KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 72

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Chapter 72: Tier Three warrior

The strange energy in the form of qi within his left arm had initially been at the critical point and with the addition of this new energy, Su Yu immediately felt a ‘Kaboom!’ within his mind, as though a calm sea suddenly had tsunamis that were thousands of metres high, the ‘door’ which had always held his qi back had finally been broken with a ‘Kaboom!’.

The strange energy in the form of qi was like a surging tsunami which wildly went through the newly opened pathway and rushed towards the other areas of his body. Wherever it went, black scales would form on the surface of his body.

“Chi! Chi! Chi!” sounds continually resounded and almost at the same time, the Single Eyed Zombie King landed as it roared, lifting its leg as it heavily stepped onto Su Yu’s chest.

With the strength of the Single Eyed Zombie King, the frightening might behind this stomp from it could cause Su Yu’s chest to explode.


Contrary to expectations, the Single Eyed Zombie King seemed to have step on a metal board and let out a dull sound, it looked down in shock to see that a layer of thick black scales was covering Su Yu’s chest, the black scales seemed to be forged from steel and was like an armour which actually protected Su Yu’s chest.

Su Yu who was lying on the ground currently had tons of information flashing through his mind. The strange energy was wildly swelling and surging through the other areas of his body, in the blink of an eye his chest was already filled with the strange energy as four ‘doors’ once again appeared on his body preventing the strange energy from continuing to his head, right arm, left and right leg. This caused his strange energy to only be able to flow between his chest and left arm.

The Single Eyed Zombie King stomped onto the black scales and was stunned as it roared, its metal chains were sent flying forth hoping to smash Su Yu’s head in.

At this moment, Su Yu’s left arm and chest were all covered in black scales but the other areas of his body were still flesh and blood and would not be able to withstand a single blow.
A computer program seemed to be within Su Yu’s mind as information continued to flash, it reminded him that he had promoted to tier three dark iron warrior and he had to choose whether to raise the level of an original ability or comprehend a completely new one.

The current Su Yu already had four abilities, ‘Eye of Perception’, ‘Rending Claw’, ‘Lizard’s arm’ and ‘Fang Bullet Burst’. If he chose to comprehend a new ability, he would be able to gain the ability ‘Shield Armour’. He also had the option to raise the level of one of his current abilities, for example, he could upgrade the ‘Eye of Perception’ to the ‘Eye of Divinity’.

The ‘Eye of Divinity’ did not only have the abilities of the ‘Eye of Perception’ to gather information and data, it could also increase his night vision and efficacy.

As for the ‘Rending Claw’, it could become something with an even more frightening destructive power ‘Rending Storm’, the ‘Lizard’s Arm’ could become ‘Lizard’s Beastial Change’ and the ‘Fang Bullet Burst’ could become ‘Fang Bullet Cannon’.

Personally witnessing the Single Eyed Zombie King stepping on his chest while swinging its metal chains towards his head, Su Yu did not think too much and with a thought, he chose to upgrade the ‘Rending Claw’ to become ‘Rending Storm’.

He had always been using the ‘Rending Claw’ and under these circumstances, he naturally chose to upgrade the ability which was most familiar to him, enabling him to utilise an even greater power.

At the same time Su Yu chose ‘Rending Storm’, the mysteries and principles behind the ability immediately filled his mind and he let out a roar as his left arm shot forward, activating the ‘Rending Storm’ which was upgraded from the ‘Rending Claw’.

Black scales began to coalesce together as thick white mist was expelled out, this white mist continued to be spat out and was like a mist dragon, the great pressure from the rotational force actually created a frightening hurricane pillar of air which shrouded his left arm, even he did not understand what was happened as his left arm suddenly shot forward causing the metal chain which the Single Eyed Zombie King had swung down to instantly be swept within.

“What’s….. going on?” Su Yu shouted as his body was pulled by a frightening force as it rushed forward, his left arm heavily smashing into the belly of the Single Eyed Zombie King.

The strange energy in the form of qi within his body immediately gathered to his fist as a loud ‘Peng!’ could be heard, the Single Eyed Zombie King roared as the metal chains covering his belly were shattered and his immense body could not withstand this blow as it heavily flew away.


The body of the Single Eyed Zombie King knocked into a large tree causing it to sway violently, this allowed the Single Eyed Zombie to come to a halt as it stared at Su Yu with its single eye, within its eyes there was actually shock and amazement.

The flesh on its belly region had been peeled off and an indistinct fist print could be seen there, the Single Eyed Zombie King had actually been injured.

Su Yu stood at his original position and stopped the ‘Rending Storm’. Dazedly staring at his left arm, he wondered what had happened earlier and even he was stunned.

The might of the ‘Rending Storm’ was so frightening and the first time Su Yu activated it, he actually lost control and the fist which actually managed to blindly land onto the Single Eyed Zombie King did not have all his force behind it but it had already caused it to suffer injuries.

Zhang Zhong Mou managed to push the corpse of the Metal Chain Zombie away with some difficulty when he saw Su Yu’s astonishing performance and could not hold it in as he shouted: “Good! Hurry and settle that monster!”

Su Yu stood there as he shook his head, trying to make himself come to his senses. Without question, he had become a tier three iron warrior, his left arm and chest were covered in a layer of black scales which were akin to metal and his ‘Rending Claw’ had improved to become ‘Rending Storm’, containing a vast amount of strange energy. As he felt the endless amounts of strange energy flowing within his left arm and chest, a frightening might seemed to be within his body and Su Yu felt that he needed to pour out what was on his mind, he really wanted to do battle.

Looking at the wound on its belly, the Single Eyed Zombie King stared blankly for a while before suddenly shaking its two arms and roaring at the sky, the metal chains on its body began to wildly dance and explosive sounds of crashing assailed the ear, its body hunched as it rushed towards Su Yu.

The Single Eyed Zombie King was truly enraged and was now using its true strength as it vowed to kill Su Yu.

Su Yu howled, he knew that he had finally promoted to a tier three dark iron warrior and had the ability to battle with the Single Eyed Zombie King.

“Rending Storm!” When faced with the charge of the Single Eyed Zombie King, Su Yu did not retreat but rather stood at his original position as he activated the ‘Rending Storm’. The black scales gathered together as the sounds of howling whistled, dense white mist was emitted and this white mist formed into a frightening white hurricane as it covered Su Yu’s left arm, from a glance it seemed that he was holding a miniature tornado.

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