KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 74

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Chapter 74: Mentally and Physically exhausted

It was a pity that the four points were sealed, preventing the strange energy from flowing into the head, right arm, left and right legs. The right arm’s chokepoint actually did not even budge. Although this strange energy was violent and powerful, with regards to the choke point, it was like a dragonfly trying to shake a gigantic pillar.

Su Yu could vaguely understand upon evolving that each and every increase in tier would definitely become harder and harder.

Although the strange energy within his body was surging and experiencing an unprecedented amount of power, Su Yu’s mind was actually feeling rather exhausted. He only wanted to collapse and sit down. After everything that had just happened a moment ago, beginning with the appearance of Single Eyed Zombie King and the other monsters till now, although the entire process was less than a minute, the dangerous events that occurred were truly hard to describe.

Su Yu was utterly mentally exhausted, unhurriedly leaning on a large tree by the side, beside the corpse of the Single Eyed Zombie King. He only wanted to slowly sit down.

However in his heart he was concerned about the safety of the others, this allowed him to prop himself up with great difficulty as he swayed while he walked to the side of the collapsed Qin Jia Gui. Although his body had been pierced through, he had not died which meant that the strange energy residing in his body was currently at work. The two terrible bloody holes from the front and back were already being staunched. It was currently being patched up at a speed that the naked eye could see.

Su Yu’s disastrous injuries were simply incomparable. There were at least ten or more bones within his body that had fractured, however, upon evolving into a tier three dark iron warrior, the strange energy started to gather at the wounded areas, there was absolutely no need for worry as it began to heal unconsciously.

“Jade! Lei Rui!” Su Yu saw that Qin Jia Gui was fine, he let out a big breath as he fell and sat by Qin Jia Gui’s side, leaning against a tree as he called out these two names. He simply could not muster any more strength. Zhang Zhong Mou also fumbled about as he walked towards Su Yu while calling him out.

Zhang Zhong Mou did not not receive any wounds, at this moment the forest was gloomy and shrouded in darkness. He could only faintly see indistinct shadows and being afraid that everyone had really strayed off, Zhang Zhong Mou could only use his voice to shout out.

“Everything is already fine, everyone quickly come over, we are over here. Hey! Everyone come back!”

Zhang Zhong Mou continuously hollered out and soon sounds of rustling could be heard. Zhang Zhong Mou got a huge fright as he turned his head, it was actually Ma Zi Ye who limped over.

“Whew!” Ma Zi Ye exclaimed after seeing Su Yu, Zhang Zhong Mou and the corpse remains of the Single Eyed Zombie King. Having a weight off her mind, she let out another long breath as she slowly sat on the floor. All the things that had occurred recently caused her mental state to tighten and it was only now that she finally relaxed as a wave of fatigue hit her.

After Zhang Zhong Mou’s calls, all the people who had scattered in different directions started to come out one after another. Originally, Su Yu had everyone rush to this area not to make them scatter and run away but rather, it was for him to use to surrounding terrain to quickly wipe out the zombies. Jade and the others were all rather quick-witted as they relied on the darkness to stealthily find a random underbrush to hide in. They did not dare to escape any further in case they really got lost. Just the thought of being alone and wandering about in this large frightening forest simply gave one the shudders.

Although this large forest was teeming with terrible creatures that were out for blood, fortunately there seemed to be no poisonous insects, snakes, etc. If there were, one could not imagine their prospects.

There was a huge difference between this terrifying forest and the ones from their previous world. There were many things that disregarded their own conventional reasoning and knowledge.

Upon seeing that everyone has returned, Su Yu who was leaning at the side decided to rouse himself as he tousled his own hair before saying:”Old Mou, is there water? Let me have a sip.”

“No problem…. Eh?” Zhang Zhong Mou was about to retrieve the items from the large food bag when he remembered that he left all the large bags of food at an area with dense vegetation at the outskirts of the forest, at the top of a slope.

“Su Yu, are you alright, just now things were really scary.” Jade asked as her face appeared to be trembling.

“Be at ease, everything has been taken care off by Su Yu, with him around, there will be no problems.” Zhang Zhong Mou said with a pleased expression after seeing Su Yu’s prowess, he felt that his own face had some sort of luster.

Jade was surprised as she reevaluated Su Yu, afterwards she muttered while clenching her fists and said: “This won’t do, I, this old woman need to work harder since this little squirt has already become so formidable. In the future I can’t bully him anymore, no way, I must become even more powerful than him. His mother actually entrusted me to take care of him, if I don’t become stronger does that mean he will instead take care of me? No way, no way.”

Su Yu ignored Jade’s ramblings as he had his hand over Zhang Zhong Mou’s shoulder and got him to support Su Yu while he walked away. While passing by Jade. Su Yu waved his hands and lazily said: “ Jade, you are rambling on again, be careful that you won’t be able to marry during this lifetime. By then don’t count on me hah.”

Jade’s face became red with anger as she thought of giving a sarcastic repartee, but realize that everyone was already leaving as she quickly chased up with them.

Upon exiting this area of dense vegetation, everyone carried their large bags filled with food that were lying on the slope. Luckily nothing out of the ordinary happened. Su Yu seemed to have lost all strength as he tumbled while he sat down, Zhang Zhong Mou quickly took out a bottle of mineral water from the bag and tossed it over to Su Yu.

Su Yu finished the whole bottle in one shot, before wiping his mouth and letting out a long breath. His heart was feeling much more comfortable.

Although he had leveled up from the battle just now, he felt mentally and physically exhausted, this sort of awful feeling was similar to dying from thirst, simply peculiar. Only after the water had reached his stomach did he finally managed to catch his breath.

Zhang Zhong Mou took out another bottle of water and had a few mouths before taking out another pack of cigarettes and said: “Have a smoke.” As he looked towards Su Yu, Li Dong, Zhang Shi Chang and the others while throwing them each a stick.

He brought with him quite a few packets of cigarettes thus he was rather generous with giving out cigarettes.

Putting a cigarette to his mouth and taking a puff before helping to light up Su Yu’s cigarette. Afterwards he sat on the grass by Su Yu’s side and looked up to the skies before taking another puff and said: “Damn it, this night is truly not peaceful at all.”

Ma Zi Ye was biting her instant noodles while occasionally swallowing her own saliva, her face showed a satisfied expression.

Zhang Zhong Mou saw this and made a long sigh: “What is happiness ah… actually happiness is like a cat eating fish, dog eating meat, little missy Ma Zi Ye eating instant noodles.”

Ma Zi Ye stared at him and said: “Go and die.” Afterwards she did not bother about him and his loquacious antics.

Qin Jia Gui sustained heavy injuries and was carried on the back by Zhao Shi Chang and was now put down on the floor, lying down. He remained unconscious as before and everyone else was silent as they sat or lay down. The experience from before was simply too terrifying, it was like a nightmare and everyone still had lingering fears.

Yuan Ni Ping propped up Qin Jia Gui’s head by using her thighs as she tightly held onto Qin Jia Gui’s hands. Her whole body was still faintly trembling, she was really afraid and could not imagine if anything had happened to Qin Jia Gui.

Seeing the corpse of Ding Shan in the vicinity and seeing the corpses strewn all over the floor, everyone was mentally and physically exhausted.

Li Dong stared blankly at the food bags on the floor and murmured: “If everyone rationed their food properly, these foodstuff will be able to last us about twenty days… however what’s the use of this. We won’t be able to even make it past twenty days ah…. You have all seen for yourself, the monsters that appear are getting even more formidable, we…. everyone is going to die soon!”

At this moment, Li Dong gave a kick and kicked one large bag of food flying away. He had a mocking expression and said: “Treating all these foodstuff as treasures, in the end having food had no meaning, we are all still going to die. Even you Su Yu, you are no exception.”

Suddenly, Li Dong had a rather frantic expression as he ran up to Su Yu while shouting, at this very moment, Su Yu had a bad feeling.

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