KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 83

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Chapter 83: Crazed York

York was similar to Su Yu and was a tier three dark iron warrior, both sides belonged to a different class of warrior. Su Yu’s strong point was his ‘Rending Storm’ and its destructive prowess and York did not have such a strong ability.

As Su Yu had guessed, York also had the ‘Eye of Perception’ and when he promoted to tier three, he chose to promote it to become the ‘Eye of Divinity’, enabling him to have night vision which allowed him to freely travel at night. He also had the ‘Swift Steel Needle Assault’ which filled the sky with steel thorns that were almost unavoidable and its attacking radius was very wide, however, when comparing attacking power it was far from that of Su Yu.

Otherwise, when the steel thorns struck, Ma Zi Ye would have immediately died without needing him to continue attacking another three times.

Zhang Zhong Mou had already went in from the back and saw that Ma Zi Ye in danger, he howled as he lowered his face, transforming it into stone as he activated the ‘Rock Head Cannon Pulveriser’.

York had not managed to strike Ma Zi Ye for the third time and could only stop the sharp cone as his right arm trembled, exploding forth with steel thorns.



Zhang Zhong Mou and Ma Zi Ye cried out at the same time as they were immediately pierced by the steel thorns, York then kicked out with his leg, kicking Ma Zi Ye as she heavily tumbled away.


Ma Zi Ye fell into a patch of wild grass that had a trap mechanism and several “Chi Chi”
sounds could be heard as three sharpened wooden stakes emerged from the ground and instantly pierced her body.

Ma Zi Ye shrieked miserably before falling to the ground and became motionless.

On the other side, Su Yu had finally climbed out of the hole and saw this scene as his entire body violently trembled while he wildly shouted: “Ma Zi Ye!”

Throughout this journey, Ma Zi Ye had given him plenty of help and both parties had formed a deep rapport with each other, to the point where Su Yu had long viewed Ma Zi Ye as his best buddy and partner.

The ‘Web of Metal’ had aided Su Yu many times.

Especially when killing the Golden Goblin, if Ma Zi Ye was not there, Su Yu would have already died under the hands of it.

“Haaaaaaa!” In this instant, the image of Ma Zi Ye flashed in Su Yu’s mind as he howled, explosive ‘Chi Chi Chi’ sounds could be heard from his body as the black scales on his left arm and chest all raised up, white mist was being emitted from within them and in this instant, Su Yu’s entire body was like a giant steam engine which had just been started up.

“Goddamn!” Su Yu roared, the white mist that was emitted gave a frightening rebound which allowed him to shoot forward like a rocket.

At this moment, York had just kicked Ma Zi Ye into that patch of grass and his right arm was swinging towards Zhang Zhong Mou’s chest.

Zhang Zhong Mou was merely a tier one dark iron warrior and his strength was far inferior to York, he simply could not react as the sharp cone pierced three inches deep into his chest and seemed like it would go all the way to the other side.

It was at this moment that Su Yu finally arrived.

Fast, indescribably fast as Su Yu exploded out, in this instant the speed that he reached actually surpassed York, causing him to be unable to react as his strange swollen right arm was smashed by Su Yu’s left arm.


A crisp sound rang out as the two people’s hands clashed, the two were both tier three dark iron warriors and the strange energy contained within their arms was not far apart, this collision was like using an iron club to forcefully smash into another iron club. The outcome was that…… both parties became severely injured.

Following the sound, York yelled in a crazed manner, his entire right arm was bent at a weird angle and the bone inside had already shattered and his swollen right arm was spurting blood. Su Yu had not fared much better as the raised black scales on his left arm were ripped off, the bone inside his left arm also had fractures on them.

After reaching tier three, Su Yu had also killed the powerful Single Eyed Zombie King and absorbed its vast crystal energy, together with his transformation which prioritised on destructive power, he actually gained the upper hand in this collision.

York hugged his bent right arm as he howled and retreated, as for Su Yu he rolled and got back up before viciously attacking again.

“Haha!” York suddenly laughed as bitter resentment filled his eyes which made one shiver, amongst the group he hated Su Yu the most.

Jennifer’s leg had been shredded by Su Yu and her strange energy was crippled, causing her to die from blood loss. He had also been injured by Su Yu and if Su Yu was not present, Ma Zi Ye, Qin Jia Gui and the others would not have been able to withstand a single blow causing the situation to reach this stage.

“Damn!” York howled in english, his most hated person was precisely Su Yu.

His crazed hatred made him stop retreating, ignoring the fearsome might of Su Yu’s ‘Rending Storm’ as he voluntarily went forward, thereafter, Su Yu’s ‘Rending Storm’ violently slammed into his chest once again.

York’s swollen chest instantly caved in creating a whirlpool of blood and flesh, steam continued to be released as white mist shrouded the two people.

At the back, Qin Jia Gui, Jade, Lei Rui and the others dazedly watched this scene occur. Qin Jia Gui and his girlfriend Yuan Ni Ping were tightly holding hands as they felt their palms become moist with cold sweat.

Tier three experts, two tier three dark iron warriors engaged in close combat, the savageness and shocking nature of it exceeded one’s imagination.

York’s chest was instantly minced and a ferocious smile appeared on his face as his hands clamped down on Su Yu’s body before heavily swinging, using all the force within his body.

Su Yu realised that things were not looking good but it was too late, under the frightening force the two people tumbled to the ground.

“Chi Chi Chi”

Several hissing sounds could be heard and Qin Jia Gui’s reaction was the fastest as he shouted in a hoarse voice: “Careful! Traps!” He finally understood why York who was inferior to Su Yu in close combat would actually give up extending the distance between the two parties, he had already made the decision to fling Su Yu into the trap he had previously made.

Sharp wooden stakes emerged from where the two people rolled over, York howled as Su Yu roared, fresh blood splattered as innumerable stakes pierced their bodies. Su Yu’s body was in intense agony and was filled with the will to live, at the back Jade screamed and was filled with anger and hatred towards York.

All these feelings and emotions allowed him to activate the ‘Rending Storm’ in a crazed manner, white mist continued to be emitted from his left arm creating a frightening whirlpool of white mist mixed with flesh and blood, minced through York’s chest as it continued upwards.

As for York’s right arm which had steel thorns on it, they also pierced into Su Yu’s body……

A bloody battle as the two rolled on the ground, blood was everywhere and the sight was shocking to the eye and astonishing to the heart.

Qin Jia Gui, Yuan Ni Ping, Lei Rui, Li Dong, Zhou Hua Kang and the others were still stunned before they cried out in alarm and advanced, amongst the people Jade seemed to psychotic as she cried Su Yu’s name again and again while she rushed forward.

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