KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 58

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Chapter 58: Ma Zi Ye’s Classmates

Indeed, when Su Yu suddenly seemed to let his guard down and not want to block, the Gnome Rider was very astute and found that something seemed off as it actually stopped before Su Yu, kicking the ground as it attacked Su Yu from another side.

Su Yu continued to keep his guard lowered and the Gnome Rider attempted to attack twice but noticed that Su Yu did not react in the slightest. In its anger, it finally used all its strength in its third attempt as it viciously clawed towards Su Yu’s skull.

This time, it made up its mind and if Su Yu did not block, it would crush his skull in. If Su Yu had any traps or other methods, it believed that it could use its powerful legs and easily leap away, it was not afraid of Su Yu and only felt concerned about the left arm that was covered in black scales.

Seeing this claw that was about to crush his head, Su Yu finally lifted his left arm that was covered in black scales to block.

Su Yu’s reaction was well within the Gnome Rider’s expectations as it retracted its arm then kicked with its four legs, using its powerful jumping ability to escape.

It could clearly feel that Su Yu was stronger than it but it was not fearful of Su Yu, rather, it wanted to tease Su Yu because it had great confidence in its jumping ability and its reaction speed.

It really did have the ability to be this arrogant, just like when Su Yu had wanted to rush up the female dormitory but was impeded by a Gnome Rider, if he did not utilise the ‘Earth Spikes Assault’ it would have been really difficult to manage.

Under the current circumstances, Su Yu actually smiled and lifted his left hand which already had a few fangs protruding out. “Chi! Chi! Chi!”, as the Gnome Rider wanted to jump away the ‘Fang Bullet Burst’ had already shot forth.

With the robustness of the Gnome Rider, the ‘Fang Bullet Burst’ would not necessarily kill it and it was thus aimed at its feet.

Several sounds like the frying of beans rang out as the Gnome Rider violently howled, its legs became weak and was unable to jump aside as Su Yu pounced like a demon god.


The black scales on Su Yu’s left hand raised as white mist was expelled, the ‘Rending Claw’ pulled his body as he flew forward like an artillery shell.


A piercing sound could be heard like the hide of a cow being torn apart or a bowstring breaking apart, this blow from Su Yu landed squarely in the centre of the Gnome Rider’s chest, pulling its upper body as it pierced through, flesh and blood splattered as Su Yu rushed by it, stopping to look as he saw the lifeless expression on its face as its body folded in two and fell to the ground.

Another Gnome Rider had died to his hands.

The strange energy that was in the form of qi within his body began to surge and swell violently, it seemed to have a goal for the first time as it rushed towards that barrier that was located at his left shoulder, however, it seemed to have overestimated its force as the barrier did not move in the slightest, the qi was forced to recede without any effect.

It was clear that a stronger amount of strange energy was required in order to successfully break through the chokepoint.

After killing this Gnome Rider, Su Yu did not dare to tarry as he pulled Jade and ran towards the exit of the school. The powerful aura that was emitted from his body made the group of Gnomes not dare to go near him.

Su Yu rushed out of the school as he headed for Zhang Zhong Mou, Zhao Shi Chang and the others. In the distance, he could see that there seemed to be an unfamiliar girl within the group but Su Yu did not mind.

Zhang Zhong Mou saw Su Yu pulling Jade from afar and had rushed forward to receive them.

“Haha! Jade!” Zhang Zhong Mou saw that Jade was fine and let out a sigh of relief as he laughed.

Su Yu let go of Jade as he said to Zhang Zhong Mou: “Look after her.” Before turning and heading back to the school.

Ma Zi Ye saw this from far away and her heart swayed as she shouted: “I’ll go together with you.” as she chased after Su Yu.

Zhao Shi Chang was helpless as he said: “Everyone let’s be more cautious, no one else is allowed to just leave so suddenly.” Their food was all here and it could be said to be their lifeline, if everyone ran away and monsters came to destroy it, that would be troublesome.

“Zhang Zhong Mou…… You guys……” Jade was shocked.

Zhang Zhong Mou laughed as he said: “Let me slowly fill you in on the details.”

Su Yu ran directly towards the school, earlier when Lin Shi had his arm severed he actually left them and ran away. Based on Su Yu’s understanding of Lin Shi, he was not the kind of person to run away when faced with danger. Under those circumstances, for him to run it was actually even more dangerous and he should have known that Su Yu could deal with the Gnome Rider.

Since he was not running due to the danger, then Lin Shi running off without caring about his severed arm meant that he was like him, frantically looking for someone and this person was clearly very important to him.

Lin Shi had already lost his left arm, coupled with the fact that his ability was more suited for long range attacks, running around with an area filled with Gnomes, if he was surrounded it would be extremely dangerous.

Ma Zi Ye followed closely behind him as she shouted: “Hey! Wait for me!”

Su Yu continued to run based on his memory of the route, he could still recall the direction in which Lin Shi had taken off in which seemed to be the educational administration office. It was fortunate that the school was not that big and looking at the ground that was littered with Gnome corpses made it easier for him to recognise the route back, people with the ability to kill Gnomes within the school were rather scarce.

Su Yu swiftly ran and occasionally used his ‘Fang Bullet Burst’ saving some of the students who were being attacked by Gnomes. Ma Zi Ye who followed behind did not hesitate when she saw a Gnome and would send out flying kicks.

One of the Gnomes saw that the situation was grim and lifted a wooden shield to block, Ma Zi Ye’s kick landed on the wooden shield and smashed it together with the skull beneath, sending the corpse flying away. The wooden shield had burst apart and the skull beneath it had similarly exploded, the strength behind this kick was clearly exceptional.

Su Yu saw this and looked back in astonishment, he noticed that the black streaks on her feet had even extended to her calf already.

Unknowingly, Ma Zi Ye’s strength had also risen to an even stronger level.

‘Web of Steel!’ Ma Zi Ye stomped the ground as she shouted delicately, the black rope-like snakes flew out and immediately snared two Gnomes who were attacking from the left and right. She did not stop as she rushed forward, her right leg dragging the ‘Web of Steel’ as it hacked down and smashed into the shoulder of a Gnome, causing it to fly heavily into the ground face first, eating a mouthful of dirt.

The other Gnome was dragged and lifted by her ‘Web of Steel’ and sent flying away.

Ma Zi Ye had really become strong, she was proficient at using her ability and could flexibly use her ‘Web of Steel’ causing it to become unimaginably powerful.

“Ma Zi Ye!” Suddenly a male voice could be heard shouting her name.

Ma Zi Ye was stunned as she saw a group of familiar male students huddled together as they defended against the attacks of a Gnome. Their situation was dire and seeing Ma Zi Ye’s incredible prowess, they began to yell for help.

These few male students were classmates of Ma Zi Ye.

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