KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 77

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Chapter 77: Sneak Attack

Ma Zi Ye also came to this realization. It was true, back when they were battling with the Single Eyed Zombie King, the clamor they made was quite loud and the two people had probably followed them and saw the chance as they silently stole six bags of food. By their estimates, Su Yu and the others were probably dead and had returned to take the remaining food but did not expect to meet with Su Yu and the others.

After analysing the situation, the information that they were living in a cave not far away was quite believable.

Ma Zi Ye had spoken her piece and the expressions on the faces of the foreigners seemed unnatural as York hurriedly explained: “Sorry, I thought that you guys had perished and these food were ownerless. Since all of you are alright, I can return the food to all of you.”

Who knew that York would actually say such nice things? The group was dazed, Su Yu did not mind losing the six bags of food and if they could use them to gain two strong people to join their group, this would surely be a beneficial exchange. It was only a question of whether these two foreigners were dependable. Why were they living in a cave and not trying to find an exit out of this forest?

These were all uncertainties but if they wanted to find out it would certainly be quite easy, thinking of this, Su Yu informed Ma Zi Ye of his intentions and allowed her to translate.

“Why were you guys living in the cave but not trying to get out of the forest? Are there other people in the cave besides the two of you? Are you willing to follow us to try and find a way out of this forest? We’re currently looking for an exit, hoping to leave this area.”

York heard Ma Zi Ye’s questions and immediately smiled as he answered: “Willing, of course we’re willing. There’s only the two of us and the forest is simply too dangerous. We don’t dare to recklessly run about and could only stay in this area. We’re more familiar with this area and there aren’t too many strong monsters here. We’ve always been waiting for other groups and being able to meet you is simply wonderful.”

Jennifer who was by his side also smiled, as though she approved of joining Su Yu’s group.

Ma Zi Ye heard their words and also smiled. She had a faint feeling that this couple was not that simple, otherwise, they would not dare to run around at night. She was afraid that their strengths could even exceed her own.

After a simple discussion, this couple appeared very amiable, making Ma Zi Ye and the others relax their guard against them as they brought them up the slope and introduced Lei Rui, Jade and the others to them.

This couple seemed very friendly as they smiled and nodded at each person, however, no one noticed that on the back of York’s hand, a faint flashing light could barely be seen, inspecting the information of each person. When he noticed that besides Su Yu, there were no other people who were strong, to the extent that there were some who had not even reached tier one, York’s face which was covered with a beard seemed to become even more happy.

“How long have the two of you been in this forest?” Su Yu suddenly asked.

Ma Zi Ye swiftly translated it into english and repeated the words.

York stared blankly before turning his head to look at Ma Zi Ye and finally showing a bitter smile: “It’s almost been a month, every day seems like living in hell and we are people who have been forsaken by god.”

“This place isn’t safe, everyone follow us. Let’s go to our cave and rest, that area is much better.” Jennifer continued with a face full of warmth.

“Alright, have you guys been staying in that cave for almost a month? Is there an area there to take a bath?” Jade’s english was rather good and hurriedly spoke in english to ask a few questions.

Jennifer seemed stunned as her eyes wandered before answering: “There is a stream by the side which allows us to bathe.”

Jade shouted in glee but when Su Yu heard these words, his heart shivered as his eyes moved slightly and glanced at the couple.

Their bodies had the thick smell of blood and sweat, much thicker than the ones on their body. If there was really a stream by their cave which allowed them to bathe, why would the smell be so strong? It was clear that her words were merely lies to Jade, the question was, why would she lie? The only reason would be that she was afraid the group would not follow them to the cave and had thus replied in this manner saying that there was a stream by the cave which would allow them to take a bath. To Jade and the girls, an area that could allow them to bathe was a very tempting proposition.

Su Yu had just thought of this when Lei Rui suddenly whispered from the side: “Su Yu.” before walking beside him and continuing: “Su Yu, this female foreigner must be lying, look at her, it’s clear that she hasn’t taken a bath for days. She claims that there is a stream by the cave that we can bathe in, that must be a lie.”

Su Yu looked at Lei Rui and praised in his heart that she was quick witted. The two foreigners clearly did not understand mandarin, although they could see Lei Rui and Su Yu conversing, they did not know what the two were discussing about.

Su Yu had a smile on his face as he nodded his head in a friendly manner towards them. He did not leak an ounce of suspicion on his face as he softly said: “Let’s be careful, I don’t know why they’re lying but…… it seems that we can’t trust these two people.”

Su Yu looked at the floor which was covered with bags of food and thought that these two people must have plans. If the couple wanted to mount a sneak attack on them, could it be for these food?

No, they were normal people. They should know that by joining the group, everyone would have a better chance of finding an exit. Otherwise, even if they killed the entire group and obtained all the food, merely eating without doing anything else the food would surely deplete. In that case, what were they thinking? Why would Jennifer lie to Jade, did they have any ill intentions?

Su Yu continued to contemplate on this matter, he was unsure if the couple had any ill intentions but his wariness of them had increased. Jade was elated as she picked up the bags from the floor and shouted: “Everyone let’s go, there’s a place for us to bathe.”

Su Yu noticed a happy expression flash across the couples face and his mind churned before saying: “It’s already too dark, let’s wait for morning before heading over.”

Jade was a bit unhappy but when Su Yu glanced at her, she did not say anything and placed the bag of food back onto the floor.

Jennifer noticed that they had placed the bags back to the ground and asked amazedly in english: “What’s wrong? Not going anymore?”

Ma Zi Ye spoke in english to explain: “The sky is already dark, let’s wait for tomorrow morning before heading over. It seems like the sky will become bright soon anyway.”

“Oh…….” Jennifer answered but a disappointed expression could be seen on her face as York laughed: “This is fine, everyone let’s wait for morning.” As he said this, he walked towards Su Yu and continued: “Do the few of you have cigarettes? Since coming to this forest, the thing that’s hardest to beat is that there aren’t cigarettes.”

Ma Zi Ye who was by the side helped translate what he said.

“I have some.” Zhang Zhong Mou took a packet of cigarettes from his bosom and threw it to him: “For you.” His bag of food still had other cigarettes and he was not that distressed over a packet of cigarettes.

York took a stick out and placed it in his mouth, a look of elation appeared on his face as he walked up to Su Yu and asked: “Do you have a lighter?”

Although Su Yu’s english was rather bad, he could understand simple words and had understood what York was asking. He shook his head and was about to reply when York suddenly smashed towards the back of Su Yu’s head.

The distance between the two was rather close and York had suddenly attacked, the people in the surroundings did not understand what was going on and York’s fist had already reached the back of Su Yu’s head.

This fist was simply too fast and as York threw his fist out, thick black fur covered his hand, by the time it reached the back of Su Yu’s head, his right arm had already thoroughly swelled into a big arm, this huge arm was covered in black fur, each strand of hair was like steel thorns, from a glance it seemed like an enormous cactus.

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