KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 59

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Chapter 59: Leaders of the School

Noticing the danger they were in, Ma Zi Ye shot forward like an arrow as her leg whipped forth, “Pa!” an explosive sound rang out as the Gnome was sent sprawling to the ground. Taking another big stride forward, she stepped on the face of the Gnome.

She exerted all her force and a crisp ‘Crack!’ could be heard as the eyeballs of the Gnome were squeezed out, it could only be imagined how fearsome the force behind this leg was.

These few male students were in a stupor, looking at Ma Zi Ye’s skill as she killed a Gnome which had almost killed them in the blink of an eye, filled with astonishment and respect. A male student who was tall and handsome had just shouted “Zi Ye!” and had not finished talking when Ma Zi Ye glanced at him with a smile before turning and chasing after Su Yu, leaving the male student with a slightly dismayed look on his face.

In the past, Ma Zi Ye had secretly been in love with him and back then she had been too shy to confess and had secretly written a letter and placed it in that male students locker. Back then, this male student had been chasing another girl with a decent family background and in order to show his love for the girl, he had humiliated Ma Zi Ye in front of her.

Back then, Ma Zi Ye clearly remembered that this guy had walked before her and said with a stern face: “Ma Zi Ye, don’t write anymore letters to me. I don’t like you, the person I like is her……” Thereafter, he took out the letter and tore it to shreds in front of all the classmates.

This move was extremely vicious and even Ma Zi Ye who was very strong-willed could not bear it. This male student had made use of that beautiful performance to move that girl who was filled with vanity and finally managed to chase her.

Thereafter, Ma Zi Ye had been filled with hatred for him.

This time when Ma Zi Ye saw him, she did not feel love or hate, but rather felt that he was just dull like a normal student, showing a faint smile before rushing after Su Yu.

This male student looked at Ma Zi Ye’s back as she ran away, his heart surged with a feeling of regret. Had he known that such an event would occur and Ma Zi Ye would actually become so powerful, he would have accepted Ma Zi Ye. If that had happened, he would have someone to be his bodyguard and would not need to be afraid. He was filled with these thoughts as monsters rushed at the group forcing them to flee.

The male student had an expression of fear and dread as he followed the other male students, fleeing in a different direction. As for his girlfriend whom he had chased, he did not know if she was alive and he also could not be bothered.

Su Yu ran swiftly and quickly heard angry howls from the forward area, he could tell that the noises were made by Qin Jia Gui.

Not far away, by the door of the building at the educational administrative region were seven to eight Gnomes, at this moment Qin Jia Gui was wielding his right fist as the explosive might of the metal fist exploded forth, the ‘Demolishing Iron Fist’ could almost kill a Gnome with every strike.

Behind Qin Jia Gui, Lin Shi’s face was pale as he lifted his right hand and continually fired ‘Air Bullets’ at the Gnomes. The piercing power of the ‘Air Bullet’ was extremely frightening, exceeding even that of real bullets and each shot that landed would surely leave a gaping hole on the body of the Gnome.

Behind the two people were a large group of males and females, there were some students but mostly teachers and leaders of the school.

Su Yu slowed down as he stared blankly, could it be that Lin Shi had risked his life just to save these leaders of the school?

Towards these leaders, Su Yu did not have that much attachment.

Qin Jia Gui once again sent his ‘Demolishing Iron Fist’ streaking through the air, sending a Gnome flying through the air. The more he fought the stronger he became as the Gnomes died one after another allowing the strange energy within his right hand to grow stronger and stronger. The metallic skin continued to extend higher and quickly spread to his arms, causing half of his arm to became covered in metal, increasing the destructive power of the ‘Demolishing Iron Fist’.

Ma Zi Ye rushed forward and said angrily: “Su Yu, what are you looking for? Wait for me.” Before finally noticing Qin Jia Gui, Lin Shi and the group of people behind them.

Due to Qin Jia Gui’s heroic and brave performance, many Gnomes were attracted to the area and there was even a two metre tall creature which let out a frightening howl, kicking with four feet as it arrived in front of the ten odd Gnomes, landing in front of Qin Jia Gui.

“Gnome Rider!”

Su Yu exclaimed as he called out to Ma Zi Ye: “Go!” and rushed forward together with her.

The Gnome Rider was a tier two beast soldier and although it could not compare to the tier two beast soldiers like the Golden Goblin or the Savage Bull Demon, it was not something a tier one dark iron warrior like Qin Jia Gui could handle.

Indeed, when Qin Jia Gui saw the Gnome Rider, although he was not afraid, his ‘Demolishing Iron Fist’ smashed into the air and missed while the claw of the Gnome Rider swiped down, tearing a piece of flesh from his left shoulder. This was fortunate because he had dodged quickly, otherwise, his skull would have already been crushed in half.

Lin Shi noticed that the situation was perilous and shouted as the ‘Air Bullet’ shot forth explosively toward the Gnome Rider.

The Gnome Rider did not move and only swayed its hip as it dodged, stretching its hands forth as it exposed the fangs in its mouth, pouncing towards Qin Jia Gui and Lin Shi.

The group behind noticed how ferocious the Gnome Rider was and let out exclamations of fear. At the same time, Su Yu roared as the ‘Rending Claw’ activated, ‘Swish’ as his body flew forward faster due to the expulsion of white mist allowing his black scale covered arm to lead his body and explode forward.

Qin Jia Gui saw Su Yu shooting forward like a flying general and sighed gloomily within, he knew his limelight was about to be taken by Su Yu but under the current circumstances, if Su Yu did not appear he would have been in serious danger. This Gnome Rider was too difficult for him to handle.

The Gnome Rider had a vicious smile as it pounced towards Qin Jia Gui and Lin Shi when suddenly it felt a cold wind from behind. Its heart trembled and it reacted swiftly, grabbing a Gnome by its side as it smashed it behind him before leaping seven to eight metres away.

The Gnome Rider was extremely cunning and paranoid, extremely cautious.

This blow of the ‘Rending Claw’ from Su Yu landed heavily on the chest of the Gnome that was thrown towards him.


Pieces of breastbone and large amounts of flesh and blood minced together as they splattered in all directions, like a whirlpool of flesh as Su Yu continued onwards without slowing down, pouncing towards the Gnome Rider which had just leapt seven to eight metres away.

Looking at Su Yu’s approaching fist and the minced body of the Gnome, the Gnome Rider had a gasp of cold air as its mouth let out a shrill howl, not daring to block as it attempted to leap away again, however, something seemed to be tangling its legs making it unable to do so.

Looking down, it could see that its legs were currently bound by streaks of black iron rope that formed into a black metal web, thoroughly trapping its four limbs.

This ‘Web of Metal’ was the final image in its mind as Su Yu reached, the Gnome Rider attempted to block with its two arms but the ‘Rending Claw’ was simply too fearsome and pierced through both arms together with the skull and immediately killed it.

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