KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 60

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Chapter 60: Everyone’s Ire

Su Yu suddenly appeared like a demonic god and in the blink of an eye killed the Gnome Rider. The remaining Gnomes let out shrieks of fear as they dispersed and ran away.

The Gnome Rider was their leader and with it suddenly dead, the Gnomes were all frightened as they ran away.

“Su Yu!” Someone from within shouted and the voice was filled with astonishment and elation.

Su Yu retracted the black scales from his left arm and turned to look. From the group of students and teachers behind Qin Jia Gui and Lin Shi, a person came running out and this was his class president Lei Rui.

He had never thought that Lei Rui would be here as he laughed in surprise: “Class president, good to see you again.” Thereafter, he saw another familiar face standing amongst the teachers, it was the coach of their class Meng Bo.

“Good, good, I didn’t think that all of you would have made it back at the most critical moment. It seems the heavens haven’t completely forsaken us yet.” From the back of the group a person walked out as he talked, this was the school’s highest authority, the school chairman.

“The school is currently filled with these monsters and we have to evacuate this area. It’s fortunate that they are powerful and sufficient to ensure our safety.” Another leader of the school seemed very satisfied with the performance of Su Yu and the others as an expression of appreciation appeared on his face.

Su Yu frowned as he looked over at Qin Jia Gui, there was an expression of helplessness on his face as he signalled with his eyes. They had not expected such a situation, actually being regarded as bodyguards by these leaders.

“Let’s gather everyone at a safe place, we’ll have to depend on all of you to take care of the remaining monsters.” The chairman patted Lin Shi on his shoulder with a serious expression on his face.

“Everyone follow me first.” Lin Shi’s face was as pale as paper and only had a single arm left. He grit his teeth to bear with the pain as he headed outside, the big group of students and teachers immediately followed behind him.

Qin Jia Gui felt anxious, this group of people was at least forty to fifty strong and if Lin Shi really brought them, this would far exceed their expectations. What was Lin Shi up to? Could it be that under the current circumstances he still wanted to suck up to the leaders of the school? Still thought of promoting and becoming more wealthy?

Su Yu was also dazed and did not know what to do. They certainly could not just shout at them and say: “You guys wait for death in the school, don’t follow us.”

Ma Zi Ye could see what Su Yu and Qin Jia Gui were thinking and she was straightforward as she yelled: “Lin Shi, stop right there. What are you doing? What about our previous arrangement?”

Lin Shi’s body shuddered as he looked back at the group behind him before gritting his teeth and continuing to run. The direction he was headed in was precisely the school gate and it was clear he wanted to bring this group of people to where Zhao Shi Chang and the others were gathered.

Had he gone insane?

At the back, Qin Jia Gui, Su Yu and Ma Zi Ye exchanged glances as they were stunned for awhile before Su Yu recovered and said: “Qin Jia Gui, did you manage to find your girlfriend?”

Qin Jia Gui nodded and replied: “My luck was quite good, upon dashing into the school I immediately discovered her. I brought her over to Zhao Shi Chang and the group and returned wanting to kill Gnomes to save these people, who knew that this would happen.”

Only now did Su Yu realise that when he sent Jade back and saw the unfamiliar girl standing next to Zhao Shi Chang, that was actually Yuan Ni Ping from Computer System Class number one, it was only that both sides were not close and had only walked by each other a few times in the past. From a distance, it was no wonder he felt she was unfamiliar.

“I wonder what this teacher Lin Shi is thinking, we also want to save everyone but…… we don’t have the ability. He brings forty to fifty people at one go, we can’t handle that…….” Ma Zi Ye muttered, the three of them were helpless as they followed behind.

What was more frightening was that the students that were haphazardly running or fighting had suddenly seen such a large group of people and immediately surged forward to join, eventually causing Lin Shi’s group to grow larger and larger till it exceeded one hundred people.

The school leaders were also loudly shouting, asking for the others to gather and this caused an even greater influx of people.

The three people exchanged glances, if there was enough food they did not mind how many people followed, after all the more people that came the safer it got, however, the problem was that they had found food with so much difficulties but simply could not feed so many mouths.

“This Lin Shi…….” Qin Jia Gui clenched his fists, clearly becoming enraged.

“Let’s go, I’m afraid a conflict will break out soon.” Su Yu began to speed up, he knew that if the few of them were unsatisfied, then Li Dong and Zhou Hua Kang would likely have a bigger reaction.

Indeed, when they rushed out of the school, they heard an angry shout from a distance.

Zhao Shi Chang, Zhang Zhong Mou and the others had several tens of large bags of food on the floor as they guarded the area, waiting for Su Yu, Qin Jia Gui and the others to return before they set out. Suddenly seeing such a big group of people surge towards them, the group was shocked.

Li Dong was the first to jump as he exclaimed: “Lin Shi? What in the world is he doing? Why are there so many people following behind him?”

“Let’s go and take a look.” Zhao Shi Chang’s expression had changed and immediately ran forward together with Li Dong, Zhou Hua Kang, Zhang Zhong Mou and the others to block their advancement.

“Teacher Lin, what are all of you doing?” Li Dong was the first to shout, the expression on his face was very ugly.

Lin Shi slowed his footsteps, he could roughly guess the thoughts of the group but had a helpless look on his face. Behind him were over two hundred people and they began to discuss, not understanding what the people in front of them were speaking about as they skirted seemed to skirt around the topic.

The school chairman had a smile on his face as he said: “I can’t believe that you people are still alive, that’s great.”

“Hey, you guys look at those big bags over there, is that food?” Some suddenly noticed that there were tens of big bags stacked together and another person shouted excitedly: “We’ve already starved for one day, our stomachs are really hungry.” Immediately, over ten people began to run in that direction to see if those big bags contained food.

Li Dong and the others were nervous as they angrily shouted: “Stop right there! Nobody move!” As they blocked their advancement, their expressions changing.

“Hey, Li Dong, what are you doing?” Among the group were some of Li Dong’s classmates and one of them had yelled out in disatisfaction, seeing Li Dong’s appearance, everyone could guess that those big bags likely contained food and it seemed that he was not willing to take it out to share.

“What are the intentions of your group, there’s food but you aren’t willing to take it out to share? We’re all starving already, you people saw that those monsters were killing people within the school but actually hid here to watch the show?”

There were some angry yells from the group as some people began to push forward against Li Dong, they were wordlessly heading towards the tens of big bags.

It was as they mentioned, they had already starved for a day and earlier when they had been chased by the monsters they had forgotten about it. Now that they were safe, they immediately felt their stomachs rumble and could not be bothered as they hoped those big bags contained food to allow them to sate some hunger before talking.

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