KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: Dispute

After Su Yu killed the final green monster with the wooden club in his hand dripping with green juice, he turned his head and saw the aftermath of all the slain monsters. On the other hand, the humans had lost four people and there were seven injured that were covered with cuts and wounds.

On his own, Su Yu had taken care of seven green monsters, he was the undisputed champion. The others had expressions of shock, even Ning Yan, who had never had any contact with Su Yu in the past, could not help but re-evaluate him and as she took a quick look at him.

“Poof” Zhang Zhong Mou sat on the ground as he took a cigarette out from his shirt pocket, using his hands that were stained with green juices to clamp it as he inhaled deeply.

Before him lay a green monster whose skull was cleanly smashed open like a watermelon, a wooden club was still stuck there and it was clear that this belonged to Zhang Zhong Mou, he had just killed another green monster.

“Brother, want a cigarette?” Zhang Zhong Mou exhaled smoke while shouting at Su Yu.

Su Yu shook his head as he slowly walked over.

Although he had just killed seven of the green monsters and the strange energy within him had become much stronger to the extent that the injuries on his body were healing rapidly, Su Yu was not elated in the slightest.

Four more people had died and the gruesome death of the familiar sports teacher before his eyes made his heart quiver.

“What should we do with their bodies?” A tall stout student with a crew cut hair questioned as he took a bottle of mineral water out from his backpack to drink before wiping his mouth.

The battle earlier had not lasted long and although it could be considered a big victory, many people had been injured as they sat on the ground nursing their wounds as they took the opportunity to rest. A few of them had killed their first green monster and had become special energy users, at this moment their faces were filled with joy and excitement as they felt the strange energy fluctuations within their body.

A male of around thirty years of age who wore a guard uniform had a solemn expression on his face as he looked to the sky and said: “In this place, no one knows what may happen in the future. What’s most important for us is to find a supply of food as well as a rescue team. Time is of the essence and these bodies…… we can only leave them here.”

Qin Jia Gui had been injured quite heavily from the battle earlier as his chest was covered with his own blood, a student was helping him dress his wound when he heard the words spoken by the guard as he lifted his head and said: “How can we do that? If we leave them here they’ll be eaten by those green monsters. This….. This is not the way!” Suddenly clenching his fists he stood up.

This school guard frowned as he said: “Then do we have to dig holes to bury them? You must remember that we only have two days worth of rations and simply don’t have enough time to deal with these bodies……”

Qin Jia Gui stared at him and replied: “Have you ever thought that maybe…… maybe if you or me were to die here….. Would you want your body to be eaten by these monsters?

The school guard felt anger as he shouted: “What are you saying! Are you cursing me?” As he tightly clenched down on the police baton in his hand.

The two people had suddenly gotten into an argument as everyone’s gazes were attracted by the commotion. Zhang Zhong Mou hurried walked between them as he laughed and said: “Take a cigarette? Come, one stick per person. What’s there to quarrel about?”

The school guard coldly pushed aside Zhang Zhong Mou’s hand as he stared at Qin Jia Gui who had not cowered in the slightest: “Little kid, could it be that your parents didn’t teach you how to respect your elders? What I propose to do is for the benefit of everyone. You better remember that there are still over a thousand people waiting for our news. Don’t tell me that we have to waste our time on such matters?”

Qin Jia Gui said in a heavy voice: “You don’t even respect the dead, how can I respect you?”

“You!” The school guard was incensed as he shouted and wanted to get physical.

Su Yu who had been twirling his hair as though he were thinking about something noticed that things were started to go downhill as he hurriedly walked forward to block him.

With the appearance of Su Yu, the school guard instinctively took in a deep breath and did not continue with the whipping of his baton.

Since the beginning of these strange events, Su Yu’s performance had been too outstanding and unknowingly everyone revered him in their hearts, even the school guard was not an exception.

“I won’t speak about major principles, it’s only…… we’re all gathered here with the same goal. What both of you said does make sense. The ground here is simply too firm and we don’t have any tools. If we want to dig a big hole it would take up at least half a day and we really don’t have the time to tarry here. How about……”

Su Yu softly muttered to himself while pinching his hair before continuing: “How about we place these bodies atop the tree branches? This would prevent the green monsters from desecrating their bodies and once we find the rescue team we can come back and give them a proper burial.”

“If it doesn’t waste too much time I don’t have any opinion.” The school guard heard that it was only shifting the bodies onto the trees and agreed because the time needed for this was very minimal.

Qin Jia Gui heard Su Yu’s words and knew that he was being very realistic. Under their current circumstances without any digging tools, wanting to dig a large hole that could fit a few people would certainly take up at least half a day. They only had two days and a large part of the morning was already gone. It could be said that time was really limited.
Su Yu meant what he said as Zhang Zhong Mou, Qin Jia Gui and a few others began to lift the bodies as they prepared to bring them atop the trees to prevent them from being desecrated.

“Let me help too.” The tall and stout youth with the crew cut hair chimed.

Zhang Zhong Mou asked for his name and found out that he was one year their senior and was called Zhao Shi Chang.

“Once we handle the bodies let’s get a move on.” The school guard continued. The scent of blood here was very strong and he was not willing to tarry here any longer than necessary.

In no time at all the four bodies were placed on the branches of the tall trees and Zhang Zhong Mou leapt off a branch to land on the ground.

“Okay, everyone let’s move out.” This school guard saw that everyone was younger than him and subconsciously saw himself as the leader as he wanted to properly lead the group.

Zhang Zhong Mou cast a sidelong glance at him and it was clear that he was not very convinced by his leadership as he lazily said: “Is everybody well rested?”

The school guard glared at him as though he wanted to say something but suddenly felt something as he looked to the side. Su Yu had realised that something was amiss earlier than him as his left hand clenched the wooden club and stood up.


Soft sounds could be heard transmitting from the other side in the shrubs as the group furtively looked over. The shrubs were parted and green monster could be seen walked out.

Although it was also a green monster, the green monster before them was clearly different from the ones that they had met.

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  1. if it were me in that situation id suggest drawing in a few goblins at a time through the small gate to increase their strength (power leveling), it would work because its been proven the goblins are not very smart. they could also be used as emergency rations. If you think about it rationally, if the exploration group gets killed, the people waiting back at the university will die. Its also best to test out the physical limitations of the black mark.
    But i kind of understand. when people are in a desperate situation, they tend to make the wrong decisions.

  2. Please tell me they figure out a way to distribute the energy to their whole body. It being concentrated to a single limb doesn’t seem efficient…

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