KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: Towards the Forest

Everyone felt their hearts instinctively tightened, even Su Yu who had killed four of the green monsters was also experiencing this as his left hand involuntarily clenched down hard on the wooden club and on the back of his left hand, three small black scales appeared.

Qin Jia Gui grit his teeth as he took the lead and rushed forward, he was closely followed by Zhang Zhong Mou and another student who also had the strange energy, thereafter Su Yu followed closely behind…..

The six green monsters saw that there were humans rushing over and stopped hammering the metal gate as they tightly gripped their wooden clubs and headed for the group, charging out as they wielded their clubs while making shrill cries.


Qin Jia Gui raised the wooden club in his right hand as an iron-like speck appeared on the back of his hand and his wooden club smashed into one of the green monsters wooden clubs. Both sides made a grunting noise as they retreated.


Zhang Zhong Mou grunted as he wielded his club, his face changed as both his arms violently trembled before the wooden club was knocked flying from his hands and his body was sent tumbling to the ground.

Su Yu who was following closely behind was stunned, previously Zhang Zhong Mou had already killed a green monster before and should not be weaker than the green monster, why would it turn out like this……

There was no time to think as the other green monsters rushed up, the other student who was with Zhang Zhong Mou had been affected by his fall and was flustered, although he had the strange energy and managed to block one of the green monster’s wooden clubs, he was smashed in the chest by another green monster.

Immediately blood was spat from his mouth as the onlookers from behind the metal gate gasped in shock.

One of the female students seemed to be frenzied as she rushed forward while shouting: “Ye Xuan!”

A few people reacted and managed to hold the girl back as someone shouting: “Lin Xiao, don’t be rash! Nothing will happen to Ye Xuan!” The scene immediately became chaotic.

“Attack! Don’t be afraid!” Someone madly shouted from the back.

Su Yu’s right arm was immobile and initially he did not plan to rush forward. Based on his conjecture, six green monsters versus the thirteen of them who had strange energy, it should have been easy for them to deal with and the majority of the people had similar thoughts as him.

However, the situation now was clearly contrary to their expectations. The speed of the green monsters was slightly faster than them and the small door by the side of the metal gate was too small, a single person could easily walk out but two people had to squeeze to get out. As everyone was urgently rushing out, three people were stuck at the door and this delayed the group by a few seconds.

In these short seconds, the people at the back did not manage to rush out in time while Zhang Zhong Mou had fallen to the ground and the student called Ye Xuan had been smashed on the chest and also fallen on the ground. Because of this, only Qin Jia Gui and Su Yu were left to face against six of these green monsters.

“Jia Gui!”

“Su Yu!”

From behind the metal gate the indistinct shouts of people could be heard as the situation became very critical. Su Yu let out a low growl as he saw a green monster attempting to smash the fallen Zhang Zhong Mou, he had no time to think as he smashed heavily.

They did not undergo professional training and only knew a few ways to strike and attack, the basics such as the simplest wielding then clobbering. It was fortunate that these green monsters were not experienced hunters and were just as clumsy as them.

Both sides were of similar calibre and this enabled Su Yu to make use of the frightening strange energy.

Having absorbed the crystals from four green monsters, the back of his left hand now had three black scales. Su Yu did not know what these black scales were for but he knew that currently the strength in his left arm was insanely strong and with a smack of his club, he managed to send the green monster that was planning to attack Zhang Zhong Mou flying into the air.


The green monster shrieked as it tumbled away, people in the distance gasped in shock as Su Yu rushed into the pack of green monsters and continued his onslaught with his club.

This time his wooden club was met with one of the green monster’s wooden clubs, the green monster’s club was unable to block Su Yu’s club and was knocked backwards by the frightening impact as it rebounded and came smashing towards its own head.


The green monster’s brain was squashed as it swayed before falling to the ground, a black crystal flew out from its head and turned into a streak of black light which disappeared into Su Yu’s left* hand.

[T/N*: The raws put right instead, should be a typo]

By the side, Qin Jia Gui grunted and Su Yu looked over to see him tumbling to the ground, thereafter an intense pain could be felt in his right shoulder as he let out a miserable scream, this moment of distraction caused his right shoulder to suffer a club as blood and flesh flew and it seemed to be thoroughly broken.


Su Yu madly shouted as he reversed his left arm, throwing the wooden club which heavily slammed into the chest of the green monster which had just attacked him.

The crisp sound of breaking bone could be heard as the explosive force from Su Yu’s throw caused the green monster to retreat tens of steps before falling to the ground. Another flash of black light came from the body as it disappeared into Su Yu’s left hand.

Although he had consecutively absorbed two crystals, the fourth scale did not appear and the strength of his strange energy did not seem to increase by much. It seemed that the more one killed, the less effective it would be.

Even with the consecutive kills of two green monsters, Su Yu was still in a very dangerous situation. Three green monsters were surrounding him and he was currently without a weapon.

“Su Yu!” From behind the metal gate, Jade rushed forward and grabbed the door post tightly. Anyone could see that Su Yu was in grave danger and could lose his life at any moment, half his body was already stained in red due to the wound on his right shoulder.

“Damn!” Su Yu grit his teeth as the energy within his left arm circulated, instinctively shooting out and blocking the strike from a wooden club. His left arm felt intense pain as though it was broken, but contrary to expectations, his left arm had managed to send the wooden club flying away and although there was an intense pain, his left arm was not hurt.

Su Yu’s left arm quickly snaked around the green monster’s neck as he squeezed, the frightening strength exploded and a crisp “Crack!” could be heard as blood spurted from the green monsters mouth, its neck had been broken.

Finally, the teachers and students who had the strange energy within them rushed forward one after the other as they surrounded the remaining green monsters.

Several sounds of shrieking and grunting could be heard as a student fell in retreat, while another green monster had been taken care of by someone.

When Su Yu finally pushed aside the green monster whose neck he had snapped, the other green monsters were already taken care of.

The people who were participating in the advance party including the eighteen normal people were all gathered and as they saw the bloody scene before their eyes their hands broke out in cold sweat.

Six green monsters were killed but in their group one student with the strange energy had been killed. That student was Ye Xuan and at this moment the tragic cries of somebody could be heard. A female student collapsed onto the corpse as she cried bitterly, it was clear that this girl called Lin Xiao was the girlfriend of Ye Xuan.

Feelings of grief filled the atmosphere.

Su Yu’s right shoulder was almost smashed to bits while Qin Jia Gui’s left arm had been injured. Although Zhang Zhong Mou had fallen to the ground, he managed to avoid any injuries.

Amongst them, Su Yu’s performance was eye-catching and although he had been injured, he had still managed to kill three of the green monsters all on his own. If it was not for the brave performance by Su Yu, it was likely that Qin Jia Gui and Zhang Zhong Mou who had rushed to the front would have lost their lives.

Su Yu looked at the back of his left hand as the fourth scale had finally emerged, an unspeakably satisfying feeling surged within his heart.

Because of the injuries, the group remained to bandage the areas that were affected. Thereafter, besides the student that died, the remaining thirty bore the hopes of the thousand over people as they walked forward into the unknown forest.

The small door by the metal gate was once again tightly locked and they could only patiently wait for the return of the group two days later. Of the thirty one people, one person had already met with an unfortunate death upon exiting the school grounds, two days later, how many of the thirty would be left alive?

Everyone had gloomy expressions as their hearts were heavy like lead.
“Su Yu, you must come back safely.” Jade thought to herself as her hands tightly held onto the metal pillars of the metal gate as she gazed at Su Yu and the group of thirty leaving.


Although Su Yu’s right shoulder had been bandaged simply, it was hurting a lot and along the way his face was frowning as beads of perspiration could be seen.

Su Yu would have long fainted from the pain but thanks to the strange energy from his left arm that seemed to have a miraculous effect, it not only helped his injuries recover faster but also lessened the pain.

Outside the school was a forest thick with vegetation. This forest seemed endless and one could only decide on a direction and advance forward, hoping to either walk out of the forest, meet up with other rescue teams or groups or at worst find some necessary food.

The amount of food that all the people in the school required was a staggering amount.

Because of the injury to his right shoulder, Su Yu’s right arm was firmly set in place and Zhang Zhong Mou helped to carry his backpack as he closely followed by Su Yu’s side.

Su Yu thought of a few matters as he softly questioned: “Zhong Mou, didn’t you also kill a green monster? You should have some strange energy within you as well. Earlier when you fought with the green monster why did it seem as though your strength was inferior to it?”

Logically speaking, after absorbing a black crystal from the green monster, one’s strength should improve to the point where they could match the green monster.

Zhang Zhong Mou touched the side of his face that was bandaged as he said in a weird voice: “My….. my strange energy….. entered here.”

Su Yu was stumped for words.
*Shuffling sounds*

At the same time, the thirty people were suddenly surrounded in the blink of an eye.

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