KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 79

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Chapter 79: Removing the Needles

Jennifer let out a miserable cry, her strange energy was all within her left leg and now that the entire left leg had been shredded by Su Yu, all the strange energy in her body could be said to be crippled. Her left leg was losing large amounts of blood and her left arm was broken as she screamed before fainting.

York’s turned around and he angrily howled, turning back he saw Jennifer’s motionless body and also Ma Zi Ye, Zhang Zhong Mou, Zhao Shi Chang as well as Zhou Bi Rong and the others had all gathered round and he suddenly understood that with his grave injuries there was no way to win.

After a wild shout, contrary to the group’s expectations, he actually left Jennifer lying there and frantically ran away.

The group was dumbfounded and wanted to chase but even though York was injured, his speed of running was much faster than them and had swiftly disappeared into the distance.

“Don’t chase……” Su Yu who was on the ground struggled to shout, all the strange energy within his body was surging and colliding, the steel thorns that were in his body were slowly being forced out.

“Help me……. Remove the needles…..” Su Yu used all his energy to say these few words.

Zhang Zhong Mou and the others came to their senses as they helped Su Yu remove his clothing. As for Su Yu, the black scales on his body receded and the group could clearly see his skin, black dots were constantly emerging out from all over his body, these were the steel thorns that had been pushed out of his body with his strange energy, it was only that the speed of pushing the thorns out with merely his strange energy was too slow.

Zhang Zhong Mou wanted to help Su Yu but was pushed aside by Ma Zi Ye.

“Move aside, let me help him. You males are so clumsy it simply won’t do.” Ma Zi Ye said this as she crouched beside him, taking a torchlight out as she carefully shone it on Su Yu’s body, whenever she saw a steel needle she would stretch forth her delicate hand as she earnestly helped Su Yu pluck the black steel needles out.

Each time a steel thorn was plucked, Su Yu would sigh in relief as the pain on his face gradually lessened.

After over ten of the steel needles had been plucked out, Su Yu slowly regained his breath and said: “It’s okay, let me do the rest on my own.”

Ma Zi Ye was distracted as she said: “What’s the matter? Isn’t it the same if I help you?”

Su Yu’s face was seemed constipated and Zhang Zhong Mou immediately understood as he shouted: “The remaining steel thorns are all at his lower body, lady Ma would you like to assist?”

“Ah?” Ma Zi Ye was stunned and her face immediately became beet red as she viciously glared at Zhang Zhong Mou before passing the torchlight over to Su Yu as she turned and said: “Zhang Zhong Mou you scoundrel.”

“Lady instant noodles, I’m only saying the facts. Eh, when did I become a scoundrel? The real scoundrel already became a gentleman.” Zhang Zhong Mou felt wronged.

Su Yu turned around as he used the torchlight to slowly pull out the steel thorns, these steel thorns had all pierced into a place where the sun doesn’t shine, making him scold York in his heart again and again.

Jade was looking at Su Yu then at Ma Zi Ye as she suddenly spoke up: “Ma Zi Ye, you like Su Yu, right?” Her words were very direct and Su Yu who was in the midst of plucking a steel thorn from his family jewels suddenly trembled, groaning as he pulled the needle out, causing him to moan in pain. Jade this lass, her words were really shocking.

Ma Zi Ye was also stunned and glanced at Jade before laughing: “What are you talking about, I like everyone. I treat you in the same way too.” Laughing as she awkwardly changed the topic.

Su Yu removed the final needle from his body and took a sigh of relief as he stood up.

“Are you okay?” Zhang Zhong Mou asked with concern.

Su Yu sighed: “Oh yea, did that Jennifer run away as well?”

Ma Zi Ye lightly harrumphed as she pointed: “Isn’t she still lying there? Seems like she has fainted. This couple is simply too abominable.”

Su Yu walked over as he suddenly stretched his hand and placed it under Jennifer’s nose, paused for a while before continuing: “She’s dead.”

Ma Zi Ye made a sound “Ah!” as she hurriedly rushed over to check, indeed she was no longer breathing.

Su Yu looking at Jennifer’s shredded left leg and said: “She lost too much blood and died, it seems that if the area where the strange energy is stored gets destroyed, the strange energy will disappear as well, otherwise, she would not have died so easily.

Towards Jennifer’s death she did not have too much sympathy, after all, the couple had brought this to themselves.

“I don’t understand, why would this couple suddenly attack us? Could it be they wanted to take our food? I really don’t understand, normally people would know that if we form teams, the safety would be much greater than with merely two people. Why would they act like this?”

Su Yu did not understand and Zhao Shi Chang offered: “Maybe those two fellows were crazy, no, killing maniacs and they did not need a reason to kill people. Su Yu, don’t try to understand it, we will never be able to understand maniacs.”

Su Yu shook his head, Qin Jia Gui who was lying on the ground held his chest as he slowly got up, after such a long amount of time, the wound at his chest region had continually been healing and at this moment he already had the ability to climb up on his own.

“The most important question is…… that York…… his wife has been killed by us, will he come back to take revenge? A gun in the open is easy to dodge but an arrow in the dark is difficult to guard against, in this current environment, if he wishes to mount a sneak attack on us it would be too easy. There are too many opportunities. Su Yu, if I haven’t guessed wrong, that York should be at the same tier as you right.”

Su Yu answered: “He is a tier three dark iron warrior, his wife Jennifer is a tier two dark iron warrior. If he really wishes to seek revenge, it would indeed be troublesome.”

Li Dong immediately stood up as he said: “If that’s the case, what are we waiting for? We should take the chance while he is still heavily injured to get rid of all possible threats.”

Zhou Hua Kang hurriedly nodded as he agreed.

Zhang Zhong Mou continued: “That’s right, if he lives we perish, damn, we had good intentions to invite them to join our group. If they weren’t willing it was fine but they actually tried to kill us. These two fellows, even if they died they would deserve it. Foreigners are really such stupid swines.”

Ma Zi Ye glared at him as she reprimanded: “You’re too discriminatory, there are good foreigners as well. In our country there are also bad people, like you an old cigarette addict, didn’t you sneak into our group even though you were a bad person.”

Zhang Zhong Mou looked over at Ma Zi Ye in dismay.

Su Yu tousled his hair and spoke up: “The sky will be bright soon, let’s wait till morning before continuing our discussion.” He was already suspecting that York had a stronger form of the ‘Eye of Perception’ like the ‘Eye of Divinity’, otherwise, he would not be able to move around so easily at night and actually choose to attack him first. York must have seen the data on everyone and realised that he was the only tier three dark iron warrior, once he took care of Su Yu the others would not be difficult to deal with.

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