KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 86

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Chapter 86: Treasure Map

“York is currently very happy because he believes he is protecting the three kids and I. York is very satisfied with the current life and I am willing to accompany him to die.”

“People in the future, if you have entered this cave, this would mean that York and I have died. I have no other wish, I only hope…… only hope that you can help bury my three pitiful kids. They have died but their souls have not been put to rest. If the map that I left behind is of help to you, on account of the map, please help us…… at least we will be able to be together after dying……”

When Lei Rui finished reading, her hands were rightly clenching the diary as it trembled, her entire face was covered in cold sweat as though she were suddenly very ill. All the questions had been answered and the information within left them stunned, this couple which they had viewed as insane actually went through such ordeals and the couple had actually died in their hands.

Everyone felt their bodies become ice cold and Qin Jia Gui recalled York’s yell before he died as he muttered: “So York actually came to his senses just before he died, he did not hate us for killing them but even mentioned the map…… he hoped that it would help us…… this couple……”

“Were they good or evil people……” Qin Jia Gui lamented.

Su Yu struggled as he lifted his hand and tousled his hair, mumbling: “Pitiful people…… we all are…….”

Li Dong then spoke up: “Where’s the map? The woman seemed to have mentioned a treasure map, where is it?”

Qin Jia Gui also spoke up: “Everyone help to look, besides the map drawn within her diary, there should be another map.” He received the diary within Lei Rui’s hands and carefully analysed the simple map behind it. A star was drawn in the centre and a marking was written: Cave. This star must have indicated the cave they were in. Around the star was an extremely roughshod and simple drawing, indicating a direction with an arrow. Could it be pointing in the direction of the exit? It was difficult to understand and it seemed that finding the treasure map was necessary.

The group swiftly ransacked the entire cave and managed to find the six bags of food which were taken but did not find any treasure case or map.

Lei Rui suddenly spoke up: “Could the map have been on their bodies?”

Qin Jia Gui’s heart shivered: “That’s right, I’ve already searched York’s body but there was nothing there. York was already going mad and this map….. It’s most likely that Jennifer kept it on her person.”

Back then they had buried Jennifer together with Ding Shan but did not search Jennifer’s body. At this moment when they thought about how the map could be on Jennifer’s body, the group exchanged glances as people thought of going back to dig up the body and search it.

“Now is not the time, let’s wait for tomorrow. When everyone’s injuries are better we will head there to retrieve her corpse. Also…… we can bury their family together, this is the final wish of Jennifer written in her diary.”

Qin Jia Gui was very calm, now that Su Yu and the others were injured, the place where Jennifer was buried was quite a distance away and they might meet with several dangers along the way. Going to dig out Jennifer’s corpse now was clearly not a good time.

The only upside was that Jennifer’s body had already been buried by them and they did not need to worry that other monster’s would desecrate it or move it away.

Jade was unhappy as she spoke up: “That Jennifer really is something, if she really was so kind-hearted, that treasure map should have been left here. Making us happy for nothing.”

Lei Rui then said: “I believe that everyone is selfish, Jennifer must have wanted to be buried with her family. Of course, whether that map is real or not is still questionable, whether it exists or not, we will only know tomorrow.”

Zhou Bi Rong’s injuries were very severe, back then she had been hit by York and her internal organs had all been shaken up. At this moment as she laid on the ground, her breathing was hard as she suddenly spoke up: “Whether the map exists or not, I believe that everyone has not thought of a problem?”

“Officer Zhou? What’s the problem?” Qin Jia Gui was alarmed.

Zhou Bi Rong took a deep breath as though speaking caused pain to course throughout her body: “Haven’t you guys noticed? The monsters that we’ve run into have been gradually becoming stronger and harder to manage. Su Yu is already tier three yet we have some amongst us who aren’t even tier one…… Just like the current circumstances, if there wasn’t a cave to hide…….. If we run into a group of Goblins, they could take the lives of all of us. Has everyone not thought of this problem?”

As she said this, the group became silent.

Zhou Bi Rong turned her head as she looked Su Yu in the eye: “Amongst us, Su Yu is the most powerful however…… we cannot only rely on him.”

Hearing her words, Li Dong, Zhou Hua Kang, Jade and the others had expressions of embarrassment on their faces. Even Qin Jia Gui was not exempt from this, if it were not for Su Yu risking his life before during the battle, be it against the Metal Chain Zombies, the Single Eyed Zombie King or even the mad York, they would have all died.

Su Yu had actually thought of this issue before but did not really think too much about it. Now that Zhou Bi Rong had brought up this problem, he tousled his hair and said: “So what do we do?”

Zhou Bi Rong then replied: “I’m more straightforward in my speech, everyone please don’t take offense.”

Qin Jia Gui shook his head: “What you said makes sense, how could we take offense. Also…… we are all comrades, we all wish to have a higher chance of living on.”

“That’s right, officer Zhou.” Zhang Zhong Mou laughed as he lit a cigarette and the smoke swirled around, muting the stench that was present in the cave: “Beautiful woman Zhou, just speak what’s on your mind. I also feel that we cannot only depend on Su Yu. If he’s injured, we are all finished.” then turning to Su Yu as he laughed: “Hey, don’t stare at me. I’m an honest person and speak what comes to mind. I’m not cursing for you to be injured.”

Zhang Zhong Mou was always frivolous with his words and Ma Zi Ye scolded: “You big cigarette addict, can’t you speak less?”
Zhang Zhong Mou laughed: “Speak less? Can you eat less instant noodles?”

Ma Zi Ye was incensed and decided to ignore him.

Zhou Bi Rong did not seem to mind Zhang Zhong Mou’s words and said in a heavy tone: “As the saying goes, strong soldiers and a fierce general. If we liken Su Yu to the general of our group and everyone else as the soldiers…… the problem is that the general is ferocious but the troops……”

Qin Jia Gui laughed, Zhou Bi Rong likened Su Yu to a general while they were soldiers, this made them feel slightly sour in his heart. He had always wanted to overtake Su Yu but the reality was that the distance between the two was becoming greater and greater. The emotions that Qin Jia Gui had towards Su Yu were very complicated, respect, jealousy and a small amount of unacceptance.

“Well said, Haha.” Qin Jia Gui clapped his hands before continuing: “The problem is that the general is ferocious but us soldiers are weak and riddled with problems without a single redeeming factor.”

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  1. this story is really interesting, i mean when people said its is similar to god and devil worlds, THERE ARE SO WRONG. Story has some depth, unlike god and devil worlds. Thx translator

    • True, God and devil world seems to just be a cycle of get lost, find a settlement, take it over, return. It’s happened what, like four, five times now?

      • i thought untill recently it only repeated once. but yeah the plot was fairly progresive untill that point. where he ended up alone and everything repeated itself.

      • Nah this latest arc will be the second time, but you can tell it won’t be the last. The author of GDW isn’t very inventive. The first arc, escaping the school and town is still the best one. Now it’s devolved into creating a giant boring harem of both sexes. I’m including all his male boot-lickers in the harem even though he doesn’t fuck them. I almost didn’t read this one after the reviews saying it was worse than GDW. That’ll teach me to trust NU reviews, this novel is much better.

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