KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 80

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Chapter 80: Burying Corpses

These two foreigners had not been able to tell that he had long become suspicious of them and when York had slowly made his way closer, Su Yu had prepared himself and was watching York’s every movement. This was why the sneak attack had not been successful but who knew that York’s ability would actually be sending forth steel thorns to strike, without any way to predict this he had no way to completely dodge. The only weakness of this attack was that its might was rather small and although the steel thorns affected Su Yu, it was insufficient to kill him.

It was currently the period of time just before dawn where it was darkest and if York really had the ‘Eye of Divinity’ which allowed him to see in the night, thus if the group attempted to chase him now they would likely incur losses.

Qin Jia Gui responded: “That’s right, everyone let’s sit together and pay attention. The sky is going to be bright soon and we can discuss what our next course of action is. That York is simple too dangerous to us, does everyone remember the incident with the Bloody Ape Dog? That monster with a low intellect had followed us and threatened us, as for this York he is a human who is much smarter than a Bloody Ape Dog, his threat is really too great.”

The group piled the food in the centre before sitting around it with their backs facing to the food as they sternly kept watch. They were very wary and afraid that he would suddenly appear and attack them.

Su Yu’s prowess were known by the group but he had fallen to York’s attack. As for York, he was still able to escape from the group with his severe injuries and this further accentuated how frightening York was.

With this amount of time, Su Yu, Zhang Zhong Mou, Zhao Shi Chang and the others dug a big hole in the ground.

Zhou Bi Rong personally lifted Ding Shan’s corpse as she slowly placed her within the hole, sadly sighing as she used her hands to lift the dirt beside the hole and slowly covered her corpse.

“Sleep well, maybe when you wake up everything will be back to normal, everything that is happening now is merely a bad dream……” Zhou Bi Rong softly muttered.

Su Yu looked at Jennifer’s corpse which was by the side and thought for awhile before going over to lift the corpse and placed it beside Ding Shan’s body.

“Whether it be friend or foe, after death…… hopefully the two of you can peacefully get along……” Su Yu silently said this in his heart before lifting the metal spade and began to cover the hole with the dirt by the side.

Zhang Zhong Mou, Zhao Shi Chang and the others also went forward to help, swiftly burying the bodies of Ding Shan and Jennifer.

Once everything was settled, Su Yu had just sat on the ground when he suddenly had a feeling and leapt up, without a word he suddenly pounced as the black scales appeared on his left arm.

Su Yu pounced towards the wild grass which was emitting rustling sounds and the others noticed a black figure that suddenly turned and ran away frantically.

“It’s York!” Li Dong shouted in alarm.

Ma Zi Ye also stood up and said: “Who would have thought that he would leave and return so quickly?”

Qin Jia Gui held his chest as he shouted with all his strength: “Su Yu…… Don’t chase……”

Su Yu’s blow missed and the ‘Rending Storm’ smashed into the wild grass, “whoosh” as a large patch of grass was destroyed. Looking at the figure of York which was swiftly running away, Su Yu wanted to chase but suddenly heard Qin Jia Gui’s hoarse shout. This made Su Yu come to his senses as he immediately turned to return.

Within this dark and dense forest, it was not a certainty that he would be able to catch up to York. Even if he did, it was difficult to say if he would win and most importantly, if Su Yu were to get lost, matters would become very disastrous.

Qin Jia Gui had thought of this and immediately called out to Su Yu, Su Yu also thought of this and did not continue chasing.

Su Yu walked back as he recalled the image of York’s eyes which were filled with hatred, those eyes were staring at Su Yu and made shivers go down his spine.

“It’s too dangerous, this fellow must be gotten rid of.” Su Yu suddenly stopped before the group as he tousled his hair, there was no expression on his face and in the darkness his expression even seemed sinister.

“If we don’t kill him, we’ll die to him sooner or later.” Su Yu’s voice was heavy and it coldly rang in the ears of all the people. In the darkness, his eyes seemed to glow with a strange light, like those of a hungry wolf.

Whether it be for himself or the group before him, the threat that York posed to them was simply too large and for self preservation, they had to kill York, otherwise, he would kill off all of them.

Zhang Zhong Mou suddenly shouted: “The problem is, this York isn’t a fool, he won’t just wait patiently for us to kill him. How are we going to find him?”

Qin Jia Gui held his chest as he coughed before continuing: “That’s right, earlier Su Yu had already scared him away. I’m afraid he’s going to be even more cautious from now on…… this fellow saw the death of his own wife and her burial but was able to watch silently by the side without making a sound, this type of person is simply too frightening.”

York was actually a tier three dark iron warrior like Su Yu and Qin Jia Gui felt shivers down his spine, he was merely a tier one dark iron warrior and would not be able to withstand a single blow from York.

Su Yu touched the Earth Spikes Ring on his finger as he mumbled: “It’s a pity….. If I could activate the ‘Earth Spikes Assault’, York would not have been able to get away.”

“If we can’t find him, could it be that we have to wait for him to come find us?” Zhou Shi Chang thought of this problem and his voice became weird.

Su Yu scratched his head while Qin Jia Gui held his chest, the group all sunk into deep thought.

Suddenly, Lei Rui spoke up: “Everyone still remembers that the couple mentioned they were living in a cave not far away right?”

Zhang Zhong Mou scoffed: “Those two fellows were lying to us, class president Lei, you couldn’t have believed them right?”

“Zhang Zhong Mou.” Lei Rui glanced over at him as she continued: “If they were not staying nearby, where did the six bags of food they took go? The second time they actually returned empty handed.”

Zhang Zhong Mou was stunned as he rubbed his face: “This….. maybe……”

Su Yu immediately understood as he looked at Lei Rui with a smile on his face: “That’s right, Lei Rui’s deduction isn’t wrong, this couple must be living nearby. In that case, we will search the surrounding area when it gets bright. Who knows what we may find.”

Qin Jia Gui acknowledged: “This York is simply too great a threat, if we don’t get rid of this threat, we may all slowly die in his hands.”

As the group discussed, the sky gradually grew bright as a new dawn finally arrived.

Many events occurred this night and as the surroundings gradually became brighter, the group finally let out a sigh of relief. Qin Jia Gui’s girlfriend Yuan Ni Ping wanted to help him stand up but he gently pushed her away as he got up on his own. Gently moving his arms, the heavy injuries he had suffered were mostly healed and as he rubbed his chest, a satisfied expression appeared on Qin Jia Gui’s face. With this rate of recovery, he would be fully recovered in barely a day.

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