KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 88

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Chapter 88: Profit from Disaster

Su Yu walked out of the cave as he breathed in the fresh morning air of the forest, looking at the dew which was still on the leaves, his heart suddenly became free without any care, without any happiness or sorrow as he shook his arms, his entire body suddenly fiercely emitted a crisp sound of fried beans.

This night, all the injuries in his body had fully recovered without a single scar remaining.

Also, he felt that his body was clearly different.

When he had been engaged in the vicious battle with York the previous day, York wildly grabbed onto him as he forcefully tumbled the both of them into the trap laden wild grass. Sharpened wooden stakes riddled their bodies with holes and York had died miserably on the spot. He was fortunate that Jade’s shout had invigorated him and allowed him to keep his clarity and steel his will, finally struggling back from the grips of death.

Although he managed to live, the wounds on his body were extremely frightening and there were over twenty wooden stakes which had pierced through his body leavings tens of bloody holes, extremely shocking to behold.

The recuperative prowess of a tier three dark iron warrior were indeed phenomenal and within a single night, all the transparent bloody holes had fully healed. No scars were left behind but when he raised his arms, the crisp sound of fried beans actually rang out from within his body.

Su Yu suddenly realised that his body had changed.

“What’s…… going on?” Su Yu was alarmed, he felt that all the areas which had been pierced causing the transparent bloody holes had all been fully healed but subconsciously he felt that there were tens of transparent big holes on his body, as he waved his arms these transparent big holes actually exploded with a crisp noise.

Upon closer inspection, wisps of strange energy seemed to wildly rush into his body from these big holes, transforming into qi which was formed from strange energy, rushing towards his left arm and chest, swiftly forming an energy whirlpool within his body.

“This…… This is……”

Su Yu was astonished, what was occurring was simply inconceivable, it was as though the acupuncture points on his body had been opened up and could actually use the transparent holes on his body to absorb the strange energy from the outside, changing it into qi within his body.

Su Yu woke up from this state of astonishment but he did not understand why this change had occurred. He could only guess that the severe injuries which would have led to death normally had actually created this mysterious change in him.

Su Yu did not understand what changes had occurred within his body and also did not think much about it as he earnestly immersed himself in absorbing the energy through these holes, converting it into strange energy within his body. In no time, the strange energy in the form of qi continued to surge and grow stronger as it started to attempt to shake the four ‘doors’.

Su Yu understood that if he managed to open a ‘door’, he would surely be able to evolve further, becoming even stronger.

However, no matter how much the strange energy within his body grew, it was unable to shake the ‘door’ and the strange energy continued to swell to the extent where it felt as though it might explode.

“Not good!” Su Yu suddenly realised that he had absorbed too much strange energy yet was unable to open a ‘door’, the amount of area within his body that could contain strange energy was too small and if this went on, the frightening strange energy would explode out from these areas of his body.

“Ha!” Su Yu roared, scales appeared on his left arm and chest as the strange energy within him swelled, he had to find an avenue of release and his body suddenly emitted tens of white rays of steam from the areas that had been pierced by the wooden stakes and all the strange energy surged as he gathered it within his left arm.


An explosive sound rang out as Su Yu suddenly felt that his left arm had formed a whirlpool consisting of white steam, following the explosive sound, it actually left his fist and flew forward.


A pile of boulders three metres away were immediately shattered as they rolled away, as though they had been hit by a small artillery shell.

Su Yu was speechless, the strange energy which was swelling and breaking seemed to gradually calm down. He no longer dared to recklessly use the tens of transparent holes to absorb energy, this feeling was too terrifying.

“The Rending Storm can actually be used in such a manner…… it can actually leave the fist and fly out like an artillery shell? This…… this……”

Su Yu looked at the rock pile which had exploded and his mouth was left agape.

This was a real case of gaining fortune in misfortune, his body now had tens of formless holes, although they could not enable him to promote to the next tier, they were like strange energy gathering machines, allowing him to have unlimited amounts of strange energy, causing all his abilities to become even stronger and their might rising to another level. Although he was still a tier three dark iron warrior, he was definitely more than 50% stronger than when he fought York.

“It’s really true that if one gets through a big ordeal, there will certainly be benefits to be gained……” Su Yu scratched his head as he looked at the rock pile which was blown up by him. He was thinking if he had this frightening strength the day before, York would not have been able to get close to him and he would have used a fist to send him flying, forcing him to be unable to get close.

“What’s going on?” There were cries of alarm from behind and Su Yu looked back to find Ma Zi Ye, Qin Jia Gui and the others rushing out of the cave with looks of alarm on their faces.

The explosive “Kaboom!” earlier had startled them, they had then seen Su Yu’s figure outside the cave and actually thought that some monster had come as they hurriedly rushed out. However, there was nothing to be seen and their faces were stunned as they looked at Su Yu, unsure what he was up to.

Su Yu rubbed his hands and his face was embarrassed as he smiled: “I was only testing my abilities, it seems that my body has mostly recovered.”

Qin Jia Gui let out a sigh of relief while Ma Zi Ye went forward to Su Yu and shook her head with a faint smile: “This person……” as though she were complaining because she was annoyed but also seemed to be filled with endless happiness that Su Yu was alright.

At the same time, Zhang Zhong Mou’s weird shouts rang out from within the cave: “Pui! Pui! Damn, why did you place your stinky feet on my face? Pui!”

Following this, the sound of Zhao Shi Chang’s voice could be heard, it was filled with emotion: “Last night I actually dreamt that we had returned home, the spotted dog in my home always loves to lick my feet, ticklish but quite comfortable, I haven’t had that feeling in a while. Ai, I really miss that feeling…… Eh? Why is there a large amount of spittle on my leg…… strange…….”

Zhang Zhong Mou shivered all over: “I……. I was just participating in the kissing competition and had kissed a beautiful girl for over two hours, acquiring the first place…… F***, could the thing I kissed actually be your…… Bleargh……” Suddenly Zhang Zhong Mou’s voice went silent as retching sounds could be heard from within.

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