KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: The Strength of Ma Zi Ye

Within the forest, tall trees reached to the sky, their branches and leaves were thick as they shrouded the sunlight, causing the entire area to seem very dark.

The sky was covered densely with clouds, a depressing atmosphere and an unspeakable oppressiveness overcame them. In the gaps of the trunks of each and every large tree were even taller weeds and shrubs of all sorts that were at least the height of humans.

Su Yu, Zhang Zhong Mou, Qin Jia Gui, Ning Yan, Ma Zi Ye and the other people held their weapons as they forced their way through the thick vegetation, painstakingly moving into the depths of the forest. They had only gone forward a few hundred metres when sounds of “shuffling” could be heard in their surroundings.

Su Yu and the group immediately halted their steps as from the surrounding weeds that were as tall as humans, appeared a group of green monsters that surrounded them in no time.

“Aaahh!” Someone lost their composure as they screamed, the thirty people felt their hearts palpitate. With so many of the green monsters, anyone would be frightened.

From a glance, Su Yu could tell that there were over ten of these green monsters and the monsters did not give them any time to formulate a plan as they let out shrill cries and attacked from all sides.

“There are only fifteen of them, half our numbers. There’s nothing to be afraid of.” Suddenly, a girl’s indifferent voice could be heard. Thereafter, Su Yu saw Ma Zi Ye who was from the department of foreign languages rush forward first.

Of the twelve special energy users besides Su Yu, Ma Zi Ye had killed the most green monsters. It was said that her family had opened a martial arts dojo and her martial arts skills were quite considerable.

Su Yu saw her shooting forward like an arrow, her stance was very different from a normal person’s movements.

Without much time to consider, the green monsters were already upon them. Under the dire circumstances, Su Yu could only ignore the burning pain in his shoulder as he wielded his club and swung it towards one of the green monsters.

On the back of his hand, four black scales appeared and the strange energy within his left hand surged. Su Yu’s current strength was now close to four times that of a normal green monster and this club that struck forth immediately slammed into the attacking green monster for well over ten steps back before it fell on its butt to the ground.

Even the green monster which was rather dim witted with its ugly face currently showed an expression of astonishment.


From another side, two miserable shrieks could be heard and Su Yu could not resist to look over. Two people were planted on the ground, their bodies were being bashed by wooden clubs as flesh and blood flew about, it was unlikely that they would live.

Qin Jia Gui yelled loudly as his hands gripped the wooden club tightly as he swung it and smacked a green monster.


Both sides flew back as their strengths were similarly matched.

Another tall bloke saw the opportunity and used a club to viciously bash the back of the green monsters head.

The green monster shrieked in pain as it retaliated by doing a backhand sweep as it smashed the club into the fellow.

This tall and big bloke was the school’s sports teacher and he was fit but after suffering from the green creature’s blow, his sternum broke as his chest caved inwards, blood could be seen flowing from his mouth, nose and ears.

He opened his mouth and backed away several steps as he seemed like he wanted to say something but before he could do so, another green monster slammed a wooden club to the back of his head as blood and brain matter flew everywhere, killing him instantly.
Su Yu had just taken care of one of the green monsters when he turned his head to see this gruesome scene. His heart felt miserable.

This was the sports teacher that had always taught them and he had a very charming personality and always joked with the guys without any airs of a teacher. Although the two could not be considered as having a close relationship, they were very familiar with each other.

Seeing him die such a gruesome death, Su Yu instinctively stepped forward and used his club to madly pummel at the green monster.

The green monster brandished his club to block but did not expect that its own club would actually be knocked out of its hands and thereafter Su Yu continued to rain down blows on its head and body as it died in a more gruesome manner than the sports teacher.

The other green monster that had been knocked into the air by Su Yu was struggling to get back up but had been surrounded by two students holding baseball bats and even though these two people did not have any strange energy within them, they madly swung their baseball bats at the fallen green monster as green juices sprayed and it was a only a short while before one of the students looked at his right hand and saw a strange black speck appear on the back of his hand.

The green monster on the ground had already been smashed to death by the two of them and the final killing blow belonged to this particular student. The black crystal from the green monster’s body had then been absorbed by his right hand and this student had also become one of the special energy users.

Fresh blood was flying everywhere as miserable shrieks continued to resound, these sounds were from both students and teachers alike as well as the green monsters as they engaged in this bloody battle. People and green monsters continued to fall to the ground.

Qin Jia Gui suddenly shouted madly as the wooden club in his hand collided with that of a green monster and both clubs flew into the air as their two bodies met head-on.

“Die!” Qin Jia Gui exclaimed as his right arm wrapped around the green monsters neck in a stranglehold while the green monsters claws ripped into his chest causing fresh blood to flow as he loudly howled.

The strange energy in his right arm began to surge as his strength became greater and greater and finally with a “Crack!” the green monster’s neck had finally been snapped.

Another green monster was smashed by Su Yu as it flew through the air like a withered grass. From the day before, till now, more than ten of these green monsters had been killed by Su Yu and he was slowly gaining experience on how to deal with these monsters.

He now had several times the strength of these green monsters and these fearsome group of green monsters suddenly seemed weak to Su Yu.

On the back of his left hand, the fifth black scale had already appeared and half of the fifteen green monsters were already dead. Su Yu’s wooden club continued to strike and collided with the club of another green monster, utilising his strength that was now several times that of the green monster, he easily caused the web between the thumb and forefinger of the green monster to tear resulting in the wooden club flying away as he rushed forward at the retreating enemy and struck again, causing the enemy’s head to split apart as blood and brain matter burst out.

These series of actions took barely one to two seconds of work and a green monster had already been eliminated.

Unknowingly, the others stopped their actions as they all stared at Su Yu who had his right arm in a cast before his chest while he used a single left hand to rush into the pack of green monsters and seemed to be a tiger amongst sheep as he slaughtered.

A delicate shout roused the attention of the group as they saw Ma Zi Ye sweep her leg and kick towards the green monster’s body. The strength behind this leg was extremely terrifying as the green monster shrieked and its body heavily tumbled away.

Qin Jia Gui had just snapped the neck of a green monster and felt the strange energy within his right arm grow even stronger. On the back of his right hand, the piece of scale that had an iron-like scale lustre became the size of a fingernail and after seeing Ma Zi Ye’s performance he muttered: “So her strange energy gathers to her right leg……”

How the scales look like


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  1. So the author make the mc idiot

    Obviously the energy will gather depend on what part of your body used.
    So how about trying to use the other right arm?when the enemy is dying and can’t fight Or both feet to see if I am correct. The student obviously didn’t think of that.

  2. The people who are above level 2 (assuming 1 scale = 1 level) should aim to cripple the goblins rather than killing them. That way, the level 0-1 people can power up. The group as a whole will have much better odds if everyone can at least 1v1 a goblin.

  3. thanks for the chapters

    I do have some concerns about the powerscaling.

    those goblins were alot stronger than humans to begin with and after a few kills he is already 4 times ( or even more) as strong as them

    yes I know he says its slowing down, but thats still some pretty freaky power curve.
    lets say a goblin was twice as strong as a human he, who is now at minimum 4times stronger then a goblin, would have a right arm thats 8x times a strong as a normal humans

    if he is like that after a few goblins then we’ll end up at mountain destroying superpunches once he kills some real monsters

  4. I swear these scales will let them transform into demonic animals or demons or Cthulhu something… Mythical beings/animals?

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