KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 76

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Chapter 76: New tier three dark iron warrior

Su Yu recalled that if his ‘Eye of Perception’ were promoted to the ‘Eye of Divinity’, this ‘Eye of Divinity’ would give him night vision and with such an ability, would it not be easy for him to move about at night?

If they ate sparingly, each bag of food could last them one day. Losing six bags of food meant that they had lost six days worth of food and everyone felt depressed.

Zhao Shi Chang’s expression was heavy as he said: “If the bags were really taken by people, who were these people? They actually dare to travel in the night? Would they return? Or could it be that it wasn’t people who took the bags but rather monsters who did so?”

Li Dong spoke up: “They have already taken the food, why would they return? I feel that it’s a group who are like us and trying to find their way out of this forest. However, their numbers are few or have quite a number but are already carrying a lot of food and happened to walk past this area, seeing the floor which was littered with food, they took what they were able to and left. We have no idea which direction they went and our surroundings are pitch black, there’s simply no way to chase. Forget it, everyone let’s just treat it as our misfortune. No, we should thank heavens that we still have twenty six bags, if they were all stolen, haha, then we would really be finished.”

The group thought of this and felt shudders go down their spines, their situation was intense back then and they had all run into the dense forest on the other side without time to take their food with them. They did not expect that their food would actually be found by someone and fortunately only six bags were taken by the other party.

Li Dong said this as he reached into his big bag and took out two packets of food which he stuffed into his pockets as he mumbled: “It seems that leaving all the food within the big bags is dangerous, as a precaution we should carry some on our bodies.”

“We’ve lost six bags of food, it seems that we have to apportion out the remaining food once again.” Zhou Hua Kang had a bitter smile, although they had lost six bags of food, they group had been through a night of trouble and fright, they were all fatigued and had not thought much about this. Asking the group to leave this place right now was not realistic, not to mention Qin Jia Gui’s injuries, the group were all very tired and the surroundings were pitch black. They did not dare to take this risk as most of them laid on the ground to rest while a few of them took turns to keep watch.

After an unknown amount of time, Su Yu who was half asleep was suddenly shocked awake by an exclamation.

Su Yu’s reaction speed was godly and he was seated in an instant, his eyes were apprehensive as the others who were half asleep also were shocked awake by the exclamation.

The exclamation was from Zhao Shi Chang, it was his turn to keep watch and he was currently standing with his right fist transformed, a bone blade was extended from it as he sternly faced forward.

Below the slope not far away, there were the soft sounds of footsteps and Zhou Shi Chang had heard this as he exclaimed: “Who’s there!”, his main aim to wake up the people of the group.

Su Yu stood up as he walked to Zhao Shi Chang’s side before staring blankly.

From the wild grass below the slope two figures could be seen, two people had actually walked out.

The sounds of footsteps were precisely caused by them.

The two people saw the group on the slope and seemed shocked before they began to converse in english, Su Yu frowned and could barely make out that the other party were telling them not to panic and that they were not bad people.

By time time, Ma Zi Ye, Jade, Zhang Zhong Mou and the others had all woken up.

Although Su Yu was a university student, his english was rather poor and had only barely made some sense of what was said. He did not know how to converse properly in english and looked towards Ma Zi Ye as he said: “Ask them to stop there.”

He remembered that Ma Zi Ye was from the foreign language class and her spoken english should be decent.

Indeed, Ma Zi Ye spoke in fluent english and the two people who had appeared suddenly stopped.

These two people were quite cooperative and had immediately stopped. One of the two actually laughed as he waved two of his hands, seeming to signal that they were surrendering, also signifying that they had no ill intentions.

Su Yu looked back at Jade and the others: “You guys stay here.” thereafter went forward with Zhao Shi Chang, Ma Zi Ye, Zhang Zhong Mou and a few others.

Su Yu was most afraid that if these two people harboured ill intentions and suddenly attacked, with Jade, Lei Rui and the others abilities they would easily be compromised. He had thus instructed for them to stop before going forward to meet them. Even if the other party had ill intentions he would not be afraid.

Walking closer, Su Yu was able to quickly recognise that these two people were indeed foreigners.

Their school actually had two foreigners who taught foreign languages but their ages were rather old. Within this forest, this was their first contact with foreigners.

The two people before them were a male and a female, they were tall with the male being about 1.84 metres and the female being about 1.75 metres. Compared to Su Yu and the group, this male and female pair gave them a feeling of pressure.

This male had a beard on his face, deep eyes and a high nose with disheveled long black hair, his clothes were tattered and cut a sorry figure, there were bloodstains on his clothing and the thick smell of blood filled the air. Standing there, he seemed like a javelin and naturally released a sinister cold aura.

The female had blond hair and jade-coloured eyes, compared to Jade and Ning Yan who were girls from the east, her skin was white and coarse, typical of a white lady from the west. Although her body was dirty and cut quite a sorry figure, she stood there with poise and her face had a look of preparedness as she stared at Su Yu and the few others who were approaching.

This male and female were clearly in their thirties.

Su Yu walked closer as he silently activated the ‘Eye of Perception’.

Doing so, his heart began to beat faster as he felt astonished.

Based on the information from the ‘Eye of Perception’, the tall and well-built male before them was actually a tier three dark iron warrior and the female beside him was a tier two dark iron warrior. It was no wonder that they were so courageous and able to move about at night.

Su Yu’s mind churned at a high speed but he did not realise that while he was inspecting the two people, on the back of the male’s right hand there was a faint light that was being released that could be barely seen by the naked eye. Thereafter, the information of the few people also entered into the mind of this well-built male before he turned to measure Su Yu.

The current Su Yu was also a tier three dark iron warrior.

As for Ma Zi Ye, Zhang Zhong Mou, Zhao Shi Chang and the few others, they were still tier one dark iron warriors and the male did not really care about them.

“Ask who are they and how did they come to this place.” Zhang Zhong Mou said to Ma Zi Ye, he was like Su Yu and did not really know how to converse in english.

Ma Zi Ye spoke in english to ask the questions and a friendly smile emerged on the male’s face as he spoke.

Su Yu’s spoken english was bad but he was still able to barely understand some of what was said. The male had introduced himself as York and the female by his side was his wife Jennifer, they were temporarily living in a cave nearby and had heard the ruckus outside, causing them to silently come over to look.

Su Yu heard this and laughed: “Those six bags of food were taken by them and they have returned to continue taking the other bags of food.”

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