KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 82

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Chapter 82: Trap Mechanism

“Traps! There are traps laid down, everyone be careful!” At this moment, Zhou Bi Rong could not be bothered about alerting York as she loudly shouting while rolling on the ground, her right hand immediately transforming as steel feathers covered it and three claws like that of an eagle extended forth, grabbing a tree branch by the side as she pulled and used the rebound to fly forward.

“Shooo, Shooo”

Several sharpened wooden spikes shot out from the ground and nearly pierced Zhou Bi Rong.

Su Yu and the others who were concealing themselves and silently approaching the cave did not expect that there would actually be trap mechanisms hidden within the wild grass, although the traps were simple, they were unguarded against it and had suffered. Zhao Shi Chang had suffered the worst, his foot was pierced by a sharpened wooden spike and he was rolling on the ground, howling in pain.

Su Yu had just been sent flying by a wooden log and was dizzy as he hurriedly rolled to the side, he wanted to climb back up but Zhou Bi Rong who was by the side saw this and shouted: “Su Yu, don’t! Danger!”

Her words were barely spoken when Su Yu heard a ‘Kaboom!’, the floor underneath him had suddenly collapsed.

Everything happened too quickly and Su Yu was shocked as he groaned, black scales appeared on his left arm as he heavily punched to the side, his left hand easily entered the dirt allowing him to stabilise his falling body. Looking down, he realised that someone had dug a two to three metre deep hole which was filled with sharpened wooden stakes, if he had fallen down, he would surely have been pierced to the extent of looking like a bee hive.

No one could have imagined that this area would have so many traps. What was most frightening was that as the group were suffering from the traps, not far away at the cave ahead, a boulder was shifted as the well-built York appeared.

As a tier three dark iron warrior, his recuperative abilities were astounding and only a night had passed but the injuries on his body were almost fully recovered. Looking at the group, he did not say a word as he rushed forward.

“Su Yu, York is right there!” At the back, Zhang Zhong Mou shouted, within the group, only Su Yu could deal with York.

Su Yu was relying on a single arm to hang by the dirt wall when he suddenly heard Zhang Zhong Mou yelling, gritting his teeth, his right hand shot forward and grabbed onto the dirt wall. It was fortunate that although his right hand had not transformed, due to the strange energy circulating in his body, his strength was already three to four times stronger than it originally was. Ignoring the pain as his nails bit into the wall, he pulled out his left hand as he activated the ‘Rending Storm’ and heavily smashed in downwards.


An explosive sound rang out as the dirt wall collapsed, Su Yu used this to propel himself upwards.

York appeared and wordlessly transformed, his right arm and chest swelled as steel thorns covered it, looking like a hedgehog.

He had set up these simple yet functionals traps outside the temporary cave dwelling primarily to guard against wild beasts and other monsters. Who knew that it would be useful against Su Yu and the others, looking at their sorry figures, York did not flee but rather rushed forward.

Zhou Bi Rong had been a policewoman for a few years and could be considered to have plenty of experience. Borrowing the force from pulling a branch, she retreated swiftly out of the trap area and her right hand transformed into a giant eagle claw, looking at York as he rushed over, her right hand swiftly returned to normal as she swiftly retrieved the pistol at her waist and aimed at York.

Luckily she did not lose her pistol and it was currently fully loaded with bullets.

Although Zhou Bi Rong did not have many bullets on her, she was hesitant to use them and thus still had quite a few remaining.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

York did not dodge but rather only used his right hand to protect his head as he continued rushing towards Zhou Bi Rong and the others.

Bullets landed on the arm and chest of York emitting “Buh, Buh” sounds, piercing through his swollen flesh but only small wounds were created which swiftly healed. The bullets from a pistol clearly could not inflict much damage to him.

By the time Zhou Bi Rong realised that her shots were ineffective and wanted to aim towards York’s two legs, as she pulled the trigger, no bullets came out. She realised that all six bullets had been fired and as she attempted to change magazines, York was already before her.

Although she knew she was not his match, under the dire circumstances, Zhou Bi Rong could only grit her teeth as she tossed away her pistol, her right hand transformed as she met York head on.

York was silent as his body trembled, his right fist swung through the air emitting crisp “poof poof poof” sounds, Zhou Bi Rong only felt everything before her go blurry before she screamed, the steel thorns that covered the sky had all landed on her.

York slanted his body as it heavily smashed into Zhou Bi Rong half a second behind the storm of steel thorns.

York’s body was extremely well-built and using the momentum of his leap, the force behind it was simply immense. Zhou Bi Rong shrieked miserably as her innards trembled, fresh blood spewed forth from her mouth as her body flew away like a broken kite.

“Ha!” On the other side, Ma Zi Ye delicately shouted as she kicked, knocking away a sharpened log that was flying toward her as she used the Flying Spade and kicked towards York’s head, preventing him from finishing Zhou Bi Rong off.

“Damn!” From the back, Zhang Zhong Mou rushed forward. The group had originally made plans and based on their estimates they would have easily taken care of York. Who knew that York would have been so resourceful and actually made so many different traps, causing their plans to fall to ruin.

Zhao Shi Chang’s right foot was pierced by a sharpened wooden stake and he laid on the ground moaning, Zhou Bi Rong had been sent flying away in a single exchange and no one knew if she still lived. Qin Jia Gui was unable to act because of the previous night’s injuries, as for Li Dong, Zhou Hua Kang, Ning Yan and the others, they were not even tier one and under the current circumstances they could not contribute.

In the blink of an eye, only Su Yu, Ma Zi Ye and Zhang Zhong Mou were able to continue fighting.

Ma Zi Ye kicked towards York’s head and York continued to be silent as he stared with hatred at the group. His left arm retracted as an inch long sharp cone grew out from his palm, and smashed onto Ma Zi Ye’s right leg.


The sound of two boulders colliding rang out as metal rope swirled around Ma Zi Ye’s right leg, protecting it. Her leg was not pierced by this blow from York but when comparing strange energy, speed or reaction time…… Ma Zi Ye who was a tier lower simply could not compare to York who was tier three.

This blow from York was ineffective and he stepped forward to swing again.

Ma Zi Ye miserably screamed, her chest was pierced by the sharp cone and York pulled out the cone causing fresh blood to spurt out before swinging for the third time, aiming at Ma Zi Ye’s skull.

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