KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 64

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Chapter 64: Walking Zombies

Jade, Lei Rui and Ni PIng had become dark iron warriors and their physical abilities had risen, as they lifted the big bags to walk, it was clearly much easier and within the entire group only Ding Shan could not hold on after walking for a while.

The food that was allocated to Ding Shan were already carried by other people, she was too small and even if she walked without any burdens, she could only walk for a while.

The group were helpless and Su Yu divided his food to Zhang Zhong Mou, Zhou Bi Rong and Zhao Shi Chang to carry before lifting Ding Shan onto his back.

“Thank you big brother.” Ding Shan climbed onto Su Yu’s back and softly said.

Su Yu shook his head as he thought to himself that if she had killed a single Gnome, she would not be tired so easily.

The sky was beginning to darken and they had reached a slope, on the slope were several huge rocks and from afar it seemed as though there were several huge beasts lying there with an awe-inspiring aura.

Looking at the sky, Qin Jia Gui said: “Let’s go there and check it out. The sky is already turning dark and we should prepare to rest the night on that slope.”

Zhao Shi Chang agreed, everyone was tired as they slowly made their way up the slope, occasionally using the small trees by their sides to stabilise their bodies.

Ma Zi Ye murmured as she bitterly laughed: “Today is already the fifth day, it’s already been five days…… haven’t even taken a shower, these few days have really been unbearable.”

The smell of sweat mixed with that of blood was dense and it was to the point that no living person would go near them. It was fortunate that the smell on everyone was similar and once they got used to it, they did not mind it much. Their bodies however, were extremely uncomfortable and it was difficult to describe.

When the group of people finally reached the top of the slope and looked, they were all dazed.

Infront of the slope, there were a large pile of rocks and in the centre of the rocks there actually seemed to be a stone cave, the cave seemed deep and dark, as though a demon swallowing monster were opening its gaping mouth. The group saw this and felt a chill go down their spines.

“There seems to be a cave there……” Zhang Zhong Mou had not finished speaking when Qin Jia Gui softly interrupted: “Speak softer, everyone let’s retreat and avoid this place.”

They had initially been prepared to stay the night here but upon discovering this sinister and frightening stone cave, regardless of what frightening monster was within, Qin Jia Gui was unwilling to take the risk as he prepared to quietly bypass this area.

“Let’s go.” Su Yu agreed with Qin Jia Gui’s decision and the group silently walked past the cave, moving in a big circle as they bypassed it. Suddenly, Zhao Shi Chang and Qin Jia Gui who were leading the pack stopped as weird expressions appeared on their faces.

The group looked over and saw that not far away there were several of the strange rock piles. Between the rock piles were caves after caves, dense and numerous like that of a bee hive.

“Strange, these things…….” Zhang Zhong Mou wanted to go forward to inspect as a rustling sound could be heard from within the caves.

“Careful, could it be that this place is actually the dwelling area of Gnomes?” Qin Jia Gui immediately thought of the possibility that Gnomes lived within these caves and with so many caves before them, the number of Gnomes hidden here would be very numerous. Gnomes were the lowest tier of beast soldier, only slightly stronger than Lesser Goblins and would be much trouble for their group. As a result, Qin Jia Gui did not feel very anxious.

Qin Jia Gui had just spoken his thoughts when the rustling noises from the surrounding caves became more vigorous as black figures jumped out of the caves one by one and landed on the ground. Within the blink of an eye, Su Yu and the others had over ten black monsters before them.

These monsters were not the Gnomes that Qin Jia Gui had predicted, rather, they were a group of zombies that they had seen in the movies.

The entirety of their bodies were greyish-black as though it were covered in a layer of iron crust, their four limbs were not rigid and straight but rather, bent all over, their arms were hanging limply down and their posture was like the standing position of apes.

What was most noticeable about these corpses was that they did not have hands but rather inch long black metal hooks, these metal hooks gleamed with a black light and were clearly extremely sharp. A zombie had jumped out of a cave and the metal hook on its left arm had nonchalantly swung, hooking into a rock by its side causing it to shatter like a piece of tofu.

The might and sharpness of the metal hooks were certainly exceptional.

The ‘Eye of Perception’ on Su Yu’s left hand activated and the a stream of information flashed through his mind.

Name: Walking Zombie

Information: Lowest tier zombie within the Zombie race, tier one elite beast soldier. Relying on its two metal hooks it is easily able to dig caves. Mortal enemies with Gnomes, frequently coming into conflict over the stems of plants. Gnomes were frightened of them and forged wooden shields and leather armour to protect themselves from the metal hooks of these zombies. They are similar to Gnomes and although they did not eat humans, they loved to attack them and convert these humans into their kind.

Su Yu received this information and his heart shivered, he clearly remembered that Greater Goblins were classified as tier one beast soldiers and these Walking Zombies before them were actually tier one elite beast soldiers, although they were of the same tier, it seemed that they were more frightening than the Greater Goblins, otherwise, the word elite would not be used to describe them.

Thinking speedily, Su Yu raised his left arm and ‘Chi Chi Chi’ sounds could be heard as black scales appeared on his arm. In the blink of an eye, his left arm was already covered in black scales and five claws appeared from his hand as he shouted heavily: “Retreat! Everyone be careful, these zombies are not easy to handle!” as he went forward to face them.

Su Yu did not need to remind them as Jade, Lei Rui, Yuan Ni Ping and the others began to slowly back away. These ten odd Walking Zombies emanated a dense aura of death which made them feel danger, causing them to instinctively retreat.

Qin Jia Gui, Zhao Shi Chang, Ma Zi Ye and Zhang Zhong Mou were all tier one dark iron warriors and utilized their abilities. Qin Jia Gui’s left hand clenched as black metal skin extended from his palm all the way to half of his arm.

Zhao Shi Chang’s right hand was covered in a hard crust like that of an insect and as he waved his hand, a bone blade emerged from within the hard crust.

Black rope-like objects appeared on Ma Zi Ye’s right leg, half of Zhang Zhong Mou’s face became stone and in his hands was a metal spade as he exhibited a poise that was stern and ready to engage.

The ten odd Walking Zombies jumped out from their caves and saw the group of humans before them. Without a sound, they wielded their metal hooks as they rushed forward.

In an instant, both sides had collided, Su Yu’s left hand went forth and blocked the metal hook of a Walking Zombie as the ‘Rending Claw’ activated, the black scales raised as the left arm began to rotate, creating a frightening rotational force. When the metal hook collided, it was immediately sent flying away and Su Yu strode forward as he heavily smashed the ‘Rending Claw’ into the Walking Zombie’s chest.

‘Rending Claw’ was simply too frightening and if it came into contact with the chest of the Walking Zombie, it would immediately rend through flesh and bone. However, this Walking Zombie was worthy of its title as a tier one elite beast soldier and was far stronger than Gnomes and Lesser Goblins. In this perilous situation, its hooks shot down and used the frightening rotational power from the ‘Rending Claw’ to rebound backwards, avoiding the danger of it piercing into its chest.

The metal hooks were so sturdy that even the ‘Rending Claw’ could not pierce through it.

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