KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 73

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Chapter 73: Slaying the Zombie King

Su Yu lifted his hand as he pounced towards the Singled Eyed Zombie King, the white tornado on his arm seemed to extend like a python which was dancing in the breeze, suddenly, the two arms of the Single Eyed Zombie King collided with the ‘Rending Storm’.

As the arms of the Zombie King were covered in iron chains, an explosive force rattled Su Yu’s left arm. This collision of force against force produced a dreadful ear-piercing noise. The vicious Rending Storm tore apart the iron chains in the blink of an eye, each and every inch of the chains were shattered when drawn into the white hurricane.

At this moment, Su Yu shouted and swung his left arm, an elongated white tornado that was almost whip-like lashed out.

“Pa Pa Pa” the explosive sounds continuously rang out. Countless metal fragments from the iron chains were sucked into the white hurricane and were shot out in rapid succession at the Single Eyed Zombie King.

After going through the white tornado’s high speed vortex, these metal chain fragments that were being shot out were not much different from the rounds of a machine gun as a shower of bullets could be seen everywhere. The Single Eyed Zombie King roared as it was caught off guard, the exposed flesh on it’s body showed embedded metal fragments. Immediately, bloody holes appeared after the flesh was lacerated.

The Single Eyed Zombie King was extremely furious from the pain, it had a crazed expression as it lifted both arms. Suddenly brandishing it’s countless iron chains, these chains were interwoven and formed a metal net which flew towards Su Yu’s head. With the force behind these iron chains, as long as an iron chain even brushed Su Yu, the tragic result would be shattered bones and minced meat.

At this time, Su Yu slightly regretted not choosing to comprehend the new ability ‘Shield Armor’. The name itself suggested some sort of protective ability and at this moment, Su Yu could only choose to retreat quickly and dodge. Only his left arm and torso were covered in steel-like black scales, the other parts were still of human flesh and he did not dare to take a hit.

Su Yu quickly retreated while the Single Eyed Zombie King gave chase, stamping the floor and producing ‘Thump’ earthquake-like sounds. It’s body was like a heavy tank that was currently in a frenzied collision course.

Su Yu stretched out his left arm to block.


Su Yu and the Single Eyed Zombie King struck each other, just purely relying on brute force, Su Yu was no match for the Zombie King as he was immediately flung far away.


Su Yu hurriedly stretched out his left arm to grab onto the branch of a large tree. Only by doing this did he stop himself from flying any further. Eyeing his own left arm, Su Yu was not very satisfied.

According to logic, by upgrading the Rending Claw to Rending Storm, this Rending Storm ought to be much stronger. When Su Yu was tier two, just relying on the Rending Claw’s full strength, it could already damage the Single Eyed Zombie King’s iron chains on it’s body. Now that Su Yu had risen to tier three and the Rending Claw had been upgraded to Rending Storm. Su Yu’s Rending Storm unexpectedly only managed to wreck the other party’s protective iron chains, in terms of power it was actually not much stronger than the Rending Claw.

How could this be? This should not be happening.

Su Yu muttered to himself irresolutely, seeing that the activation of the Rending Storm produced thick fumes of white mist, just the denseness of the white mist showed that it had way more mist than the Rending Claw. Yet it did not show terrifying strength, perhaps there were other ways of using this technique?

While Su Yu was muttering to himself, the Single Eyed Zombie King stretched out both arms, it’s body was wrapped with iron chains from head to toe as it pounced again. Spreading out both arms and attempting to crush Su Yu’s body from both sides, wanting to squash him into a heap of minced meat.

“There’s no reason for this, there’s no reason for this ……” Su Yu continued to mumbled as he continued to retreat backwards. Upon becoming a tier three warrior, his movement speed had greatly increased, easily dodging the Single Eyed Zombie King’s attacks.

“ROAR!” as Su Yu continued to evade, the Single Eyed Zombie King roared out towards the skies. Clasping both hands together with iron chains coiled around, resulting in an enormous hammer made of iron chains that was smashing down from up above. A weighty onslaught was brought down.

Su Yu lifted his head to see the enormous hammer made of iron chains slamming down as his lips continued to murmur when suddenly he seemed to think of something. He shouted loudly: “There’s no reason for this…. RENDING….” lifting up his left arm, he actually blocked the iron chained hammer. This time the black scales on the left arm continued to shift upwards as per normal, except that no white mist was being spewed out. Looking at this, it actually resembled the recently comprehended Rending Claw, seemingly a bit strange.


The iron chained hammer came down, smashing onto Su Yu’s left arm, the terrifying force immediately caused Su Yu’s body to produce a brittle “Ka Cha” sound. Both legs went soft as he suddenly knelt on the ground, at the same time the monstrous force was pushing and pressuring downwards, the limit of bearing this was finally reached when all of a sudden an abrupt and explosive force came bursting forth.

Su Yu roared towards the skies: ”STORM!” Clutching onto the iron chained hammer, the ‘Rending Claw’ suddenly spewed out surging and violent white steam that was charging out towards the atmosphere like an explosive “Wu Wu” sounds of a flute could be heard. In a split second, a second formidable force then exploded out, forming an intense white storm vortex that continued up towards the heavens.

The Single Eyed Zombie King gaped as it made a mournful howl, the iron chained hammer together with both arms were sucked into the the white storm vortex in a split second. Each and every inch was thoroughly disintegrated, it was more powerful than any other meat grinder on Earth. The Single Eyed Zombie King quickly retreated backwards but both hands were already grinded into lumps of mushy meat.

Su Yu laughed wildly as he stood up as he took the initiative to attack the frantic and tumbling Single Eyed Zombie King that was retreating. A fist heavily smashed towards its chest area.

“RENDING…. STORM!” Su Yu hollered. Smashing outwards, the white vapors once again exploded out and formed a terrifying storm vortex, bringing about a destructive rending force as a dangerous force erupted out. The Single Eyed Zombie King shouted as it looked on helplessly as bits and pieces of its chest was ripped apart and mixed with the fragmented iron chains which exploded out in all directions. It was as if a time bomb had just detonated from within its chest, suddenly it’s whole body started shattering into small pieces before it finally burst out. Finally, the white storm became a vortex of flesh, beginning from the torso area.

The final outcries of the Single Eyed Zombie King finally sounded out as the skull flew into the distance. When the flesh vortex finally dispersed, what remained on the ground was the Single Eyed Zombie King’s two large legs, broken arms and the head that had flew away. Its upper torso had totally disappeared.

This is the true Rending Storm, a monstrous rending force that erupts out to form a violent vortex that could warp and twist everything, even steel would be no exception.

“I did not expect the Rending Storm technique to have so many variations in its usage.” While Su Yu was holding his own left arm, he was astonished as he stared blankly at the Single Eyed Zombie King’s corpse on the ground. Seeing the twinkling and dazzling black crystal hovering in the air which quickly flew into his left arm, he felt a new and powerful energy bubbling forth within his body.

The Single Eyed Zombie King was a tier three beast soldier, the energy of the crystal within it’s body was tremendous, it was comparable to four or five Metal Chain Zombies. Su Yu felt the strange energy within his body surging violently as it charged outwards to attack the other chokepoints.

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