KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 81

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Chapter 81: Looking for York

“Su Yu, which direction should we go to look for York? Ma Zi Ye lifted two bags off the floor as she asked Su Yu.

A contemplative look appeared on Su Yu’s face as his eyes gazed toward the direction where York had run away to the previous night, by the side Zhou Bi Rong suddenly spoke up: “I have a way to follow the rough trail he used to run away.”

Zhao Shi Chang’s eyes lit up as he hurriedly said: “For real?”

Zhou Bi Rong glanced at him: “Do you think that I’m a policewoman for nothing?”

The death of Ding Shan the previous night had been a big blow to Zhou Bi Rong but she did not become depressed, rather, she returned to being a strong and resourceful police woman. Because of the need to look after Ding Shan, Zhou Bi Ring had always stood by her side to protect her and did not speak out much, thus not attracting too much attention.

As a policewoman, Zhou Bi Rong was actually rather strong willed and with the death of Ding Shan, she was extremely angry to the extent that she actually wanted to fight the three Metal chains Zombies. Although she was rash, this still required plenty of courage.

At this moment she had walked forward and scouted the path based on the trail left behind as York fled. To Su Yu and the others there may not be anything special about the route but to her seasoned police eyes, there was a clear distinction.

“Over here, I’ll lead the way.” Zhou Bi Rong only looked around for a bit before pointing out a direction and she began to lead the group.

Zhang Zhong Mou could not hold his curiosity as he asked: “Big police officer Zhou, can you really tell? I don’t see any difference. Are police officers really so awesome?” simply suspicious.

Zhou Bi Rong heard his words and a look of reminiscing appeared on her face: “My dad has been a criminal investigator for tens of years, since young I’ve learnt many skills and tricks from him and my ambition is actually to become an outstanding criminal investigator. It’s a pity that reality and dreams are far apart, I only became a policewoman……” A faint smile was on her face as she said with confidence: “Rest easy, I still have some confidence in my tracking skills.”

Su Yu looked at Zhou Bi Rong who was before him and suddenly understood, when Ding Shan was alive, the motherly instincts in Zhou Bi Rong had been ignited, making her seem like a gentle and caring mother. Now that Ding Shan was dead, she had returned to her usual self as a shrewd policewoman, she exuded enthusiasm and her entire person seemed to have changed.

Woman really were the most fickle-minded creatures in the world.

Su Yu thought to himself as he picked up two bags and followed Zhou Bi Rong. The others also set out as Yuan Ni Ping attempted to support Qin Jia Gui but he shook his head and expressed that he could walk alone.

“If we meet with that York, Su Yu you will be in-charge of blocking him while Ma Zi Ye you will take the chance to use the ‘Web of Metal’ to trap him. By then we will all rush forward and even if he has three heads and six arms, he will still be unable to manage.”

Along the way, the group swiftly came up with a plan to deal with York. Only Su Yu could tangle with York and Ma Zi Ye only needed to easily use her ‘Web of Metal’ to trap York, thereafter, Zhao Shi Chang, Zhang Zhong Mou and the others would act together together with Su Yu, even if York was powerful he would still die.

Zhou Bi Rong brought the group along the path which York had fled in and after walking for half a mile, she suddenly stopped as she carefully inspected the ground before turning left.

“This York suddenly made a turn here, I think his dwelling should be close by.” Zhou Bi Rong had a stern face as she whispered.

Hearing Zhou Bi Rong say this, Qin Jia Gui hurriedly added: “Everyone be careful, this York is a tier three dark iron warrior and is as strong as Su Yu.”

Zhao Shi Chang continued: “If we really do meet with that fellow, Qin Jia Gui, you stay behind with the rest of the females. Don’t go forward, leave him to us to handle.”

Qin Jia Gui nodded, the injuries on his body had not fully healed and although he could walk, he did not have enough strength to attack.

The group increased their vigilance as they constantly looked around in all directions, hoping to spot York early on and get rid of this threat.

Suddenly, Zhou Bi Rong who was leading the way stopped as she whispered: “Look.”

Su Yu who was following closely behind her shifted the leaves before him and saw that roughly thirty odd metres away, between the large trees, there was a cave that was about as tall as a man. Before the cave were humongous boulders which almost covered the entirety of the cave.

Even Su Yu who did not have much experience could clearly sense that the wild grass before the cave had been trodden on by man or animal and the markings were evident.

Zhou Bi Rong continued in a low voice: “The ground here is disheveled and the traces of York lead to that area, the cave that is currently covered by boulders should be where they’re temporarily living.”

Zhou Bi Rong shared her deduction while Zhang Zhong Mou refuted: “Police officer Zhou, this may not be the case, who knows? Maybe that cave is the dwelling of some frightening monster.”

Zhou Bi Rong frowned while Jade suddenly said in a curious voice: “Everyone look, that pile of stones seems quite interesting.”

Su Yu turned to look and noticed that ten odd metres away, there was a pile of stones and this pile of stones was clearly not natural but rather man-made.

“Eh? It is indeed quite weird.” Zhang Zhong Mou also felt curiously as he silently headed to the pile of rocks. Jade followed closely behind and the few of them neared the pile of rocks. There was a strange smell in the air as they stretched their heads to see, they noticed that the stone pile was hollow and was piled over one metre high in a circular shape. It was only that the floor within was littered with filthy objects.

“Pooh!” Jade saw it and immediately retreated as she made more spitting noises, revealing a gloomy face.

Su Yu frowned as he softly asked: “What’s the matter?”

Zhang Zhong Mou had a bitter smile as he softly answered: “Damn, so unlucky, this stone pile is a temporary toilet, there’s only feces within.”

“The feces of humans.” Zhang Zhong Mou added.

As Zhang Zhong Mou said this, the group took a deep breath. It was almost confirmed that the couple York and Jennifer had stayed within the cave and this temporary toilet was made by them.

Since it was confirmed, Su Yu, Ma Zi Ye, Zhao Shi Chang, Zhou Bi Rong and the others continued silently through the wild grass as they ventured forth.

Based on the plan, once York was discovered, Su Yu would rush up to tangle with him while Ma Zi Ye would activate the ‘Web of Metal’ to trap him, thereafter the group would work together to kill him.

The group were worried of startling York, causing him to run and thus softened their footsteps as they silently made their way forward, reaching within twenty metres of the cave in no time.

“Aaahhh!” Suddenly Zhao Shi Chang yelled, things happened too suddenly and the group was shocked, at the same time, Su Yu groaned as he used his left arm to block protect his head.


A sharp log flew and knocked into Su Yu’s chest, the force was immense and immediately sent him sprawling.

It was fortunate that Su Yu had already circulated his strange energy and black scales were protecting his chest area. Otherwise, the sharp log that had knocked into him, with its speed and power, would have easily pierced through his chest. If he did not die he would also have been severely injured.

“What’s going on?” Qin Jia Gui, Jade, Li Dong and the few others who were hiding in the forest behind stood up in shock.

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