KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 85

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Chapter 85: Diary

“Quick, quick.” Qin Jia Gui led the way as he covered his nose and entered, the others looked at each other before steeling their hearts and went forward, bearing with the disgust in their minds as they dragged the rotting corpses of the children out.

“Bury them together, quick.” Li Dong, Zhou Hua Kang and the others grabbed metal spades as they swiftly dug a hole, placing the corpses of the little children as well as York inside before covering it. The vile stench would not be gone in a short period of time but compared to the danger outside, the group of people decided that enduring the stench was better. Li Dong and Zhou Hua Kang shifted the boulder outside the cave, covering the entrance and only left a small gap.

Once this was accomplished the group felt their hearts relax a bit, instinctively feeling safer. York had also left many traps in the surroundings and choosing to live within this cave was currently their best option.

Su Yu, Ma Zi Ye and Zhou Bi Rong were heavily injured as they laid by the side to rest. Amongst them Su Yu was the most heavily injured but his recuperative speed was astonishing and amongst the three it was likely that he would recover the fastest.

Ma Zi Ye and Zhou Bi Rong had endured several steel thorns and Lei Rui, Jade and the few other girls had helped them to remove their clothes and carefully removed the steel thorns. While this was going on, Qin Jia Gui and the others were forced to wait outside while Su Yu got a good deal since he was heavily injured and had to stay inside. The other guys were secretly envious however, with the vile stench that made one’s head ache as well as the blood and grime covering the girl’s bodies, there really wasn’t much to see and Su Yu would not be able to gather the interest to do so anyway.

Once all this was completed, Qin Jia Gui who was silent suddenly made a noise, he had unintentionally noticed that at the end of the cave there was a smooth stone, under the stone there seemed to be something pressed below and only a corner of it was visible. When Qin Jia Gui lifted the stone, he saw that it was a thin diary and a ballpoint pen was stuffed within.

“What do you people think this is?” Qin Jia Gui had a look of astonishment as he opened the diary and said in astonishment.

“Eh? Filled with english?” Zhang Zhong Mou walked over to look and his face was curious but could not understand anything.

Qin Jia Gui glanced through and said in shock: “This is Jennifer’s diary? This….. This…..” His face had astonishment on it as footsteps rang out beside him. Lei Rui had walked over and her english was quite good as she took a look and nodded: “That’s right.”

There were several english words written within this diary and although it was unknown where she had acquired the pen and paper, this was definitely her diary.

Zhang Zhong Mou’s eyes widened as he said: “What’s written inside? That Jennifer really still had the mood to do this.”

At this moment, even Su Yu, Ma Zi Ye and Zhou Bi Rong who were heavily injured had been attracted over as they looked over at the diary within Qin Jia Gui’s hand.

Lei Rui took the diary from Qin Jia Gui and began to softly recite.

“Fifth of the month, York drove the car bringing my three kids Johan, Anna, Mike and I. On the way back we were unfortunate and it may have been god playing a joke on us or the devil was beckoning us, or we could be already dead. The car could not stop in time as it fell into a huge hole which suddenly appeared in front of us. Thereafter, we arrived in a frightening forest. I’ve always been thinking, are we still alive? Are we actually dead?”

Lei Rui’s voice was reverberating out and the others kept silent. The group thought of the three rotting corpses and immediately understood that these were the three children of York and Jennifer.

“There were various different frightening monsters within the forest, York and I believe that these were the apostles of the devil and even though it was dangerous, York was very optimistic. He believed that he could keep me and the children safe. The car was smashed into pieces by the monster and could not be driven anymore. We ate the leaves of trees and the flesh of monsters. On the third day, we ran into three people who had food and were willing to allow us to join them, however, they did not wish for us to bring our kids.”

“York became angry and we fought, York was heavily injured but he managed to kill the three of them and steal their food. However, our youngest child Mike died.”

“York could not believe that Mike had died and continued to carry his corpse on his back. I knew that York loved our kids too much and had taken too big a blow. He could not accept the reality of Mike’s death.”

“Tenth of the month, York slowly became more eccentric. The monsters we face are becoming more frightening and York managed to kill a Golden Gnome, acquiring a ‘Treasure Map’, the map indication a way out of this forest and this world……”

Having read this, Lei Rui stopped and Zhang Zhong Mou and the others rushed forward asking: “Treasure Map? What else did she say?”

Lei Rui paused for a moment, she seemed very anxious as she continued to read.

“Although York managed to kill the Golden Goblin, it was too fearsome and we were both injured. Johan and Anna both died and York seemed to have a breakdown. He kept the corpses of the children and talked to them daily. I can’t help York and can only stay by his side, I love him.”

“We found a cave and lived there. York would travel in the surrounding area each day, regardless of day or night. His heart filled with the intention to snatch food for the kids. I have no other choice but to stay by York’s side, I wish to protect York.”

“York, I love the kids and even more so, you.”

“I’m very scared, I know that York and I will die, there is no escape nor any hope.”

Having read this Lei Rui’s voice became low and hoarse, an oppressive atmosphere filled the cave as the group became silent, as though they could fill York’s insanity as well as Jennifer’s hopelessness and helplessness.

“The treasure chest that was obtained from within the Golden Gnome contained a map and it indicated the path to exiting the forest. York was unwilling to live as he believed that the children were still alive and bringing the three children along would be dangerous. He said that he would wait till the children grew older before leaving. I could not bear to leave York and decided to stay behind. I’m willing to die here together with York.”
“After exploring the surroundings over these few days, I have gradually come to understand the rough terrain in the area, I have drawn a map behind and when York and I die one day, if there is anyone who chances upon this cave and reads this diary, I hope that this will be able to help you. Combining the map I have drawn and left behind together with that map in the treasure chest, you will definitely be able to leave this forest and find the exit…… However, this will not be together with York and I…….”

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