KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 71

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Chapter 71: Life and Death in the Balance, The Final Gambit

The figure of the Single Eyed Zombie King was huge, it was three metres tall and the dense amount of large trees managed to impede its movements. As for Su Yu, he was like a fish in water as he jumped and rolled, suddenly turning as he stepped on the branches of a large tree, using the chance to kick and his body was like a carp jumping past the dragon gate* as he flew up, the ‘Rending Claw’ activated and white mist was emitted, the strong propulsion carried his body forward making him seem to glide as he sailed past multiple big trees, shooting towards the black figure.

[T/N* Getting a big break, in legend if the carp manages to jump past the dragon gate it becomes a dragon]

This black figure was precisely the third Metal Chain Zombie.

Earlier when Su Yu was wildly fleeing he had noticed this third Metal Chain Zombie and had immediately changed his direction, using all his strength to pounce towards it.

This Metal Chain Zombie was his final hope.

Su Yu’s injuries were heavy and there were over ten bones in his body which had broken. The reason why he could still run was due to the strange energy as well as his staunch determination. In this moment, all the potential within him was released to the limit and after this blow he would no longer have any strength left. He even had a vague feeling that he would faint on the spot after this blow.

This third Metal Chain Zombie was currently engaged by Qin Jia Gui and Zhang Zhong Mou.

Qin Jia Gui and Zhang Zhong Mou were crouching by the side and when the Metal Chain Zombie had entered the region, Qin Jia Gui looked for the right opportunity to dash in. He used his ‘Demolishing Iron Fist’ to its maximum potential and heavily smashed towards the back of the head of the Metal Chain Zombie.

He had seen the effect of Su Yu’s ‘Rending Claw’ on the chains of the Metal Chain Zombie’s chest and felt that his ‘Demolishing Iron Fist’ was not much weaker than Su Yu’s ‘Rending Claw’. Now that he was attempting a sneak attack, he would surely be able to cause the head that was covered in metal chains to be destroyed.

Qin Jia Gui was very confident and this blow which contained all his strength actually managed to connect, his right fist heavily smashed into the back of the Metal Chain Zombie’s head and let out a loud ‘Bang!’.

Thereafter, Qin Jia Gui was shocked to see that the head of the Metal Chain Zombie did not explode like he expected, rather, his right arm was shocked to the point where a pain was coursing through and it seemed like it had been broken.

He had forgotten the fact that Su Yu was a tier two dark iron warrior and with his stronger strange energy he still needed to put forth his all to break through the metal chains. As for him, he was merely a tier one dark iron warrior and his strength was several times weaker than Su Yu.

Self confidence was a good thing but Qin Jia Gui was overconfident and even his blow with everything behind it had no effect, the Metal Chain Zombie howled as its hand stretched forth.


Qin Jia Gui’s body was pierced from the chest and out his back as blood splattered everywhere.

Qin Jia Gui miserably cried and at the same time, Su Yu howled as he kicked a branch, using all his strength to shoot it towards the Metal Chain Zombie. His appearance was twisted and seemed like a malicious spirit, this was his final blow and if it did not succeed, the Single Eyed Zombie King would catch up and they would all die here.

This blow carried the hopes of the entire group.

The Metal Chain Zombie had just pierced Qin Jia Gui’s body when it felt Su Yu’s incoming blow.

The scene of Su Yu killing the Metal Chain Zombies earlier had been noticed by this Metal Chain Zombie and when it saw Su Yu coming, it immediately lifted Qin Jia Gui’s body to use as a shield, hoping to block Su Yu’s frightening blow.

Su Yu saw this but had no other option, he could only let out a fearsome roar, finished, everything was finished. His blow would turn Qin Jia Gui into meat pulp and he would then die helplessly to the Metal Chain Zombie, at the back the Single Eyed Zombie King was already in the air and rushing over.

Jade, Ning Yan, Zhang Zhong Mou, parents……. In this instant, these figures all flashed through his mind, it was over, finished……..

Suddenly, Zhang Zhong Mou who had half his face transformed to stone silently attacked, opening his mouth as though he wanted to shout something, both his hands stretched forth to grab the Metal Chain Zombie’s arm which was covered in metal chains as he used all the force in his body to activate the ‘Rock Head Cannon Pulveriser’ and smashed down hard.


The ‘Rock Head Cannon Pulveriser’ landed on the metal chains and Zhang Zhong Mou’s forehead immediately split and began to bleed. Qin Jia Gui howled, in the moment between life and death he actually retracted his legs and kicked, kicking the chest of the Metal Chain Zombie and using the force from the impact, his body which was actually stuck to the arm was peeled off as he tumbled to the ground with blood spurting everywhere.

The pain made him groan as he instantly fainted, at the same time, the eyes of the Metal Chain Zombie widened, the change in circumstance made it unable to react. It had initially planned to use Qin Jia Gui to block Su Yu but did not expect that Qin Jia Gui would actually use his remaining strength to kick and dislodge himself. Thereafter, The Metal Chain Zombie saw Su Yu’s ‘Rending Claw’ flying over, forming an arm that was creating a long rainbow-like effect through steam and heavily smashing onto its head.

This attack contained all the strength within Su Yu and the strange energy which was in the form of qi had all flowed into the ‘Rending Claw’, the high rotational speed created a wind pressure that seemed to shock the eardrums.

“Crack! Pa! Pa!”

Explosive sounds rang out as the metal chains fell apart, the Metal Chain Zombie released a final howl, Su Yu stuck to its body as it fell, the ‘Rending Claw’ brushed past the area above its neck and the Metal Chain Zombie’s head was crushed, disappearing in an instant.

The huge Metal Chain Zombie swayed for a while before the headless corpse fell to the ground and actually pressed down onto Zhang Zhong Mou.

Zhang Zhong Mou fell to the ground and panted, in this instant he had no more strength in his body, he had used everything within him to help Su Yu in his final blow.

Qin Jia Gui’s body was pierced through and he had also used everything to kick and dislodge himself from the arm of the Metal Chain Zombie before falling heavily to the ground. This painful and frightening collision caused him to instantly faint, the hole in his chest was bloody and one could actually see the fresh red organs within, it was a gruesome sight and with him fallen to the ground, he had lost all power to move and it was unknown whether he still lived.

Su Yu had used his all the strength within him and finally managed to kill the third Metal Chain Zombie. He fell to the ground and felt that his entire body was devoid of strength, the pain within his body made him feel like fainting.


A loud noise rang out as the immense body of the Single Eyed Zombie King fell from the sky, it was only slightly slower than Su Yu and had finally arrived.

As Su Yu was lying on the ground and on the verge of fainting, a new energy suddenly surged into his left arm, the strange energy in the form of qi suddenly swelled and split, creating a frightening current that once again rushed to the ‘door’ located at his left shoulder.

Su Yu understood that this new energy had come from the black crystal of the Metal Chain Zombie which he had just killed.

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