KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 69

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Chapter 69: Ferocity of the Zombie King

Regardless of strength or speed, this Metal Chain Zombie was very frightening and really deserved to be considered a tier two beast soldier. Although they did not have the exceptional nimbleness and leaping ability of the Gnome Riders, their bodies were covered in metal chains causing their defensive capabilities to be very strong.

Su Yu had already anticipated this. Within the group, besides himself, Qin Jia Gui, Zhao Shi Chang, Ma Zi Ye and the others were only at the tier one level, they did not have sufficient strange energy to break through the metals chains that covered the bodies of the Metal Chain Zombie to injure them.

They could certainly injure the Metal Chain Zombie if they attacked the few areas that were not covered like the eyes, however, wanting to do so was extremely difficult and the speed of the Metal Chain Zombie was not to be taken lightly.

Even if Su Yu did not feel that he was the only one capable to killing the Metal Chain Zombies, he would still follow his previous actions, ignoring the possible damage to his black scales and use the fastest speed to kill off these Metal Chain Zombies while the Zombie King was ambling over.

After killing these Metal Chain Zombies, if they really chose to flee their chances would greatly improve. Otherwise, with the speed of these Metal Chain Zombies, they would easily be caught and possibly suffer casualties.

Su Yu had rushed to the dense forest and saw that the Metal Chain Zombies had acted as he anticipated and split up to chase the group. Immediately, he released Zhou Bi Rong and turned, pouncing like a panther towards one of the Metal Chain Zombies.

This Metal Chain Zombie which was closest to them noticed Su Yu pouncing but was not frantic, its two hands wielded several metal chains to smash towards Su Yu. When faced with Su Yu’s attack, it did not explicitly defend itself.

The metal chains covering its body were as tough as iron and usually allowed the Metal Chain Zombie to ignore its defense unless the attack was aimed for its weaknesses. However, Su Yu’s blow was actually struck towards its chest which was where its defense was the most firm and the Metal Chain Zombie could not be bothered to block.

This was precisely the reaction that Su Yu was aiming for and the black scale covered arm landed on the chest of the zombie with a ‘Deng!’ but the Metal Chain Zombie was uninjured. Its mouth curled into a sinister smile as its two arms retracted and the metal chains swiftly flew towards the back of Su Yu’s head.

Su Yu roared as he lowered his head, avoiding the metal chains. The black scales on his left arm raised and shot forth large amounts of white mist, like a boiler overflowing with steam, the emission of white mist created a frightening forward momentum and coupled with the high rotational force, this created an immense destructive power.

The Metal Chain Zombie howled as it realised that something was amiss, Su Yu had actually rammed his body into it caused it to fly and collide with a large tree.


The large tree immediately snapped and the chains on the chest of the zombie began to break off one by one emitting explosive ‘Pa! Pa! Pa!” noises like the frying of beans.

This sound was especially crisp and thereafter the sounds of flesh and bone being grinded could be heard, making one’s goosebumps stand on end.

A single fist had struck, the ‘Rending Claw’ broke through the metal chains and pierced the chest, Su Yu roared as he continued past it, the ‘Rending Claw’ continued through the body and this Metal Chain Zombie was severed in two from its chest region, its body falling lifelessly to the ground. As for Su Yu, he was already rushing towards the second Metal Chain Zombie.

Although it was dim and one could only make out black silhouettes, Su Yu’s actions earlier had gotten the attention of the other zombies, especially the Single Eyed Zombie King which was still slowly making its way over. Its single eye suddenly widened as it let out an earth-shattering roar, within the roar it seemed that it was actually excited.

The crazy blow from Su Yu had made it excited, it had become a Single Eyed Zombie King from countless zombies and its thirst for battle had sunk into its bones. Earlier Su Yu and the others did not seem to be able to take a single blow and the three Metal Chain Zombies would be sufficient to deal with them. As a result, it had been lazily moving along. Suddenly noticing that Su Yu was so ferocious, actually killing a Metal Chain Zombie in a single blow, hearing the sounds of the metal chain snapping and listening to the sound of flesh and bone being grinded down, the Single Eyed Zombie King became excited as it suddenly roared and leapt.


A tree that was as thick as a bowl was immediately snapped in two, it actually landed within the dense forest in a single leap. The leap earlier had sent it forward by over ten metres.

Su Yu saw this from afar and had a sharp intake of air, the damned ‘Eye of Perception’ considered this slow? With that speed it would only need a few jumps to catch up to them. The situation was becoming dire.

Su Yu’s mind was racing and he pounced with all his might towards the Metal Chain Zombie by the side. The current situation was extremely dire and if the Single Eyed Zombie King caught up, it would be over for them.

The Metal Chain Zombie had been frightened by Su Yu’s earlier blow and seeing Su Yu pounce, it actually turned and fled in another direction.

Su Yu was becoming anxious when a shout could suddenly be heard from the wild grass nearby: “Web of Metal!” suddenly, Ma Zi Ye appeared as her legs swept through the air and kicked the zombie’s skull.

Ma Zi Ye had actually been lying in wait within the wild grass by the side and suddenly activated the ‘Web of Metal’ when the Metal Chain Zombie attempted to run. As it suddenly felt that its legs were bound by something on the ground causing it to be immobile, it wanted to look down but its head was already heavily struck by a blow.


Although the strange energy within Ma Zi Ye’s leg was frightening, when faced with the Metal Chain Zombie which was a tier two beast soldier, it could only cause it to lose focus and become giddy without injuring it in the slightest.

This was already sufficient as Su Yu pounced like a demon god, the ‘Rending Claw’ activated as white mist spewed forth, like a white rainbow passing through the sky, his blow smashed into the skull of the Metal Chain Zombie immediately after the kick from Ma Zi Ye landed.

“Pa! Pa! Pa! Crack!”

The metal chains had broke and the head had exploded, thereafter the frightening force caused the headless corpse of the zombie to fly and smash into a small tree nearby.

The Metal Chain Zombie fell to the ground and the black crystal within its body was absorbed by Su Yu. The strange energy in the form of qi within his left arm had already swelled and become extremely dense as it continually rushed at the ‘door’ within his left shoulder. The ‘door’ actually had signs of loosening up and it seemed that if his strange energy were to become slightly stronger, this ‘door’ would be flung open allowing him to enter an even stronger level.

Hope rose within Su Yu’s heart, as long as he killed the final Metal Chain Zombie, he was sure that this ‘door’ would be flung open and he could possibly gain even stronger abilities. In that way, he would be able to battle with the Single Eyed Zombie King.

Just when hope seemed to fill his heart, a loud ‘Kaboom!’ could be heard behind him as the ground trembled. When he looked back, he could only see a three metre tall giant behind him. Its mouth that was a black hole was currently making strange excited howling noises and it stood there three metres from him.

“Roar!” Its two arms moved causing metal chains to wildly extend, in the blink of an eye, there were black chains everywhere flying towards him.

Su Yu explosively roared as his legs kicked to dodge while he activated his ‘Rending Claw’ to defend.

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