KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 84

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Chapter 84: The Rotten Corpses of Children

Jade’s voice transmitted to Su Yu and he struggled as he shook his head, not allowing himself to faint. York and him had finally come to a stop because their bodies were currently pierced by too many wooden stakes causing them to be firmly nailed to the ground. The two were still stuck to each other and could even hear the breathing of the other party.

The sound of York’s breathing was intermittent between stopping and continuing, his chest had been thoroughly minced by the ‘Rending Storm’ and if he was not a tier three dark iron warrior with a tenacious vitality, he would have already died. Even so, he was in the final moments of his life as his body continually emitted ‘Chi Chi’ sounds, the strange energy in the form of qi was continually being dispersed through his skin.

Su Yu was slightly better than him, although his mind was feeling faint and very tired, he was conscious of the fact that he could not fall asleep, otherwise, he would never awaken.

It could be the flashbacks that one experiences right before death, York whose breath was gradually becoming lighter suddenly breathed out a mouthful of air, spewing forth blood foam, his eyes that were filled with hatred gradually became clearer.

“Jenni….fer….. I’ll…… be able to see Jennifer soon…… Our…… child…… together forever……. Ha…… Haha……”

“Su Yu!” Jade finally reached as she wildly shouted, the others all came rushing forward and seeing Su Yu and York who were on the ground, they were all shocked.

The two people were skewered through by sharpened wooden stakes, blood had dyed their bodies red and blood was flowing from York’s seven orifices. Suddenly, York opened his eyes and his eyes seemed to bulge out as though he thought of something, struggling as he lifted his hand and grabbed onto Su Yu while howling in english: “Exit…… map…….. There’s…….. an exit…… you people…….. live……. to leave…….”

Qin Jia Gui who had just reached felt his heart shiver as he shouted: “Exit map? Where?!”
York’s eyes bulged further as he seemed to try to squeeze out one more syllable, his eyes were staring the group when his body suddenly became rigid before becoming limp.

York had died.

Just before death, he seemed to have awakened from his hatred and wanted to tell the group a secret, it was a pity that he only spoke halfway before dying.

Qin Jia Gui mumbled: “Exit map? Could he actually mean that there is a map that will show us the way out of this forest? Out of this frightening world? If that’s true, why would he remain here……”

Qin Jia Gui contemplated deeply, as for Jade, she was knelt beside Su Yu’s body and continually pushing him, her face was filled with tears.

“I…… I’m alright……. I’ve said this before…… you must like me right…… ha….. Haha……” Su Yu laughed dryly as he struggled to stay awake, focusing his will as he circulated the strange energy that was in the form of qi. The strange energy that was originally not flowing, began to circulate and Su Yu knew that he would live this day.

If his will was slightly weaker, he would have died like York.

At this moment, he really needed to thank Jade for her screams that allowed him to stay awake.

Jade noticed that Su Yu still had the energy to joke and felt more relaxed as she angrily retorted: “What are you talking about? Your injuries…… your injuries are so serious…… yet you are still joking around……”

“Ha…… haha……. No problem……. Ma Zi Ye……. how are her injuries…… help me……. Pull out these wooden stakes……” Su Yu could feel the strange energy within his left arm begin to circulate throughout his entire body and thus requested Jade to help him remove the sharpened wooden stakes.

Jade’s face was pale, seeing the bloody scene before her, she did not dare to act.

“Let us do it.” Li Dong and Zhou Hua Kang walked forward to assist.

Lei Rui saw that although Su Yu was badly hurt, he still lived and finally took a sigh of relief before rushing over to Ma Zi Ye to check her condition.

This time, most of their group were covered with severe injuries and just a single York had almost killed all of them.

Each time a wooden stake was pulled out, Su Yu would shriek like a slaughtered pig, cold sweat mixed with blood continued to trickle down his face.

Zhang Zhong Mou was rigid on the ground, his entire body was filled with steel thorns and was also in unbearable pain. Hearing Su Yu’s miserable shrieks, he could not help but yell: “Yu…… Young master Yu, stop shouting……. Your shouts seem to make my body fill with even more pain.”

On the other side, Zhao Shi Chang had finally bore with the pain and pulled out the wooden stake that had pierced his foot, screaming as he did so.

As for Ma Zi Ye whose body was pierced by three wooden stakes, it was fortunate that they did not pierce any vital areas and under the influence of the strange energy and with Lei Rui assisting to pull out the wooden stakes, she was not at risk of dying.

The ground was in a complete disarray and painted a stifling scene, this battle ended with York dying while Su Yu, Ma Zi Ye and Zhou Bi Rong were heavily injured. Especially Su Yu, he had almost lost his life. Zhang Zhong Mou and Zhao Shi Chang suffered light injuries, Zhang Zhong Mou only needed to pull the steel thorns out of his body and he would be alright. As for the injury on Zhao Shi Chang’s foot, if he rested for half a day it would not hinder him much. As for the three heavily injured, they had to rest for at least a day or it would simply be impossible for them to continue moving.

Based on the injuries of the few people, the group decided to temporarily stay at York’s cave for a day. Jade, Lei Rui, Li Dong, Zhou Hua Kang, Yuan Ni Ping and the others who were uninjured helped to carry Su Yu, Ma Zi Ye and Zhou Bi Rong into the cave as they prepared to bury York.

Qin Jia Gui recalled York mentioning about an ‘Exit Map’ before his death and searched his body but was unable to find anything.

The boulder before the entrance of the cave had already been shifted aside by York and when everyone came before the entrance, they suddenly stood there stunned.

There was a rotten stench coming from the cave and made the group cover their noses, Ning Yan who was more sensitive even covered her mouth as she dry heaved.

Within the cave, three rotten corpses of children aged three to eight years old laid there, the group could also faintly see maggots crawling on the corpses.

“This fellow…… Bleargh……” Zhang Zhong Mou could not bear with it as he covered his nose and retreated, the group exchange glances, this couple stayed within the cave yet why were there three rotten corpses within? How could they bear living within an area with such a vile stench?

“This couple…… really must have been insane, simply no way to understand them.” Li Dong suddenly yelled, how could normal people bear placing three rotten corpses of little children where they lived? Why did they not bury the corpses?

“Hurry, bring the three corpses out to be buried. Our situation now is very perilous, Su Yu and the others are injured and if any monster appears during this time, we are finished.” Qin Jia Gui suddenly spoke up in a heavy voice.

The group felt shivers and realised that what Qin Jia Gui said was indeed true.

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  1. weird, his scale armor can’t be destroyed when ZOmbie King stamp his foot to his chest, but why a wood can pierced it ?

    thx for the chapter ^^

  2. Na, I think the author just didn’t want to give them a real mental shock.

    It would have also made sense if they had their children back in the cave alive. Then they would really need much food and it is near impossible to wander that world with 3 children. But the author made it easy for himself and killed them off bevore. Just imagen what would have happened if there were still 3 children there, alive.

    • Nope, that’s Ning Yan’s fault. “Just before death, he seemed to have awakened from his hatred and wanted to tell the group a secret, it was a pity that he only spoke halfway before dying.”

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