KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 89

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Chapter 89: Confession

Outside the cave when Su Yu, Ma Zi Ye, Qin Jia Gui and the others heard this, they looked at each other in dismay as their eyes met and suddenly everyone roared with laughter.

Ma Zi Ye laughed till her back was bent as she rubbed her stomach, clearly her stomach was aching from all the laughing.

“That big cigarette addict, i truly take my hat off to him.”

“Ha ha.” A rare smile appeared on Qin Jia Gui as he shook his head, he did not know whether to laugh or to admire him.

“Ma Zi Ye, how are your injuries?” Su Yu looked at Ma Zi Ye as he asked.

Ma Zi Ye’s injuries were much lighter than his but Ma Zi Ye was merely a tier one dark iron warrior and her recuperative abilities were inferior to him.

Ma Zi Ye seldom heard concern from Su Yu and her heart was filled with sweetness as she smiled: “Yea, I’ve mostly recovered. Although there is still some pain in my chest, it isn’t a big problem.”

Su Yu responded: “That’s good.” before tousling his hair and not speaking any further.

When Zhang Zhong Mou walked out of the cave, the group noticed that his expression was ugly. Behind him, Jade, Lei Rui and the others were unable to restrain the smiling expressions on their faces and Zhao Shi Chang had the face of an innocent victim.

Ma Zi Ye suddenly lamented: “Actually, if there weren’t dangers everywhere within this forest and it was a simple expedition trip, how relaxed and fun that would be.”

Su Yu understood her feelings, as they got closer with the group, they cherished each other more and the worry and fear they faced grew stronger. In this world, regardless of the person, they might suddenly die at any time.

The buddy who was smiling and laughing with you one moment ago could be gruesomely dead in front of you in the next, even Su Yu was no exception.

There was an indescribable sour feeling within Ma Zi Ye’s heart as she softly said: “Su Yu, in this kind of dangerous environment, is growing feelings for someone comical and unnecessary? Within this world, is it better not to have feelings?”

Su Yu earnestly thought before replying: “If a human no longer has feelings, wouldn’t he be no different from animals? Wait no, even animals have feelings between them. Do you know of an insect called the Moth?”

Ma Zi Ye nodded as her eyes seemed to light up while she looked at Su Yu.

Su Yu lifted his head as he looked calmly ahead and muttered: “The moth knows that it will be burnt to death if it throws itself into the fire, but for that moment of radiance, it is willing to disregard everything and throw itself towards the fire, I believe that this is a kind of spirit. We are at least better than the moth, until the last moment nobody would what the outcome would be…… even the moth can be so unafraid when confronted with death, what do we have to be afraid of? If you wish to love, go and love. If you wish to hate, go and hate. At least, you will not leave any regrets within your heart.”

Su Yu mumbled as his eyes were staring at Ning Yan in the distance who was tidying her hair as she walked out of the cave.

These words were actually spoken to give himself courage, he wanted to throw away all considerations and shyness to confess to Ning Yan. However, in Ma Zi Ye’s ears, she misinterpreted it as Su Yu encouraging her to confess her love.

Her heart began to beat faster like a deer that was haphazardly running about, could Su Yu know that she liked him? Was he telling her to persevere? Was he willing to accept her?

Thinking of this, Ma Zi Ye looked down as she felt her cheeks burn up, she finally gathered the courage and prepared to confess to Su Yu, just as she said ‘I’, she found that Su Yu had already walked away and was moving towards Ning Yan who was by the side.

“Ah……..” Ma Zi Ye’s mouth was slightly ajar as she stood there rigidly, astonishment written on her face.

“That’s right, why am I always thinking of this and that? Since I secretly like Ning Yan, since I like her, I should just confess. In this world, who knows when we’ll die, in that case why am I still hesitating for? I don’t wish to leave any regrets.” Su Yu said this in his mind, he had almost died the previous day and this had given him a new understanding, he wanted to face Ning Yan and…….”


Su Yu knew that Ning Yan did not have any feelings for himself, the feelings he had for Ning Yan were also not to the extent of being able to claim that he loved her. Although it was merely a simple like, Ning Yan was the first girl he really felt something for, in this forest that was filled with all sorts of danger where one’s life was never assured, he did not wish to have a single regret left behind.

Su Yu had suddenly gathered the courage to confess, his face an expression of gallantry and utter fearlessness as he walked straight towards Ning Yan. Once he made the decision, his body naturally released a kind of imposing manner and the others quickly looked at Su Yu. Even Ning Yan who was tidying up her hair also looked up, Su Yu who was walking towards her with his imposing manner had left her rather startled.

Su Yu’s heart was beating rapidly, this was the first time in his life he would be confessing to a girl and he felt so nervous that his chest seemed like it would explode at any moment.

“Damn, why am I so disappointing, when faced with the Single Eyed Zombie King or York, I wasn’t that nervous. Su Yu, you are too disappointing.”

Su Yu cursed himself in his heart as he grit his teeth and decided to just go for it. From an outsider’s perspective, he seemed to be fiercely taking big strides towards Ning Yan. Ning Yan was stunned as Su Yu said in a heavy voice: “Ning Yan, I like you, I wish to be…….”

His words were not completed when a leg came flying from the side, ‘Bang!’ as it sent him flying. Jade appeared and seemed like she had done something insignificant, patting the dust off her legs, exceptionally confident and at ease as she supported Ning Yan who was absolutely stunned: “He was acting up from his illness earlier, don’t treat it as reality. This fellow has ‘early childhood brain damage and neurosis’ since young, he often speaks nonsense and his words can’t be taken seriously. It’s precisely because of this that his mother wishes for me to look after him.”

The group were all speechless as they saw the scene before them, Ning Yan was also stunned. Earlier when Su Yu was confessing, his imposing manner was too frightening, that expression was simply like staring at an enemy of ten generations, displaying extreme anger.

Ning Yan swept her hair behind her shoulders and quickly recovered from her astonishment. Moving her hands down, she gently pushed away Jade’s hands which were touching hers before unknowingly rubbing her jade-like nape. Her expression was indifferent as though Su Yu’s confession was not said to her, there was no natural reaction of a normal girl and her entire person seemed to exude a feeling that she was out of sorts.

Ma Zi Ye stood rigidly by the side, her fists were clenched and her teeth were gnashing, she had thought the words Su Yu mentioned earlier were a sort of hint for her but reality had shown that she was merely overthinking matters. She felt embarrassed and resentful.

“What’s so good about this Ning Yan, isn’t she just pretty? Is Su Yu such a superficial person? Only liking pretty girls? Hmph!” She cursed in her heart.

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26 thoughts on “KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 89

  1. Everyone’s angry about Ning Yan, but I find Jade to be a more crappy character. NY hasn’t tried to seduce Su Yu or pretend anything at all, her only problem is not contributing towards the fights – and in that aspect, she is just lucky that she wasn’t killed unlike the other redshirts from the initial expedition 😛

    Meanwhile, the ‘childhood friend’ Jade is way too interfering as she insists on neither hooking up with Su Yu nor letting him confess to anyone else. I hope SY gets together with Ma Zi Ye since a wushu expert at higher tier would fend off the jealous fly easily.

    For those who really think Su Yu was looking to confess, didn’t it already mention he did not expect anything to happen? Probably it was just to get things off his chest and try to be friends, but even that got ruined by dumbass Jade 🙁

  2. i guess that shounen romance shit needed to happen
    i already forgot the horrible romance and nearly all the bad parts of the story in the last 20 really nice chapters
    but then again this shit happens
    the author should decide to either make this a mature or shounen story
    this is a horrible mix of both
    worst existing romance
    the protagonist not likeable at all(except the fighting parts he is not likeable)
    that romcom shit from jade was not needed at all in this chapter(that ruined the entire bad shit atmosphere the story had going in the last 20 chapters)
    good translation and nice chapter speed but story has huge up and downs
    and it seems like when the fighting parts stop
    the story will get ruined by the romance and character movements

  3. Jeez, this is easily among the worst love interests I’ve seen in just about anything. At least bad love interests are characterized by something, she seems to be pretty, and got mad at him for accidentally hurting her while saving her. I mean, seriously, has she done *anything* else? I honestly can’t remember.

    Can someone who has read the raws give us spoilers on if he continues pursuing her? At this point I wouldn’t even want her as the lowest position in a harem, let alone if the author makes her the main or sole girl, and would rather save the time and drop it now than deal with the frustration.

    Even still, thanks for the translation! Never want to shoot the messenger >.>

  4. Hey ma zi yan should be tier 2 and jade should be tier 0 so a kick should not even scratch him.

    Honestly i dont like ning yan since shes a stuck up but probably she is cold because shes cursed so dont be too hard on her.

  5. sigh.. this mc.. seriously.. after all that happened.. the way she acts.. and he still likes her and wants to confess.. wow.. i seriously wanted to stop reading.. this mc is so sigh.. *shakes head

    • Right? Just this alone is making me want to drop this. Foolishness. There’s Jade and Ma Zi Yi but he’s so fixated on this useless bi…Wretch!!

  6. Yeah, Su Yu is such a superficial person. I dont know how his brain works. He is so dumb. This novel is one of the rare ones that i am completely againts Mc’s love interest. Even if author says she is heavenly beauty or something, we will like her through her interactions with MC. If she is cute, beauty doesnt matter at all (in novels). So Ning Yan is definitely a no…

    • Só, if you dont like her its a no? I dont like this trash romance that happens in jp and cn novels. I really cant stand how bad its done, does someone even belive thats possible? The caracters are far worse developed and they seem too much of a steoriotype, I have been reading novels for quite a few years and I know they’re not capable of good romance(With few exeptions) I know this author isnt so why even bother?

      • The ones not capable at romance are the ones tá make novels such as these, chinese are plenty capable of making romance

    • From what he said he liked her and she was already told by his friend chapter AFO and did nothing which he should have took as a hint. Honestly I do t know why he likes someone with the triple 6 mark and does nothing to help anyone, or maybe triple 6 means something else on their culture

  7. I really dislike that the author decided to make this happen – who would trust a person that doesnt speak? Not once since the “apocalypse”. If you like someone you would notice that (and if she spoke… why never in the chapters? there was FF and she didnt say anything…) and she hasnt attacked a single time in the series – only off screen one kill? 666 on the neck – i would either kick her out of the group (seriously, a little child or someone who tries is fine… but someone who does NOTHING not even dodge is not acceptable) everyone would have noticed by now that something is wrong, more so if you like her O_o

    The MC doesnt look braindead… so i beg you, please… author… NO ONE would make that decision.

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