KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 87

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Chapter 87: Plans for the future

Hearing him say this, the group felt awful and Zhang Zhong Mou stared at him: “Hey, this fellow here doesn’t admit to being weak and frail, I, Zhang Zhong Mou, can’t be counted as a ferocious general but I can at least be a strong soldier.”

Li Dong bitterly laughed: “I think Qin Jia Gui is referring to me, I haven’t broken through even now…… totally useless as each day I can only lift metal spades to bury people.”

Once this was said, the group stared at him as Ma Zi Ye reprimanded: “Such a cold joke.”

Su Yu heard them talking and felt awkward as he hurriedly spoke up: “Everyone…… don’t be like this. Each and every one of us is important……”

He still wanted to continue speaking but Qin Jia Gui shook his hand: “Su Yu, you don’t have to console us. What officer Zhou just said is very reasonable, it’s also the truth. If we were slightly stronger, we would not have fallen to such a desperate situation. A single York could devastate us, almost causing us to all fall here.”

Having been rebuked by Qin Jia Gui, Su Yu did not know what to say.

Zhou Bi Rong sternly continued: “The reason why I highlighted this problem is not to ridicule everyone but rather, I feel that we should prioritise getting everyone stronger. Each time someone becomes stronger, the chances of us living becomes greater.”

“Yup.” Su Yu nodded, he was also pondering on this problem. As the monsters they encountered grew more and more frightening, if everybody’s strength did not improve, this was simply too dangerous for them.

Within their twelve man group, Su Yu was tier three while Qin Jia Gui, Zhang Zhong Mou, Ma Zi Ye, Zhou Bi Rong and Zhao Shi Chang were tier one. The others were all tier zero and the difference in their strength could be said to be immense. The other eleven added up could not compare to Su Yu and if this carried on, it would indeed be too dangerous, they could not rely only on Su Yu forever.

Finally, the group began to discuss and decided that they would first try to make those who were not tier one yet into tier one dark iron warriors. Su Yu would help Ma Zi Ye, Qin Jia Gui and the few others become tier two dark iron warriors, with each promotion it was actually harder to promote and one needed to kill monsters that were stronger than themselves. This was much more dangerous and if Su Yu was aiding them, this would become much simpler.

Only when Ma Zi Ye and the others became stronger would they be able to help out and allow Su Yu to handle the more frightening monsters. Especially Ma Zi Ye’s ‘Web of Metal’, this was something that Su Yu really appreciated and if Ma Zi Ye’s ‘Web of Metal’ could further evolve, it’s uses would be limitless.

After deciding on these initial guidelines, the group continued to discuss how to best work together. For example, if they met with an extremely strong monster how would they deal with it, or what would they do if they met with a group of monsters. The group were very vigorous in their discussion as they each spoke their viewpoints, hoping to utilise their prowess to its maximum potential.

Amongst the group, Su Yu and Ma Zi Ye were recognised as the best pairing, especially when faced with a frightening monster, the group felt that Ma Zi Ye could give Su Yu the greatest assistance.

Upon finding out that there was a chance that the treasure map existed and they had the hope of getting out of this forest and leaving this world, the group’s thirst for life was ignited and they all wanted to get to the end of the road. They wanted to live till they left this world and returned to the world they were familiar with.

Nobody wanted to die in the final leg of the journey in this frightening place.

This day was passed in dullness, only a small group of fifteen to sixteen Lesser Goblins were seen travelling past in the distance but they did not get near their cave, unsure if they really were not aware of their presence or simply knew that the surroundings of the cave had fearsome traps laid down and did not wish to come near.

Qin Jia Gui was constantly staring at the map which Jennifer had left behind on her diary, deeply etching it into his mind as he constantly pondered.

“Based on what this maps depicts, if we head north from this cave, there will be a big ravine and based on Jennifer’s estimates, it is about ten kilometres away…… however all this……”

Qin Jia Gui finally gave up, he knew that based on only the simple map on the diary, there was simply no way to tell where was the exit, their only hope was to find that ‘treasure map’.

This ‘treasure map’, was similar to how Su Yu had obtained the ‘Earth Spikes Ring’, they were treasures that were hidden within monsters that had the golden heritage.

Su Yu’s ‘Earth Spikes Ring’ was obtained from a Golden Goblin while York had killed a Golden Gnome and attained a treasure chest which contained the map. Based on Jennifer’s guess, the map was indicating a way out of this forest and the method to leave this world.

It could be said that this was a priceless treasure. It was a pity that York had gone insane and firmly believed that this three kids were still alive, wanting to nurture them here. Jennifer was too in love with her husband and had went along with him.

This was a tragic and pitiful family but Qin Jia Gui did not feel much sympathy, they themselves were also pitiful and helpless, not knowing if they would live to see the next day.

At night, the group had eaten and the people were delegated sentry duties before they went to sleep. Sleeping within the cave, there was a sense of security and this night they had their most peaceful and deep sleep. The cave which was mostly sealed up also muffled any noises which made it even easier to rest.

By daylight, Su Yu was the first to wake up and he silently sat up and noticed that everyone was sleeping, even Zhou Hua Kang who was supposed to be on sentry was sleeping by the side of the cave entrance.

Amongst the group, Zhang Zhong Mou had the worst sleeping habits, drool had formed a puddle beside his mouth and his two hands were firmly holding on to the smelly feet of Zhao Shi Chang and plastered his face on top, his face seemed lascivious and Su Yu wondering if he was having a wet dream.

Ning Yan’s sleeping posture was the most sweet and cultured, it was no exaggeration to say that she had the most lovable sleeping posture, compared to the others, her clothes were very clean because she had not killing any monsters and as she slept there, she gave one a feeling of endless beauty.

Su Yu lightly sighed, Ning Yan’s looks and poise was extremely good to the point where one would feel tenderness towards her and want to protect her. However, her character was simply eccentric, extremely weird and no one knew how to get closer to her. The back of her neck suddenly had the three strange numbers ‘666’ there, it was like a thorn inside Su Yu’s heart and no matter how he contemplated he could not understand it.

Su Yu had previously attempted to use the ‘Eye of Perception’ to gather Ning Yan’s information, hoping to gain some insights regarding the matter of this ‘666’. It was a pity that nothing extraordinary showed up and this matter became an aching mystery within his heart.

Su Yu did not alarm anyone as he shook his head to throw away this weird thoughts, gently pushing aside the boulder that was blocking the cave as he walked out. His arms stretched and suddenly his entire body emitted a bizarre crisp noise.

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