KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 63

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Chapter 63: 666

The group were discussing their plans regarding their future path when Su Yu suddenly stood up and said: “Jade, your chance to become a dark iron warrior is here!”

The group were dazed before hearing sounds nearby as a group of Gnomes carrying wooden shields and metal spades appeared.

Su Yu swept his gaze and estimated the group to be fifteen or sixteen strong before he went forward to attack.

“Do we really have to act?” Lei Rui’s face was pale and she said this while adjusting the spectacles on her face. The Gnomes were frightening and if she were to face them head on, it was a daunting proposition and even if an expert like Su Yu was beside her, she still felt fear.

Su Yu laughed: “You don’t have to act.” His figure flashed like lightning with ‘Chi! Chi! Chi!’ sounds and in the blink of an eye, all the gnomes had been smashed to the ground by him. He did not take the lives of these monsters and retrieved a metal spade from the ground which he tossed to Jade and said: “I’ve already knocked them unconscious, the rest is up to you guys.”

The group stared blankly for a while before recovering as Li Dong shouted: “Will this method work? Isn’t…… isn’t this far too simple?” Thinking back to how he had fought tooth and nail, risking his life to become a dark iron warrior, this method of allowing Jade and the others to become dark iron warriors was really too simple.

Jade, Lei Rui and Yuan Ni Ping each lifted a metal spade as they slowly made their way forward. Requesting them to kill these fainted Gnomes was actually quite difficult for them.

Su Yu picked up another metal spade and said with a stern face to Ding Shan: “Little girl, big brother knows it’s cruel but within this forest, if you want to live you have to be firm. Go, kill one of the Gnomes with this metal spade.”

Zhou Bi Rong had a helpless expression on her face as she said: “Su Yu, little Shan doesn’t need to do this right?”

Su Yu sighed as he said: “In the future, no one knows what dangers we may face. I think that if she becomes a dark iron warrior, the chances of her living would greatly improve.”

Ding Shan lifted a metal spade as she looked at the Gnomes which were fallen on the ground. Her entire body was trembling, asking a seven to eight year old child to kill a Gnome was really no easy task.

Jade looked at the fallen Gnomes and grit her teeth as she shut her eyes and smashed the metal spade downwards, she muttered to herself as she continued to grit her teeth saying something that no one could hear.

Zhang Zhong Mou was curious and walked to the side to listen as he immediately heard Jade reciting Su Yu’s name.

No way, did Jade imagine these Gnomes to be Su Yu when she hit them? If that was the case she was simply too frightening, the women these days……

Zhang Zhong Mou felt his goosebumps stand and it was fortunate that Su Yu could not hear what Jade was saying or he would become incredibly depressed.

By the side, Lei Rui and Ni Ping saw the violent Jade and also thought about their experiences this day, gritting their teeth they also smashed down with their metal spades.

In no time, besides Ding Shan, Jade and the other two had each successfully killed a Gnome.

Jade’s face was filled with astonishment as she waved her left hand and said: “Strange, it’s simply too strange. This feeling is simply too strange.”

Su Yu looked gloomily at Jade’s left hand, this girl really was too much, even the area where her strange energy appeared was exactly the same as his. If it were not for the fact that they both had different parents, he would have suspected that Jade was his twin sister.

Lei Rui and Ni Ping’s strange energies appeared within their right hands.

The three girls had finally managed to each kill a Gnome and were extremely hesitant when they did so. These Gnomes were all unconscious on the ground and killing them made them feel guilty.

Besides the three which had been killed by the three ladies, the ground was still littered with over ten unconscious Gnomes. Seeing that they were not going to kill anymore, Li Dong and Zhou Hua Kang immediately went forward. Such an opportunity was hard to come by, killing these Gnomes to become stronger without any risk, only a fool would give up such a good chance.

Zhou Bi Rong looked at Ning Yan who seemed to always be keeping herself distanced from the group as she said: “Ning Yan, this opportunity is hard to come by, aren’t you going to kill a few?”

She had noticed Ning Yan long ago and had seen that Ning Yan almost never killed any of the monsters. There were so many defenseless Gnomes lying on the ground and Zhou Bi Rong could not help but remind her in good will.

She did not expect that after she said these words, the expression on Ning Yan’s face seemed to suddenly be agitated as she took three heavy steps back, her cherry lips were slightly open as though she had heard something that was absolutely frightening. She looked over at Zhou Bi Rong before retracting her gaze, looking down as she stared at her feet.

Zhou Bi Rong did not expect that she would have such an agitated reaction and was completely stunned.

Ning Yan had suddenly frantically retreated and unknowingly retreated to Su Yu’s side. Her head was down and Su Yu looked at her, able to see her snow white neck right before him.

“Eh?” Su Yu softly exclaimed as he suddenly saw something weird.

Since their schooldays, Su Yu had always been secretly admiring Ning Yan and during class he would often stare at her back in a daze. He was very clear that the back of Ning Yan’s neck was snow white like jade, clear without any blemish. He was absolutely certain of this.

At this moment, he unintentionally swept his gaze at the back of her neck and because of the close proximity, he actually saw three small black dots there, on close inspection, they seemed similar to three small black marks.

What was even more strange was that these three blacks marks actually combined together to form three numbers ‘666’, as though it were a symbol or sign.

“How could it be…… I clearly remember that there were no marks on her back…… also….. They actually look like the numbers ‘666’……” Su Yu felt shocked and bewildered as he stared long and hard, he was sure that it was indeed the numbers ‘666’.

Staring at the back of Ning Yan’s neck which suddenly had the ‘666’ black marks on it and thinking of her strange actions thus far, Su Yu’s mind was filled with suspicions and the more he thought about it, the more he suspected that something was wrong with Ning Yan.

However, what was wrong with her? Su Yu was unsure and wanted to ask Ning Yan but looking at her, he felt that even if he asked, there would be no answer. Contemplating deeply, Su Yu suddenly felt cold within his heart, the number ‘666’ constantly floated through his mind like a frightening demonic curse.

Li Dong and Zhou Hua King did not hesitate in the slightest and had quickly killed the remaining Gnomes. They wanted to promote badly and with such a convenient way to kill the Gnomes, they certainly were not going to pass up on the chance.

Jade, Lei Rui and Ni Ping all successfully became tier zero dark iron warriors and now had strange energy within them. Only Ding Shan had not acted and Su Yu felt this was a pity although he did not force her.

The group decided to bypass the school and walk in the other direction of the forest.

Seeing the school from afar, they could faintly hear a clamor and the group carried their food as they remained taciturn, unwilling to think too much.

Along the way, only the sounds of their footsteps accompanied them and in the distance occasional roars could be heard, it was just that the distance was simply too far and the roars were indistinct.

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  1. Damn. 666? Isn’t that sort of linked with something demonic or something?! That’s some bad premonition there. That Ning Yan girl is bad news guys.

  2. They should have dropped that girl and I hope the other girls killed more than one. Aldo what kinda bs is it to kill a monster while mutter your savior name

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