrounding Lin Shi became restless, several of the Gnomes amongst them had been hit by the ‘Fang Bullet Burst’.

Su Yu’s ‘Fang Bullet Burst’ was similar to Lin Shi’s ‘Air Bullet’ and needed time between activations. However, his ‘Fang Bullet Burst’ could fire several fangs at once, unlike Lin Shi’s ‘Air Bullet’ which could only fire a single burst of air each time. It was only in terms of penetrating power that Lin Shi’s ‘Air Bullet’ was far superior to the ‘Fang Bullet Burst’.

These two moves could be said to each have their own strengths.

When Lin Shi’s left arm had been severed at the roots and surrounded by the Gnomes, he knew that he was bound for death and only struggled meekly during his final moments when an explosive noise could be heard and Su Yu was seen rushing over.

Lin Shi’s face that was pale with pain had a faint smile on it, Su Yu had come and he had a chance now.

Over these past few days, their group had gained a blind confidence in Su Yu as though once he appeared, any problem would definitely be solved.

Su Yu first shot out the ‘Fang Bullet Burst’ to cause a disturbance amongst the Gnomes, causing them to look over before releasing Jade and shooting forward like an arrow, ‘Rending Claw’ in tow.

“Pa! Pa! Pa!”

Su Yu flashed by three Gnomes as the ‘Rending Claw’ went through them, boring through their waists and sending flesh and blood splattering everywhere.

By the time these Gnomes recovered their senses, they felt an intense pain at their waists as fresh blood splattered, looking down to check their injury, they turned their hip and with a crisp ‘Crack!’, the lumbar vertebrae which was supporting the body snapped, causing half their body to fold over.

Jade who was closely following behind felt dazed, this move that Su Yu used to kill the Gnomes was simply like magic.

Su Yu then whirled his body as his black claws flew in a half arc, wherever the ‘Rending Claw’ went, be it the body of the Gnomes, metal spades or shields in their hands, once it came into contact with the ‘Rending Claw’ it would immediately burst open.

This was the might of a tier two dark iron warrior.

“Why are you still standing dazed over there, hurry and pick up your severed……” Su Yu had not managed to say the word ‘arm’ when a sudden pain could be felt from his back as a claw managed to hit him.

Things happened so suddenly but Su Yu’s reaction time was godly, he roared as he kicked, his body flew out like an arrow flying several metres away dodging the claw which had just pierced some of his flesh, at the same time, he had used the ‘Rending Claw’ and swung it backwards, preventing the enemy from pouncing.

Falling to the ground, Su Yu did not stop as he turned and stood up. There was a Gnome Rider behind him and its mouth was currently tearing at a bloody severed arm, its face filled with ferocity yet had a somewhat pleased expression as well.

It was precisely this Gnome Rider which had suddenly appeared and taken advantage of Su Yu’s lapse of concentration while talking to Lin Shi and attacked. It had not expected Su Yu’s godly reflexes causing it to only claw a bit of flesh.

The severed arm that the Gnome Rider was eating was precisely Lin Shi’s arm.

Originally even though Lin Shi’s arm had been severed, with Su Yu’s ability he would have been able to attach it back for him. He had just instructed Lin Shi to pick up his severed arm when this Gnome Rider suddenly appeared and thoroughly crushed it in its mouth, even if Su Yu had a heaven-defying ability he would not be able to return Lin Shi his arm.

Lin Shi grit his teeth as he saw half of his severed arm which was still within the Gnome Rider’s mouth, he suddenly snorted as he turned and actually ran in another direction.

Su Yu was stunned, he never expected that Lin Shi would actually flee under these circumstances. He did not have much time to think as the Gnome Rider before him was already pouncing.

Jade was standing by the side and several Gnomes were attacking her. Noticing this, Su Yu howled as he activated the ‘Rending Claw’, ignoring the Gnome Rider as he leapt towards Jade.

He could see that this Gnome Rider was extremely cunning and although its strength was greater than a Greater Goblin, it was still not a threat for him. Its jumping strength was far too excessive and if it wanted to run, he had no way to stop it.

The Gnomes could not bear a single blow and three of the Gnomes which were rushing for Jade were immediately taken care of. The Gnome Rider did not expect that Su Yu would ignore it as it stared blankly. It seemed to have been infuriated as it let out a low growl and hunched its body before rushing towards Su Yu.

Su Yu turned around to stand before Jade, letting his two arms hang loose as he put on a front as though he were not planning to block.

Under the circumstances of not being able to use the ‘Earth Spikes Assault’, wanting to kill a cunning Gnome Rider was simply too difficult and Su Yu planned to use its cunning against it.

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