KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 66

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Chapter 66: Tier Two Beast Soldier Metal Chain Zombie

There were a total of eleven Walking Zombies and Su Yu had already killed three of them, Ma Zi Ye had also killed one with his assistance and there remained seven of the zombies. Qin Jia Gui, Zhao Shi Chang and Zhang Zhong Mou each blocked one while the remaining four were attracted by Su Yu’s frightening performance and actually rushed towards him and Ma Zi Ye.

“They’re coming!” Su Yu protected Ma Zi Ye behind him as an excited expression appeared on his face. The ‘Rending Claw’ on his left arm had reached its strongest form and the strange energy within his left hand surged, flowing continually into his ‘Rending Claw’.

Ma Zi Ye understood his intentions. As he blocked the front, she would not need to care about the Walking Zombies attacking her and would be able to utilise the ‘Web of Metal’.

Her right leg heavily stomped the ground as she activated the ‘Web of Metal’, streaks of black rope-like objects extended and immediately encompassed an area of several metres.

The four Walking Zombies attacked from four directions and each one hunched their figures, agile like an ape as their hooks raised and viciously clawed towards Su Yu and Ma Zi Ye.

Su Yu ran frantically around Ma Zi Ye’s body, ‘Peng! Peng! Peng!……” eight thunderous sounds resounded and sparks filled the air, Su Yu had used his left arm to forcefully block all eight of the metal hooks which were swinging down. At the same time, Ma Zi Ye shouted: “Web of Metal!” focusing on transmitting her strange energy within her right leg to activate the full power of the ‘Web of Metal”.

“Ha!” Su Yu who received the cue from Ma Zi Ye jumped into the air as he ignored the metal hooks of the zombies and heavily smashed down from the air.


A Walking Zombie which was in mid attack had its head blown apart like a watermelon, the power of the ‘Rending Claw’ was simply too frightening and had blown the head apart and continued into the chest of the Walking Zombie before stopping. As for Su Yu, he immediately continued to rush towards the second Walking Zombie.


The second Walking Zombie had its left arm and waist thoroughly pierced through, its upper body flew away and Su Yu felt a sharp pain in his chest as a metal hook tore off a big piece of flesh.

Su Yu kicked the ground and leapt like a fish out of water, the face of the third Walking Zombie was smashed in as its eyeballs exploded out of their sockets. A stinging pain could be felt on his face as the minced flesh from the zombie’s head splattered onto it. On the other side, Ma Zi Ye dragged her ‘Web of Metal’ and delicately shouted as she lifted her leg, ‘Flying Spade’ landing squarely in the centre of the chest of the final zombie.

The final Walking Zombie was in the process of moving forward and had been snared by the ‘Web of Metal’ causing it to suay from its momentum, it had then been kicked by Ma Zi Ye’s ‘Flying Spade’ and immediately groaned as it was sent tumbling back.

Within this span of time, Su Yu had made use of the power of Ma Zi Ye’s ‘Web of Metal’ to continuously kill three Walking Zombies, the strange energy within his left arm grew thicker and surged and as he landed on the ground, he had barely enough time to catch his breath when a miserable cry could be heard from another side.

The miserable cry of a female.

“No!” Su Yu shouted as his eyes seemed to blaze and all the blood in his body seemed to boil.

At the other side, Jade, Lei Rui, Yuan Ni Ping, Ning Yan, Ding Shan and Zhou Bi Rong had retreated quite a distance away from the Walking Zombies to avoid any accidents. With Su Yu and Ma Zi Ye working together, they had already killed three of the Walking Zombies and the situation had stabilized, it would be easy for Su Yu to help Zhang Zhong Mou and the others to easily clear up the remaining Walking Zombies.

This was when the situation seemed to go awry.

As the few females were backing away to the side, from the slanting rocks came a shuffling noise, a huge black figure flew out and heavily landed on the ground as a black chain flew out.


Ding Shan let out a miserable cry as she was hit by the black chain and sent flying away.

The first miserable cry that Su Yu had heard was precisely from Ding Shan and by the time he lifted his head and noticed, this black figure had already sent a second black chain flying out and struck Jade.

Jade had no way to resist and she made a distressed cry as she flew through the air, the force within this metal chain was simply terrifying.

“Jade!” In this instant, Su Yu’s body felt cold and he explosively howled as he kicked with all his might, madly pouncing in the direction of the black figure.

This huge black figure that had suddenly appeared was a zombie but it was much taller and bigger, its entire body was twined with large black metal chains which could help defend it from harm and also be used as a frightening weapon in its hands. When the metal chain was thrown, even rocks would easily be smashed into dust.

This was a Metal Chain Zombie which was more frightening than a Walking Zombie, the metal chain within its hands could be used for attack and defense and it was a tier two beast soldier.

Su Yu had already met three types of beast soldiers, Golden Goblin, Savage Bull Demon and Gnome Rider. The Metal Chain Zombie before him was the fourth type.

The Metal Chain Zombie had suddenly appeared and immediately attacked with its metal chains, sending Ding Shan and Jade flying away as blood splattered in the air, all the females were stunned and Su Yu howled as he rushed madly forward.

By the side, Qin Jia Gui also noticed this and felt shock as he shouted: “Ni Ping!” ignoring the Walking Zombie by his side as he turned and ran towards where Yuan Ni Ping was.


Su Yu seemed crazed as he leapt into the air and heavily collided with the Metal Chain Zombie, the momentum was too great and sent him and the Metal Chain Zombie tumbling to the ground.

As they fell, the Metal Chain Zombie swept its hand as the metal chain went forth, its might was very frightening and if it struck the head, even Su Yu would be instantly killed.

Su Yu seemed crazy as he wielded the ‘Rending Claw’ and smashed it onto the metal chain causing brilliant sparks and piercing metal grinding noises to sound out. The crazed Su Yu had exploded with a terrifying force and the ‘Rending Claw’ continued forward with the metal chain in tow, heavily smashing into the chest of the Metal Chain Zombie.

“Creak! Pa! Pa!”

Piercing sounds could be heard as the metal chains that covered the Metal Chain Zombie’s body came into contact with the Rending Claw causing large amounts of sparks to appear due to the strong rotational force from it.

The Metal Chain Zombie opened its mouth and its face had a sinister smile as it lifted its hands and planned to smash Su Yu into a pulp.

‘Roar!” Su Yu howled as white mist spat out from his black scales, all the strange energy within his body gathered into his fist, the black scales on his arm spat out large amounts of white mist like a steam engine and the metal chains before the chest of the Metal Chain Zombie began to break as the links flew away.

The Metal Chain Zombie howled as the hands which were in the air suddenly paused, looking down with difficulty, it saw the black scale covered arm that was rotating at high speed spitting forth white mist and breaking the chains before piercing its chest, causing flesh, blood and bone to fly and the arm seemed to continue boring into it.

Su Yu had used all his strength and finally managed to get through the defense of the metal chains, the ‘Rending Claw’ then continued into the chest of the Metal Chain Zombie and began to bore in.

Su Yu’s left hand did not stop there as it continued upwards from within the Metal Chain Zombie’s chest, piercing sounds of bone and flesh being minced could be heard and by the time Su Yu removed his left arm, the Metal Chain Zombie had already been shredded from its chest to its head as it fell to the ground dead.

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  1. He Che can not attack other weak spots, such as the neck? Everything is just in the chest and chest. It’s inefficiently.

    • The same reason why modern armour is the helmet and bulletproof vest, the head is the critical spot and the body is the easiest to target.

      The MC is clearly not an expert in fighting,

  2. I’m pretty sure that Ding girl is dead. She isn’t a dark iron warrior so she doesn’t have the physique or the regeneration abilities to recover from that strike. She should really have killed gnomes so at least she has better resistance towards attacks.

  3. Ding should be dead and Jade, at the very least on the verge of dying and requiring Su Yu to use all his energy just to keep her alive.
    I will be seriously pissed of if those 2 survive the strike of a tier 2 beast when they are still normal human (1 goblin kill isn’t enough to toughen the body, even if it raise the stamina and regeneration. Su Yu got broken bones from mere goblin attacks even after 2 kills)

  4. Ding Shan must be dead, author said a couple of time how she “should have” evolved instead of refusing killing the gnome. If not it would quite a plothole for her to survive a strike from a tier2 heh

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