KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 61

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Chapter 61: Killing Someone is so Easy

Lin Shi stood there in a daze, he did not expect things to become like this and Qin Jia Gui walked forward with an ugly expression as he coldly said: “Teacher Lin, you’re so magnanimous. The few of us aren’t so big-hearted, I think…… you should go with them by yourself, we can’t accompany you any further, Su Yu, let’s go.”

Su Yu nodded, over two hundred people were gathered here and in the distance even more people were still running in this direction. Even if they prepared more food, it would be gone in a single meal. Could it be that they were going to starve with everyone for their next meal? Or were they going to have to eat the meat from those ugly and weird monsters?

Su Yu was not that great a person.

The large group of people surged forward and Li Dong was clearly unable to block them when Zhao Shi Chang suddenly shouted: “Everyone let’s act, don’t be courteous!” His right hand swept and pushed the two people before him away.

Zhou Bi Rong who was guarding the food also stood up as she raised the pistol in her hand.

There was an expression of stupefication on the school chairman’s face and as he saw that a conflict was about to break out he loudly shouted: “Everyone stop, stop right now!” Before looking at Lin Shi: “Little Lin, what’s going on here?”

Lin Shi’s face was pale as Zhao Shi Chang laughed and said: “I think it’s better if I explain the situation.”

At this moment, Zhang Zhong Mou, Li Dong, Zhou Hua Kang, Zhou Bi Rong and the others were standing before the food with serious expressions on their faces.

What they faced were two hundred over angry students and teachers, the large group also had confusion written on their faces as they could not understand what Zhang Zhong Mou and the others were doing.

“The reason is simple, if everyone wishes to live or eat, they should go and find it on their own. We have no reason to put our lives on the line to bring food back for all of you. That is the rationale behind our actions. Whoever dares to steal our food, I, Zhao Shi Chang would not mind killing him.” A bone blade extended from his right hand and with a ‘Chiii’, a tree that was thicker than a bowl was chopped down.

The large tree fell heavily to the ground with a ‘Bang!’, it shocked the two hundred odd people and they stood there dazed. Even the school chairman had his mouth wide open as he stared at them.

“Don’t look at us like that, honestly speaking we’ve already been in the forest for two days and of the thirty one of us, only the few of us made it here. We have not found an exit nor have we found any rescue team. This place is no longer the world that we are familiar with. If you want to live, you have to depend on yourselves. Can’t find any food? There are so many Gnome corpses over there. I think if you’re really starving, everyone can eat their meat and drink their blood. Su Yu, Qin Jia Gui, you’ve already found the people you were looking for. Let’s go.” Zhao Shi Chang finally looked towards Su Yu and Qin Jia Gui.

Qin Jia Gui looked towards Lin Shi and said: “Teacher Lin, you went against our previous arrangement and broke the rules. Our group does not require a fellow like you who does not know how to keep his cool.”

He was thoroughly infuriated and did not bother with Lin Shi anymore as he walked over to Zhao Shi Chang’s side. As for Zhou Bi Rong and the others, they had already began to pack up the big bags as they prepared to leave.

Over two hundred students and teachers were dazed for a moment before exploding as some people angrily shouted out: “What gives you the right to have food while we starve? Since we’re all starving, everyone should share the food. Don’t forget, the food that you brought with you for your two days were specially prepared for you by all of us, you bunch of ungrateful people!”

Their explosive anger was like a tide as their emotions were lit, like the explosion from a gunpowder barrel, all the angry teachers and students surged like a tide toward the food.

“Damn!” Li Dong was infuriated as he finally acted.


A fist smashed into the face of a student, the strange energy within his hand made his strength frightening and caused the student’s head to immediately burst open.

“Aaahhh! He’s killed someone!”

The group’s emotions were riled even further as they surged towards Li Dong, Zhao Shi Chang, Zhou Hua Kang and the others, more courageous than when they were faced with the Gnomes or Lesser Goblins.

A messy fight erupted and screams could be heard everywhere, even Su Yu and Ma Zi Ye could not avoid being pulled into the conflict.

The other party had too many people and Zhao Shi Chang and the group could not block all of them. In no time, several people had rushed to where the large bags were and someone even started to tear a bag. A tearing sound could be heard as large amounts of bread, water, biscuits and other food fell to the ground.

Seeing the food, the crowd seemed even more crazed as they rushed forward.

Zhao Shi Chang and the others were anxious and finally howled as they began to kill.

Earlier they had only wanted to block the crowd and had not dealt killing blows, however, the situation was getting out of hand and his right hand was covered in a layer of hard crust with a bone blade extending forth, his arm swept and fresh blood splattered, he could not be bothered anymore that the other party were students and teachers from his school.

Two people were immediately rent in two and Qin Jia Gui also howled as the ‘Demolishing Iron Fist’ was unleashed.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Humans were much easier to kill than Gnomes and several of those who had reached the food pile were mercilessly sent flying.

Among these group of students and teachers, there were some who had killed monsters and promoted to a dark iron warrior, however, they had only just promoted and had no way to contend with Qin Jia Gui and the others. As they came into contact, they could not withstand even a single blow as they were all swept away.

Su Yu was within the group and looked towards the speechless Lin Shi as he sighed: “Teacher Lin, is this the outcome you were hoping for?”

Lin Shi’s face was pale as he lifted his head, the battle had quickly stopped because Zhao Shi Chang, Qin Jia Gui, Li Dong and the others had steeled their hearts as they killed and injured over twenty people. Looking at the people sprawled on the ground either dead or injured, it was extremely gruesome and the other people were frightened as they backed away.

In their eyes, Zhao Shi Chang and the others had suddenly become as fearsome as demons.

“Initially I imagined that killing a person would be very difficult, who knew that it would actually be so easy. It’s even easier than killing those monsters and makes a person feel excited.” Li Dong had an evil grin, he had killed several people and his eyes seemed red as a fierce light seemed to shine from within them.

After killing monsters for several days, the group were already numb to killing and were not too impacted after killing a few humans, nor did they feel any remorse.

“Demons…… Demons……” Within the students, a girl’s frightened voice could be heard.

Su Yu sighed as he looked over at Lin Shi: “Teacher Lin, what exactly were you planning?” Throughout their journey, Lin Shi was actually a decent person but Su Yu simply could not understand why he had acted like this. His actions had infuriated Qin Jia Gui, Zhao Shi Chang and the others and no one was willing to interact with him any further.

“I…… I only wanted to…… save her…… I didn’t think……. It would end up like this……” Lin Shi’s body trembled as he looked towards a person within the crowd.

Su Yu looked over and noticed that the person he was looking at was actually coach Meng Bo.

Dazed, Su Yu finally understood. Lin Shi actually liked Meng Bo and had entered the school looking for her. He did not expect that Meng Bo would be together with everyone and with Lin Shi’s honest and considerate character, he could not tell Meng Bo to give up on the others and had finally brought everyone here, causing this uproar and tragedy.

However, Su Yu seemed to recall that Meng Bo already had a fiance and if this situation did not occur they would have been married at the end of the year. It seemed that Lin Shi was secretly in love with her and because of this and his character, he could not say many things.

Feelings were really a cause for silliness and Su Yu sighed as he shook his head, walking to the other side.

Qin Jia Gui poured out all the food from the big bag which had a tear in it as he coldly glared at Lin Shi: “Don’t say we aren’t fair, this bag of food we’ll treat it as your share. Everyone, let’s go.” Having said this, he lifted two big bags and placed it on his back.”

The others also lifted bags onto their backs and even Qin Jia Gui’s girlfriend Yuan Ni Ping also exerted herself to carry one.

Lin Shi stood stunned within the group, his face pale as his eyes seemed glazed.

The group of students and teachers each had different emotions and expressions, anger, shock, helplessness, fear and sadness. The school chairman seemed to have aged ten years and he now understood that the people before him were not going to listen to his orders and under the pressure of death, each person could only fight for themselves.

“No, Li Dong, we are classmates, bring me along, I wish to go with you.” Suddenly, a male student rushed out from within the group as he shouted wildly. Li Dong and him stayed in the same dormitory and although they could not be said to be best buddies, their relationship could be considered quite solid.

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  1. Fucking piece of trash.
    And i’m talking about the MC and his compagnion.
    He dare act cool with the killing but when its another student that tried to survive by pushing his girlfriend he loose his shit like an idiot?

    • First of all, Jade isn’t his girlfriend. It’s his childhood friend.

      Second, the weight of every life is different. Will you sacrifice your mother for a thousand beggars? I won’t. Imagine yourself in his shoes, a stranger wants to use your childhood friend as a meat shield. Won’t you be fckin angry!?

      Third, So what if he’s cool with killing those students? He has seen enough brutal deaths to be numb toward killing fellow humans. They are all strangers anyway. Say what you want, but I would probably kill them all too if they suddenly act like rabid dogs wanting to steal my food.

      TL;DR Get off your high horse and stop acting sagely.

    • There is no way he is a Fucking Piece of Trash for killing people to protect the lives of the people he cares about. So he is obviously going to get angry when some tries to kill his arguably oldest friend right in front of him.

      If someone were to break into your home and start threatening the lives of your family would you think that you yourself were a Fucking Piece of Trash if you moved to defend them and eliminate the risk?

      You need to put more thought into
      1. HISTORY
      -How it shows us the dire ways people had to fend for their families when food and supplies weren’t bountiful enough to be shared amongst the larger population.

      – What would you do if you have completely run out of food and your family is starving, but you know for a fact that the people at the end of the street have a kitchen full of food. I’d go get that food by any means necessary as the alternative is less than desirable. Su Yu is that family with the food already, he knows with it gone they will die so just like the starving family, he will do whatever he can to keep the food and ensure his family survives. Neither is right and neither are wrong. Just in a shitty situation in a damn cruel world.

      At the end of the day this is a fictional story but this one scenario here is something that we can easily see happening in the future and something that we have seen happened in the past. People will kill others so as to protect those close to them.

      Just adding my opinion. Sarcze hit the nail on the head.

      The weight of every life is different to different people.
      And you need to get off your proverbial high horse.

  2. Killing Someone is so Easy

    Damn that has a nice ring, it feels you are the top of the tops.

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