KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 62

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Chapter 62: Gratitude for Food


Li Dong did not hesitate as he kicked away the classmate who had thrown himself forward, his face was ferocious as he said: “Scram, we don’t need you.”

“Su Yu, Su Yu……. You…… Bring me along…… don’t throw me behind……” within the group, a girl whose face was filled with fear rushed forward and grabbed onto Su Yu. This female student was from the same class as Su Yu and the two parties were not that familiar with each other, they were only acquaintances familiar with each others appearance.

Su Yu looked her in the eye and sighed, his gaze swept and noticed that within the group, class president Lei Rui, teacher Meng Bo and many people were staring at him and the others, hoping to be brought along. They had food and if they followed them, they would not need to starve.

Noticing all this, Su Yu quickly made a decision. Even if he brought her along, it would not change matters by much. There were too many people who needed help and he steeled his heart as he swiped away her hand and turned: “Sorry, I am also powerless to help.”

When Su Yu turned, he saw Lei Rui’s expression that seemed to be despondent and his heart trembled, Lei Rui was staring at him but her pride made her unable to come forward to plead with him.

Zhao Shi Chang and the group did not wish to tarry any longer as they hefted the big bags off the floor. Besides Lin Shi, they had two additional people and seemed to be running away as they dashed towards the opposite direction.

The current atmosphere was really extremely stifling.

Some people attempted to join their group but was forced by Li Dong to move aside, finally, the group managed to dump the others behind as they escaped.

Su Yu was running within the group but his mind constantly thought back to Lei Rui’s gaze, thinking back to her feeding him when he had been injured, he suddenly stopped and tossed the few bags on his body to the ground.

The group were shocked as Zhang Zhong Mou asked: “Su Yu, what’s the matter?”

“Wait a moment for me.” Su Yu sped off in the direction of the group of students and teachers.

“This fellow, what’s happening?” Zhang Zhong Mou was puzzled while Jade had a faint smile on her face as she said: “Hmph, Isn’t this simple? He’s a person who tries to be on good terms with everyone, Lei Rui had previously fed him when he was injured and based on his character, he could not bear to throw her behind.

When it came to understanding Su Yu, no one was better than Jade at that.

At this moment, the large group from the school had not dissipated and a small bunch of people were busily snatching the food that Qin Jia Gui had strewn on the floor as they saw Su Yu return, shocked expressions appeared on their faces.

Su Yu did not bother about the gazes of the others as he walked straight to Lei Rui and asked: “Are you willing to go with me?”

Lei Rui was dazed before coming to her senses, she could not believe what she was hearing as she pointed to herself and said: “Me?”

“Yup.” Su Yu had a faint smile, she had fed him a meal and this was how he could repay her. Whether she was able to continue living from her on would depend on her ability and luck, Su Yu could only help so much.

“Yes, yes!” Lei Rui suddenly shouted and felt her nose ache as she hurriedly ran to Su Yu’s side.

Su Yu brought Lei Rui along but instead of leaving he walked over to Lin Shi who was still out of sorts and said: “Teacher Lin, we all have hope. I think…… you can create an even greater group, isn’t that right? For the person you like, in order to protect the woman you love, you must live on. Bringing everyone and doing so. I’m not that magnanimous but maybe you can do it.”

He then lightly patted Lin Shi’s shoulder and looked deeply into Meng Bo’s eyes as he whispered: “Teacher Lin, I’ll hand teacher Meng Bo over to you. If it weren’t for you, I would definitely bring teacher Meng Bo along. She is a good person but I believe in you and I believe that not long after, we will meet again.”

Thereafter, Su Yu brought Lei Rui and left.

Lin Shi stood there in a stupor as he looked at the backs of the two fading figures. Unconsciously, his eyes were already moist.

Su Yu and their group had left but this did not necessarily mean that they would certainly fare well. As for his group, they were also not condemned for death. Su Yu and their group only had more food than them and had a stronger base to begin with, they could be considered a small elite group. As for his group, he had the numbers and everyone had the potential to grow stronger. If harnessed, they could become a frightening force.

Lin Shi suddenly understood the intentions behind Su Yu’s words, if he was able to lead this group of students and teachers well and everyone fought tooth and nail, it would not be impossible for them to force out a bloody path. It would be extremely tedious and tiresome and many people would die, however, there was still hope.

“Alright, Su Yu, if we are able to live to meet again, I’ll definitely be stronger than you. I will bring everyone and live well.” Lin Shi finally made his decision as he tightly clenched his fist and vowed to himself.

The few Gnome Riders within the school had already been killed by Su Yu and only sporadic groups of Gnomes remained. As long as Lin Shi was able to lead properly, they would be able to handle them effectively. There were already quite a few people who had become tier zero dark iron warriors and if they worked together, it would be easy to clear the remaining Gnomes.

Su Yu brought Lei Rui along as he headed back, the group looked towards Jade and thought that this woman really understood Su Yu, she had actually gotten it right on the nail.

It was only when they had dumped the school far behind did the group finally stop to rest and discuss what they would do next.

Including Lei Rui, they had thirteen people within their group, six males and seven females. The number of females exceeded that of the males and without question, this meant that the burden of the group had grown heavier.

Of them, Lei Rui, Jade and Yuan Ni Ping were women who did not have any strange energy within them. They had only rushed a short distance before beginning to pant heavily.

“This won’t do, everyone must become a dark iron warrior at minimum. Only in this way would our chances of living increase.” Qin Jia Gui looked at the panting women and immediately pointed out this problem.

Su Yu nodded as he said: “That’s right, after becoming a dark iron warrior, not only would one gain strange energy, even their recuperative powers would be much faster than a normal person. Becoming a dark iron warrior is absolutely essential for everyone.”

Lei Rui, Jade and the few of them exchanged glances and felt elation, however, after thinking how difficult it would be to kill the monsters, the expressions on their faces changed.

Li Dong followed up: “Everyone, let’s split the food first. We can discuss the other matters later.” This fellow was most concerned about food and was afraid to be taken advantage of by anyone.

There were thirteen people and based on the number of bags it was equally distributed, the food each person obtained was enough to last at least twenty days and everyone was satisfied.

With these twenty days, if they walked in a single direction within this forest, they did not believe that they would be unable to walk out of this forest. Thinking of this, confidence surged within the group.

The forest was too fearsome and filled with different frightening monsters of varying strengths, at any moment one could die here and the nerves of the group were taut. They all wanted to leave this forest as soon as possible and return to the world they were familiar with.

Qin Jia Gui spoke up: “We’ve been walking in that direction for the past few days, I think we should try to walk in a different direction, what do you guys think? There may be hope in the other directions.”

When the group thought back to the endless forest that was before them after walking for two days, they immediately agreed with Qin Jia Gui’s suggestion.

Suddenly, Su Yu stood up with a faint smile on his face: “Jade, the chance for you to become a dark iron warrior is here!”

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  2. “The number of females exceeded that of the males and without question, this meant that the burden of the group had grown heavier.” Very sexist

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