KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 68

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Chapter 68: Single Eyed Zombie King

The group turned their heads as their bodies remained rigid, a chilliness could be felt on all their backs.

Following soft rustling noises, one, two, three……

Three large zombies whose bodies were covered in metal chains had silently appeared at an area slightly over ten metres away.

Metal Chain Zombies, there were actually three of them.

What was more frightening was actually behind these three Metal Chain Zombies. There was a figure that was slowly emerging and it was a huge monster that was over three metres tall.

No one understood how this huge monster had appeared, by the time the group noticed it, they simply saw that it was continually becoming bigger from behind the three Metal Chain Zombies, finally halting its growth at around three metres, becoming a huge zombie.

This zombie was covered in green fur and the five sense organs like the mouth, nose and ear had all rotted away to become a lump of black holes, in the centre of its face there was a single eye.

This eye was as big as a fist and was currently whirling around, its body was also covered in metal chains but in contrast to the Metal Chain Zombie, its metal chains actually seemed to be within its flesh or had grown out from its flesh to be exposed. From its belly region alone, over ten metal chains were hanging in front of it, frightening, sinister and strange were already insufficient to describe this huge green fur covered zombie.

Su Yu’s ‘Eye of Perception’ activated and immediately the information regarding this zombie floated in his mind.

Name: Single Eyed Zombie King

Information: High tier within the zombie race, tier three beast soldier. Immense strength, frightening offensive abilities, strong defensive abilities, almost no weaknesses on its body. Only weakness is that it is rather slow due to its large figure and each time it appears, there were always be four Metal Chain Zombies travelling with it. The combination of the Single Eyed Zombie King and four Metal Chain Zombies can match the prowess of a tier three elite beast soldier.

Su Yu had a sharp gasp of cold air, he finally understood that the Metal Chain Zombie which he had just killed was actually one of the accompanying Metal Chain Zombies of this Single Eyed Zombie King. What was most frightening was that this Single Eyed Zombie King was actually a tier three beast soldier.

Even the Savage Bull Demon which was so immensely strong was only a tier two elite beast soldier. The Golden Goblin was also only a tier two commander beast soldier. This Single Eyed Zombie King actually exceeded the level of tier two and was actually a tier three beast soldier, there was no question that it would certainly be more powerful and fearsome.

“Run, if we wish to live we have to run towards that direction.” Su Yu’s mind was rapidly processing the information from the ‘Eye of Perception’ and the information stated that the Single Eyed Zombie King only had one weakness which was its speed. Its offensive and defensive capabilities could almost be said to be perfect.

Su Yu suddenly howled which woke the dazed group, thereafter he pointed at a direction past a slope at a forest, that area was covered in lush vegetation and the tall trees there were extremely dense.

After Su Yu’s mad howl, he was the first to run in that direction as he yelled: “Everyone, split up and run!”

A Single Eyed Zombie King which was a tier three beast soldier coupled with three Metal Chain Zombies which were tier two beast soldiers, such a force was immense and if they were to collide head on, there would be no question that their entire group would be wiped out, all dying tragic ends.

Su Yu’s roar caused the group to come to their senses, they had blind faith in Su Yu and this Singled Eyed Zombie King was huge, looking at it they felt shivers run down their spines and even if Su Yu did not yell, they would have come to the conclusion of fleeing as well. This was not a monster that they could match up against.

Zhou Bi Rong stood up as she released Ding Shan’s corpse, retrieving her pistol as she mutiple sounds rang out ‘Bang! Bang! Bang!……”. The bullets hit the metal chains on the zombie’s body making explosive noises, she was out of bullets and tossed her pistol aside. Her right hand stretched forth and black metal feathers seemed to cover it as three black claws also emerged. Zhou Bi Rong was not only a dark iron warrior but she had also unknowingly become a tier one dark iron warrior. This entire time she had used her pistol and with the group present, she had never showcased her abilities. She could use the pistol to kill the monsters and thus had not utilised the abilities her strange energy gave her.

Ding Shan’s death gave her a huge mental blow and she finally tossed away her pistol, wanting to use her strange energy to kill these monsters.

Pistols were simply useless against these zombies before them.

Jade, Lei Rui, Yuan Ni Ping, Ning Yan, Qin Jia Gui, Ma Zi Ye and the others heard Su Yu’s yell and were of a mind as they ran in the direction of the thick forest, ignoring the wild grass and branches in the way.

Behind them, the three Metal Chain Zombies had started moving and they opened their mouths to let out a hoarse roar, wielding their metal chains as they chased. The Single Eyed Zombie King, on the other hand, seemed laid-back as he took big strides and strolled towards the group.

“Quick, run! Do you want to die?” Zhou Bi Rong had just exposed the strange energy on her right hand when Su Yu suddenly turned to scold her, pulling her arm as they ran in the direction of the group.

Zhou Bi Rong seemed to be at a loss and wanted to say something when Su Yu exclaimed: “Shan Shan wouldn’t wish for you to send yourself to death. Remember, live well and don’t pretend you’re capable!”

Earlier when Zhou Bi Rong had stood there without moving, she was prepared to use her strength to clash with the three Metal Chain Zombies which were rushing over. She was blinded by rage and had forgotten that if the zombies were so easy to handle, Su Yu would not have chosen to run.

In the blink of an eye, the three Metal Chain Zombies had already reached the wild grass and their speed was even faster than the people in the group.

“Alright! This is the place!” Su Yu suddenly shouted as he released Zhou Bi Rong before pouncing towards one of the Metal Chain Zombies.

Noticing Su Yu’s actions, the group which was currently running finally understood. Su Yu was not planning to flee but wanted to lure the zombies here and make use of the terrain to attack the zombies.

Ma Zi Ye was the quickest to notice this and her legs kicked the ground, using the thick vegetation and already darkening sky to hide and silently utilised the ‘Web of Metal’.

Qin Jia Gui, Zhao Shi Chang, Zhang Zhong Mou and the others also understood Su Yu’s intentions, they did not dare to brazenly attack the zombies head on but rather crouched down to hide, waiting for an opportunity to sneak attack. As for Jade and the few girls, they had really run far away, no one wanted to end up dying gruesomely like Ding Shan and with their current strength, even if they did a sneak attack it would be useless.

The group had rushed into the forest and listened to Su Yu as they split up, this caused the three chasing Metal Chain Zombies to split up in their pursuit and created the chance for Su Yu to pounce.

He did not have confidence clashing with three Metal Chain Zombies or that Single Eyed Zombie King, however, when faced with a single Metal Chain Zombie together with the experience and increase in strange energy he gained from recently killing one, he had over a ninety percent confidence to kill it.

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