KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: A Small Group of Thirty One People

Killing monsters and obtaining the strange energy, at this moment everyone already understood this fact. Besides the thirteen of them, another ten odd people who did not have the strange energy were gathered, they were all people with superior physiques, like the sports teacher, school guard, members of the school team as well as people who were brave and volunteered themselves. In total, there were thirty one people.

As for females, there were only Ning Yan as well as the female from the department of foreign languages who had killed two green monsters.

Su Yu discreetly questioned Qin Jia Gui, this fellow knew a little about the other party. The female was called Ma Zi Ye and had made quite a name for herself in the department of foreign languages because her family had opened a martial arts dojo. Thinking of the influence of her family, it was likely that she had some basics for martial arts.

Chairman Zheng was done talking and the workers of the food hall came and gave the group a bountiful amount food.

As the saying goes ‘The emperor did not have hungry troops*’, they were going deep into the forest to explore and find food and life. It could be said that they were going to gamble their lives. Before leaving, the school had thus prepared for them a bountiful breakfast.

[Phrase: When you ask someone to complete something, you should fulfill some of their most basic needs]

Meng Bo walked beside Su Yu and softly said: “How are your injuries? Initially I informed the chairman that you were heavily injured and did not include you in the group. However, when I saw that you could get out of bed, I asked you to tag along. How are you feeling right now?”

Although the magnificent feat that Su Yu had achieved of killing four green monsters in a row made the school in awe of him, he was heavily injured and was originally excluded from the group. Right now, they had great expectations for him.

Su Yu gently shook his body, although his right hand was still immobile, the other areas were alright as he nodded: “I should be okay. The injuries yesterday weren’t light but I’m already much better today. It seems….. killing those monsters doesn’t only cause our strength to increase, even our regenerative abilities also become frightening. Based on my current rate of regeneration, in another day my injuries would have mostly healed.”

Meng Bo let out a sigh of relief as a smile floated on her face as she acknowledged.

With such an ‘expert’ like Su Yu who had killed four green monsters in the group, Meng Bo’s confidence was greatly boosted.

Before moving out, everyone was given a backpack that contained two to three days worth of food and water, some simple gauze, cotton swabs, blood clotting agents as well as some other medical supplies. There was also torchlight, lighters, small knives and other essentials. With a two-day time limit, the school’s request was that they do their best to find help or food within the two days and if they failed to obtain anything, they would be required to return.

In reality, the food that the school had in storage was only barely enough for two days. If Su Yu and the group did not find any rescue team or food within the two days, the school would have to evacuate the premises and face the danger outside rather than wait for death.

Everything hung on these two days and the results of Su Yu and the group’s exploration.

These were the only plans that the school had at the moment, if they were to give up the safety of the school right from the start and enter the forest, it could only be imagined how many lives would be lost.

“I hope that we can find the rescue parties within two days, if we can leave the forest that would be even better.” Zhang Zhong Mou touched his bandaged face as he spoke.

It was only recently that Su Yu found out, Zhang Zhong Mou had also killed a green monster and was one of the thirteen who had the strange energy within them.

Seventeen green monsters had died and left behind seventeen wooden clubs. These clubs were extremely sturdy and they were harder than metal clubs, about a metre long and when wielded, its might was terrifying and normal boulders would be easily smashed apart.

Su Yu was allocated one such wooden club as a weapon, there were also a few electric batons and other weapons that the guards used which were divided among the group. Finally, the remainder received baseball bats, metal pipes, choppers and other assorted weapons so that each of the thirty odd people at least had something to fend for themselves.

When comparing the weapons, the wooden clubs of the green monsters stood out as the most fearsome. With such limited time, the school had not managed to find many good items for killing and although the chopper was sharp, it was too short and if they met the green monsters that wielded wooden clubs, its use would be limited.

Everything was prepared and the group of thirty odd people walked towards the school gate as the remaining students of the university looked at them with reverence and fear within their eyes.

The metal gate of the school was currently firmly shut as the group of people wielded different weapons and grimly looked on at the gate.

Outside the metal gate, there were a few green monsters moving about as they continually shrieked at the people within. It was only that the metal gate was simply too tall and although they tried multiple times to scale it, they could not do so and the metal gate was too tough for them to break through. Only then did they finally give up and began patrolling outside the gate, giving one a feeling of despair and fear.

Chairman Zheng as well as the authorities of the school together with the teachers and students of the university gathered before the metal gate to send the party off. The few green monsters that were patrolling outside seemed to sense something as they let out shrill shrieks and wielded their wooden clubs as they began to smash the metal gate.

“Boom! Boom!”

Sounds of the metal gate being hammered could be heard and everyone had expressions of hatred and fear.

Class monitor Lei Rui and Jade were also part of the group that was sending them off, Su Yu saw Jade looking at him as though she had something to say but was hesitant and he could not help but laugh: “Jade, I think you’re quite concerned about me. If you have anything to say you’d better grab the chance to say it.”

Jade harrumphed as she seemed to consider not saying anything but could not help it as she said: “You…… you better take care of yourself. Don’t blindly push ahead.”

“I know, just relax. Actually Jade, we’ve already known each other for so long but this is the first time that I realise you seem to care quite a lot about me.”

Jade responded: “I…… that’s not true…… it was your mother that begged me to watch out for you. Otherwise, why would I care whether you lived or died. Anyways, for your mother, you better make it back safely.”

Thereafter she said in an even softer voice: “There are so many other awesome people, you better not act capable and do too much. Actually, you’re already hurt. You shouldn’t even be going out. There are already so many people, if you don’t go no one will complain. How about we speak to teacher Meng and……”

Jade was still speaking but Su Yu had lifted his hand to stop her as his face had an ugly expression and he looked into Jade’s eyes and said: “Actually, I’m more concerned about you. The few of you will be staying here and it may not be entirely safe. Two days…… We only have two days and if we do not find a safe way out or find a rescue team……”

Su Yu stopped talking because the outcome was something that caused their hearts to shiver.

“Let’s not talk about it. You just stay here and wait for a few days, after that I’ll definitely come back here. It’s a deal, understand little girl?” Having said this, Su Yu’s face returned to his indifferent expression.

“Okay, Su Yu you better remember what you said. I won’t allow you to break your promise.” Jade was very serious and seemed as though she spoke through gritted teeth.

Su Yu laughed as he turned, his left hand waving behind his head as he said: “I know, Jade you’re so long-winded. Be careful if no guy wants to marry you.”

Jade was once again red in anger.

“You…… must be careful.” Suddenly, a gentle voice could be heard from the side.

Su Yu’s gaze swept over and saw Qin Jia Gui with a beautiful big eyed girl clasping their hands tightly. The girl’s face had concern written all over it as she softly spoke to Qin Jia Gui.

Su Yu recognised this beautiful big eyed girl, she was Qin Jia Gui’s girlfriend and was the belle of the computer system class one. Su Yu recalled that her name was Yuan Ni Ping.

Outside the large metal gate, there were already six of the green monsters gathered. They continually wielded the wooden clubs in their hands as they pummeled the metal gate causing loud rumbling noises. It was fortunate that the metal pillars which supported the gate were as thick as arms and very hard, making it difficult to break through with brute force.

Seeing the group of humans gathered before the metal gate, the few green monsters began to make shrill cries that seemed filled with excitement.

“Are you guys ready?” A teacher was very nervous as he grabbed the handle of the small door by the side of the gate with one hand while his other held a key to the giant metal lock that was locking the door shut. His hand was currently trembling intensely.

The crowd quietened down as those ten odd people who had the strange energy squeezed forward. Of the ten odd people, one had a crew cut hair and was roughly 1.8 metres tall, although he was of a similar age to Su Yu, he had a stern and calm face that exceeded his years as he said: “Teacher, give me the key.”

The teacher nodded as he handed the key over and backed away.

Once the metal door was opened, those green monsters would rush in. If they failed to kill these green monsters they would simply be unable to leave the place.

This student with a crew cut hair took the keys with his left hand while his right hand held onto the wooden club left by the green monsters. Without any hesitation, he lifted his left hand and with a “Clank” the lock was open.

Behind him were Qin Jia Gui, Zhang Zhong Mou and another student that Su Yu did not recognise. This was followed by Su Yu, Ning Yan, Ma Zi Ye and the others.

The thirteen people that were squeezing in front were all special energy users, following them were teachers, guards and the rest of the students who formed a normal eighteen person group. In total, there were thirty one people and together, they are the small advance party.

Chairman Zheng, the leaders of the school, Meng Bo and other teachers, Jade, Lei Rui and the other students felt that their hands were covered in cold sweat as they watched on.

The first time the green monsters attacked, everyone had frantically run for their lives. At this moment, the group could calm themselves down as they looked at the group of people who were about to engage in a life and death struggle with the monsters. They were experiencing a myriad of emotions ranging from nervousness, fear, excitement and other complicated feelings.

“Rumble! Rumble!”

The green monsters outside continued to pummel the metal gate and the youth with the crew cut hair hurriedly removed the lock as he pushed the door outwards.


The small door by the side of the large metal gate had opened.


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  1. “The emperor did not lack hungry troops” lack -> have, I assume, since lack would have the exact opposite meaning to the one intended.

    They should have just gotten ladders, climbed up the walls from the inside and tossed bricks (or whatever heavy stones they were using to beautify the school) down to kill the goblins. They probably would have only killed 1 or 2 at best, but that would potentially have given them one more special energy user and it would have made opening the gate much safer.

    I wonder if they have the materials for molotov cocktails? They should have fuel for the generator or alcohol and glass bottles and cloth aren’t hard to come by. So they could have also tossed those over the wall. I doubt goblins are fireproof after all.

  2. I see 3 potential heroines… Jade, Class Pres, and Ning Yan… is this a harem novel?

    Also seeing how this novel has so much death and gore… wouldn’t this be considered mature? ALSO seeing how these are a bunch of young adults in a fantasy world filled with death and despair… wouldn’t everyone be procreating like rabbits when the tension is gone? Hell they might even do so in a deadly situation.

    I just can’t see how this doesn’t deserve a mature tag. Well at least on novelupdates it doesn’t have it.

  3. Guard? sending students and not adults..cannon fodder? inexperienced students going into the woods for scouting and not the teachers that should have more knowledge about survival in the woods.
    Sending injured ppl to fight?

    Gate? did somebody mention a gate and no spears? thats a free kill right there..instead of 17, they could have gotten at least 5 more kills for ones with no marks on their hands.

    Wooden club is stronger than metal..makes sense. Tiny Goblins with TINY bodies are almost stronger than humans considering the different physique like height,muscles etc…

    CHINESE SCHOOL and not one of them knows wushu(chinese martial arts with weapons)
    seems all the extraordinary ones died or escaped the school and the ones that remained are average or less than that.

    Based on a japanese novel with the same story.

    • You must not have comprehended what you have been reading. This is a university. EVERYONE HERE ARE CONSIDERED ADULTS! So no they are not cannon fodder seeing as they’ve already killed a goblin or two (in the girl’s case).

      These students that killed are stronger than typical adults. Oh and fyi in case you forgot… the physically FIT adults and volunteers are ALSO going. If you aren’t physically fit and you run around a heavily forested area for days you’d end up a burden for the group. Hell maybe after a few hours you’d end up tired.

      Also just because people are adults doesn’t automatically make them survival ready. There are adults that have NEVER EVER set foot in a forest before. As for sending injured people to fight… there’s only the mc and he’s stronger than everyone else by 2-3 times (two times in the girl’s case and 3 times vs everyone else IMO I’m comparing them to gob kills).

      I also thought of killing them through the gate… problem with this is THESE ARE NOT MINDLESS ZOMBIES! They are extremely strong goblins. They won’t just stand still to get skewered! They’ll retreat, grab the spear, stay further away, and whatever else to survive. So no this plan is flawed not to mention we don’t even know if they have a spear like weapon this was never mentioned.

      Wooden clubs made from unknown wood in an unknown world. Not to mention maybe the metal are the cheap kind (hey it’s made in china… lol). Seeing how this isn’t earth anymore (Fantasy creatures give this away. Different sky and location does too. Killing making you evolve via magical exp/xp orb and scales/etc popping up on your skin) it doesn’t make sense to apply earth logic to the current circumstances.

      Like I said don’t apply your logic to author’s logic. Just because something is tiny doesn’t mean it’s weak. I’m looking at you Mantis shrimp! Ants can also lift 10x it’s own body weight… thus it’s highly possible for a species to exist that exceeds our imagination.

      Just because it’s a Chinese school doesn’t mean everyone knows martial arts! With your assumption I should also assume everyone in america to eat hamburgers all ****ing day right? People eat whatever the hell they want. People learn whatever the hell they want. Maybe there are some that knows martial arts. Maybe they just don’t have the courage to fight goblins after seeing so many people end up as watermelon jam.

      Are you talking about Boku wa Isekai de Fuyo Mahou to Shoukan Mahou wo Tenbin ni Kakeru? Similar, but that one seems to have a larger game element. Not to mention these goblins are only killing people and not raping anyone. Anyways I think this novel is interesting so I’ll be reading it as it comes. Thanks a lot for the chapters Fakt!

    • I find it more strange that the tiny goblins managed to climb up to a window on the 3rd floor but can’t manage to climb over a wall or a gate (srsly 3rd floor is way higher than a wall or a gate)

      • They didn’t because they can’t. They didn’t climb 3rd floor. The classroom has 2 doors and 3 windows facing the corridor on one side and unknown number of only windows facing opposite side (outside)

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