KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 67

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Chapter 67: Cruel Forest

The Metal Chain Zombie was a tier two beast soldier and Su Yu felt the strange energy within his hand surge as he absorbed a black crystal. He did not feel any elation as this occurred and by the time he got up, the floor was already littered with the corpses of zombies. The remaining Walking Zombies had been cleared up by Ma Zi Ye and the others working together and the group stared dazedly at Su Yu with expressions of shock.

The crazy performance from Su Yu was shocking and the Metal Chain Zombie which was more frightening than a Walking Zombie had actually been killed by Su Yu in the blink of an eye causing them to feel astonished.

Su Yu had used the strength of his ‘Rending Claw’ to forcefully break through the metal chains covering the Metal Chain Zombie’s body. Although the metal chains which were as thick as child’s arm had broken apart, the frightening collision of the black scales that had been rotating at a high speed caused several of them to actually be damaged causing a piercing pain to emanate from his left arm. This was the first time since his left arm absorbed the strange energy that it had gotten injured.

It could be seen how frightening the Metal Chain Zombie really was.

Su Yu did not think much after killing the Metal Chain Zombie and immediately rushed to where Jade had fallen.

The Metal Chain Zombie had suddenly appeared and wielded its metal chain, striking at Ding Shan and Jade. With the strength of the Metal Chain Zombie, the force from the metal chain would have been immense.

“Jade!” Su Yu sprinted over and saw that Jade was struggling to get back up.

Seeing that Jade could still move, Su Yu let out a sigh of relief as he crouched down to inspect her injuries. She was hugging her left arm and pain could be seen on her face, the left arm was bent at an awkward angle and had clearly been broken.

Su Yu remembered that Jade’s strange energy was contained within her left arm and the Metal Chain Zombie was indeed fearsome, a single swing of the metal chain had actually caused Jade’s left arm which contained strange energy to immediately break. The force from this blow was certainly terrifying but part of the reason why the arm broke was also because her strange energy was still too little.

“So pain……” Jade’s face was contorted in pain.

Su Yu consoled: “It’ll be alright, your strange energy is located in your left arm, it’ll be fine in no time. This injury really isn’t much…….” As he said this, his hand stretched forward to hold onto her bent arm as he softly exclaimed: “Bear with it!” before suddenly pulling.

“Aaaahhhh!” Jade screamed as cold sweat covered her face, thereafter Su Yu also yelled: “Aaaaahh!” as he was bitten on the shoulder by Jade.

Su Yu had helped to straighten her bent arm and began to circulate his strange energy which was in the form of qi to enter her arm. Jade immediately felt the pain reduce significantly and breathed a sigh of relief, thinking back to her earlier actions, her face was slightly red.

“Shan Shan, Shan Shan!”

Su Yu had just let out a sigh of relief and was about to speak when he suddenly heard the alarmed shouts from Zhou Bi Rong.

His heart trembled as he left Jade and stood up, running over to the other side.

Besides Jade, Ding Shan had also been struck by the metal chain of the Metal Chain Zombie.

Jade’s injuries were no longer serious and her innate strange energy coupled with the qi which Su Yu had used to help nourish her arm made it such that it would likely heal within half a day. As for Ding Shan……

When Su Yu got close, Zhou Bi Rong was hugging Ding Shan as she called her name, her hands held onto the wound which was continually pumping blood. The blood continued to flow and Ding Shan’s face was pale like paper, her lips were open as though she wanted to say something.

Ding Shan had also taken a blow from the metal chain and her injuries were much more serious, this blow from the metal chain had broken her right arm and continued to mangle her waist into a bloody mess. Su Yu took this in and his heart shuddered.

The might of the blows that Ding Shan and Jade suffered were similar, one had their right arm struck while the other had their left arm struck. The only difference was that one had strange energy within her while the other did not.

Jade’s left arm contained strange energy and even the blow from the metal chain had only broken the left arm, the injury was not that serious. As for Ding Shan, she did not have any strange energy and her right hand immediately became crippled as her waist was also mangled, fresh blood stained half her body as the wound continued to pump blood.

“Shan Shan!” Zhou Bi Rong continued to yell her name and wanted to help her stop the blood but the wound was simply too big and there was no way to stop it.

Su Yu quickly crouched down as he grabbed her right arm and began to transfer his strange energy which was in the form of qi into it, he then noticed that the left of her waist region had a gaping wound and a mangled mess could be seen within, her organs and intestines could also be made out.

His heart felt miserable as his body trembled, he immediately understood that Ding Shan could not be saved.

If she had the strange energy within her body, with the increase in recuperative abilities caused by the strange energy together with the aid of his qi, there may have been a sliver of hope. However, Ding Shan did not have any strange energy within her.

Su Yu could not help but recall the scene where he had knocked the group of Gnomes unconscious. He had wanted to allow Ding Shan, Jade and the others to each kill a minimum of one Gnome and the result was that Ding Shan had not killed any. Who knew that such a short period of time had passed and what he feared had actually come to pass. If she had strange energy within her body, as long as her head or heart were not injured, other wounds no matter how serious would have a chance of recovery.

“Shan Shan……. Shan Shan!” Su Yu could clearly see from Ding Shan’s wound that she could not be saved and he could only help lessen the pain by transferring his qi to her and continually shouting her name.

Receiving the qi from Su Yu, Ding Shan’s eyes which were closing slowly trembled before widening.

“Shan Shan.” Zhou Bi Rong noticed that she had woken up and hurriedly called out to her. At this moment the rest of the group had crowded over and looking at Ding Shan’s dreadful state, the expressions on their faces were heavy.

“Rong Sis….. sister…… big brother…….” Ding Shan’s lips trembled and with the help from Su Yu’s strange energy, she could feel the pain within her body gradually reducing and her body seemed to become lighter and lighter. She was gradually losing control of her body and she mumbled: “I….. I seem…… I seem like I’m going to fly…… going to fly up……..”

“Shan Shan…….” Zhou Bi Rong had tears streaking down her face, since entering this forest, Ding Shan and her had relied on each other and had already formed an exceptional relationship. Looking at Ding Shan as she faced death with her heavy wounds but she could not do anything to help, this pain was simply indescribable.

“Big brother……. Brother……” Suddenly, Ding Shan’s left hand moved as though she wanted to get up, Su Yu noticed this and hurriedly grabbed hold of her little hand as he said: “Big brother is here, Shan Shan……”

“Big brother……. Brother….. Shan…… Shan Shan wants to thank you….. This entire way…… you’ve always been carrying…… Shan Shan…… Shan Shan is everybody’s…… inconvenience……” Surprisingly, in this moment, there was a serene expression on the little girl’s face.

“No, no you aren’t an inconvenience, everyone likes Shan Shan.” Su Yu hurriedly spoke up.

“Shan Shan…… is tired…… Big brother……. Rong…… Rong sister……. You are all…… all good people…… Shan Shan…… really misses……. Mommy…… misses home……” Having said this, tears streamed out from Ding Shan’s large eyes as her eyes gradually closed.

Su Yu was sad as he gently rubbed her head and mumbled: “You will be able to get home…… Shan Shan, sleep well, once you’ve fallen asleep you will be back home…….”

Ding Shan’s eyes finally closed and her hand fell lifelessly to the ground. Two streaks of tears could be seen from her eyes and Zhou Bi Rong lay on her body as she cried pitifully.

Su Yu stood up in silence as he backed away, his fists were clenched tightly and his body was trembling. Ma Zi Ye, Lei Rui and Yuan Ni Ping were rubbing their already red eyes.

As for Jade, she felt a shiver run down her spine. If she had not listened to Su Yu and killed a Gnome thus gaining the strange energy, she would have been like Ding Shan and died here. In this moment, she finally understood that within this forest, strength was really essential for survival.

Li Dong and Zhou Hua Kang did not really like Ding SHan and had always felt that she was a burden. When they really saw her die, they still felt sympathy and remained silent.

Qin Jia Gui walked over and softly said to Su Yu: “Continuing to stay here isn’t a good idea. This place makes one feel on edge, let’s hurry and bury her before leaving.”

Su Yu silently nodded as Qin Jia Gui immediately picked up a metal spade from the ground and prepared to dig a hole to bury Ding Shan.

He had just sunk the metal spade into the ground when he suddenly became rigid, thereafter, Qin Jia Gui, Su Yu, Ma Zi Ye and the others all rigidly turned their heads.

Even Zhou Bi Rong who had lost her voice from miserably crying also stopped and lifted her head.

A sinister cold air could suddenly be felt on their backs.

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