KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 78

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Chapter 78: The Strong Collide

York had suddenly attacked and his huge right arm that had a striking resemblance to a enormous cactus came sweeping down and almost smacked into the back of Su Yu’s head while Su Yu suddenly lifted his left arm as black scales appeared and staved off the attack.

York’s sneak attack was sudden and no one had expected it besides Su Yu. He was not frantic as he blocked and said a word in english ‘Why?’.

Su Yu did not understand why York had attacked, was it really just for food?

He had long been wary of York and the attack from the other party had been within his expectations.

“I only desire to kill all of you!” York’s reply was like a roar as the strange arm that was like a cactus suddenly emitted ‘Chi Chi Chi’ noises, the steel thorns actually shot outwards.

This was unexpected and Su Yu was immediately struck head on, his entire body felt stinging pain and at over ten of the steel thorns had struck him. At the same time, Su Yu had activated his ‘Rending Storm’.

The arms of both parties were still tangled together when York suddenly activated his ability, sending forth the steel thorns. Su Yu was unable to avoid them but he managed to activate the ‘Rending Storm’ which York also fully received.

Black scales gathered together and a frightening force exploded forth, the qi waves swirled and erupted, forming a vortex of vapors, York wildly yelled as the Rending Storm heavily smashed into his chest.

Although York’s chest was already covered in a layer of uneven dark green swollen skin which was covered in steel thorns, it could not defend against the tearing might of the frightening ‘Rending Storm’.

Bits and pieces of the dark green swollen skin was torn open as fresh blood spewed forth like a fountain, the huge body of York was sent flying away.

York groaned as he tumbled to the ground. Su Yu stepped forward and wanted to pounce but suddenly felt that the areas which had been pierced were painful and swollen, to the extent that they even felt numb. It felt as though if he were to move, the piercing pain would act up and the steel thorns within his body would actually move inwards to invade into the other areas of his body.

The two people were tier three dark iron warriors and in a single exchange, both parties had been rendered severely injured.The people all around were dazed and had not recovered from their shock when Jennifer suddenly pounced, her left leg flying as it went towards Su Yu.

Amongst the people in the group, only Su Yu could threaten them. As long as they got rid of Su Yu, the others would not be a problem.

Jennifer was already a tier two dark iron warrior, she saw that her husband and Su Yu had actually severely injured each other and in her shock, she did not think further and pounced towards Su Yu.

Her strange energy was within her left leg and while this kick was in motion, it transformed and was covered in feathers that were like steel thorns. This very leg had evolved to possess one short and three long hooks, simply monster-like claws. Once this claw was sent forth, it could dig out Su Yu’s heart and gouge out his lungs.

“NO!” York held his ruptured chest as he struggled to lift his head, suddenly yelling as he tried to stop Jennifer because he knew how frightening Su Yu was.

It was too late, Su Yu saw Jennifer’s strange claw striking towards him and in this life and death situation, he bore through the piercing pain as his left arm stretched forth as the ‘Fang Bullet Burst’ shot forth.

“Pa! Pa! Pa!”

Jennifer who was pouncing over miserably shrieked, she had been struck and several bloody holes appeared on her body. As for Su Yu, he had already strode forward and his ‘Rending Storm’ shot forward, from top to bottom, the black scale covered hand had dense white mist being emitted causing this fist to seem like a cannon as it swiped down.

A fist smashed heavily onto Jennifer’s left leg which was flying over, a second propulsion of white mist was emitted as the ‘Rending Storm’ exploded out, ‘Crack! Crack!’ sounds of bone breaking and flesh being grinded could be heard as the transformed left leg of Jennifer was turned into mincemeat.

“Aaahhh!” Jennifer hugged the remains of her left leg as she screamed and fell to the ground, tossing and turning as she almost fainted from the pain.

At this moment, the others finally reacted as they ran forward.

York saw that Jennifer’s left leg was thoroughly minced and roared, ignored the frightening hole in his chest as he climbed up and pounced towards Su Yu.

“No, York, run!” Jennifer who was lying on the ground in pain managed to see York pouncing towards Su Yu as she suddenly yelled, she finally knew how strong Su Yu was and York’s chest was almost totally pierced through, he simply had no way to go against Su Yu.

“No, Jennifer, you run! The kids need you!” York wildly screamed as all the strange energy within his body surged, the ruptured chest healed at a speed which the naked eye could see, his right arm grew even bigger and suddenly shot forth innumerable amounts of steel thorns.

“Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu!” sounds continually rang out.

Su Yu’s chest was already covered in black scales, he wanted to dodge but did not have the strength to do so, he could only use his left arm to shield his face while his body was once again pierced by the steel thorns. Besides the areas which were protected by the black scales, all the other areas were pierced through and the numb and pain grew more intense, as he stood there it was difficult for him to move a single muscle.

“Die!” York roared as he rushed up, his frightening right arm had steel thorns on it again and was like a hedgehog as it struck towards Su Yu.

Ma Zi Ye who was by the side noticed that Su Yu’s situation was perilous and immediately activated the ‘Web of Metal’. It was too slow and Su Yu still received a damaging blow, the two people flew away as they tumbled on the ground.

Su Yu wanted to attack with the ‘Rending Storm’ to mince York’s body but his entire body had lost all feeling and he could not even lift his arm.

York realised that his steel thorns had finally taken effect and had a ferocious smile as he lifted his right arm, attempting to hammer down on Su Yu’s head.

“Stop! Otherwise I’ll kill her!” Ma Zi Ye suddenly shouted in english before the sound of Jennifer miserably shrieking could be heard.

York trembled as he turned back, Ma Zi Ye was currently stepping on Jennifer’s face with her right foot and if Ma Zi Ye exerted force with this right leg that contained strange energy, a single stomp would cause the head to explode.

“Don’t care about me! The kids!” Jennifer screamed.

York’s expression changed as he wildly yelled, actually lifting his right arm again and smashed towards Su Yu’s head.

This moment of pause was sufficient for Zhang Zhong Mou and Zhao Shi Chang to pounce silently from two sides.

Zhang Zhong Mou’s “Rock Head Cannon Pulveriser” heavily smashed into York’s back.


York groaned as he fell headfirst past Su Yu.

Zhao Shi Chang’s bone knife swept and also landed on York’s back at almost the same instant, he then dragged it as blood splattered out, an inch deep frightening wound was carved onto York’s back.

Ma Zi Ye saw that York actually ignored Jennifer’s safety and shouted in her anger as she stomped, although she did not stomp on Jennifer’s head she thoroughly broke her left arm.

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