KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 90

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Chapter 90: Schadenfreude

Su Yu was kicked away by Jade and lay on the ground, not willing to get up for a short amount of time. He did not know how to face the group, he had mustered the courage to confess and was in the midst of doing it when Jade had ended it prematurely.

Jade understood Su Yu and knew that it was impossible for him to gather the courage to confess to Ning Yan a second time.

“This Jade really is an evil demon……” Su Yu was dismayed in his heart, he wanted to cry but there were no tears and he felt embarrassed.

“Haha.” Zhang Zhong Mou laughed as he walked over, tossing Su Yu a cigarette. The three of them had grown up together and knew each other’s temperaments and characters. With a great god like Jade around, Su Yu would have no chance to secretly attempt to chase a girl.

“Brother, don’t think about it anymore.” Zhang Zhong Mou looked at Su Yu with sympathy, his face seemed to be aggrieved but his eyes betrayed him, there was clearly a sense of schadenfreude in them.

Zhang Zhong Mou had been depressed in the morning but seeing that Su Yu was more depressed than him, his heart became much lighter. When a person was down and out and saw someone in worse straits than him, they would naturally feel more comfortable.

Su Yu was extremely vexed, looking over at Jade’s proud and delighted expression, he felt like knocking his head to kill himself.

Zhou Bi Rong also walked over, her injuries were mostly healed and after a day of rest, she was mentally and physically recharged. Su Yu, Zhou Bi Rong, Ma Zi Ye, Qin Jia Gui, Zhao Shi Chang and the others who were injured had mostly healed, the strange energy within their bodies gave them strong recuperative prowess and as long as they were not instantly killed, no matter how serious the injury they would be able to recover with time.

The twelve people ate simply before lugging the huge bags of food and leaving the cave. Zhou Bi Rong led the way as they headed towards the area where they first met the couple, Ding Shan and Jennifer’s corpse were buried on that slope.

Whether Jennifer’s corpse had the treasure map, no one was certain. However, this was their only option, all the areas around the cave had been thoroughly checked but the treasure map could not be found.

Food was the lifeline of the group, since they were leaving the cave, they naturally carried all of it together with them. This was already the eighth day since they came to the forest, they had finally found a clue to leaving this world and no one wanted to give up on this chance.

Zhou Bi Rong led the group, her right hand held her pistol out of habit, she did not have many bullets left on her, merely less than ten and once they were used, this pistol would become a useless piece of metal.

The handphones of the group had mostly either been destroyed in the vigorous battles or ran out of battery. It was fortunate that Zhao Shi Chang, Lei Rui and a few of them carried watches, allowing them to tell them time. Otherwise, the group would not even be able to keep track of it.

Walking beside Zhou Bi Rong was Qin Jia Gui and Zhao Shi Chang. Yuan Ni Ping, Jade, Lei Rui and the few others walked in the centre while Su Yu naturally walked behind the ground. Usually Ma Zi Ye liked to walk together with him at the back but this time, she actually walked in the centre of the group.

Zhang Zhong Mou smoked his cigarette as he walked in a carefree manner together with Su Yu before suddenly puffing: “Really don’t know how the people over at the school are doing, is Lin Shi still alive? It’s a pity about teacher Meng Bo……. I really liked her.”

Su Yu replied: “I believe in Teacher Lin, he is a tenacious person, not easily beaten down. Sometimes, love can create miracles.” He recalled the eyes filled with love of Lin Shi towards Meng Bo and firmly believed that they were still alive.

Zhang Zhong Mou snorted: “What do you mean love can create miracles, young master Yu, has your love created a miracle? Why does it seem like you’ve knocked your head and are depressed and dejected?”

Su Yu harrumphed as he scratched his head with embarrassment, secretly looking at Ning Yan who was walking in front before sighing. He could never seem to close the distance between them and really did not have any ideas, it was clearly more logical to forget about his feelings for her.

Following the path they had taken the previous day, the group whizzed through and did not meet with any trouble along the way. Finally, they reached the slope and could see from a distance that the top of the slope was a mess.

“Eh?” Zhou Bi Rong seemed to have seen something as she swiftly walked up, the group also noticed the mess atop the slope, the corpses of the Zombie’s seemed to have been nibbled and gnawed on, as though some frightening monster had been through the area.

Zhang Zhong Mou scolded: “Damn, even eating the corpses of zombies? These monsters really don’t pick what they eat.”

Ma Zi Ye glanced at him: “Same as you.”

“Hey hey, beautiful lady Ma, what are you saying? What do you mean similar to me? Since when did I, Zhang Zhong Mou, not pick what I eat”

Ma Zi Ye stared hatefully at him and Zhang Zhong Mou seemed to have understood something: “Hey hey, I understand now. You’re feeling down but you shouldn’t use me to vent your frustrations.”

“You are precisely the person I want to vent on, what are you going to do about it?”

Zhang Zhong Mou’s hands spread out: “Venting on me…… I’ll just treat it like a dog taking a piss……”

Ma Zi Ye was incensed but did not know how to deal with Zhang Zhong Mou. Taking a packet of instant noodles from her bag, she ripped it open before staring at Zhang Zhong Mou and viciously ate the instant noodles making loud noises. Her expression made Zhang Zhong Mou’s hair stand on end, it felt as though she was not eating instant noodles but rather biting into his flesh, making all his goosebumps swell.

“Hey hey, don’t be like that. Alright alright, I admit defeat. You’re a magnanimous person, don’t stare at me with those eyes alright?” Zhang Zhong Mou was utterly defeated and immediately conceded as he begged for mercy.

Qin Jia Gui and the others were carefully measuring their surroundings. Although there were corpses of the zombies which had been thoroughly destroyed, they did not notice any traces of other monsters and were more concerned about the corpse of Jennifer which was buried. It was fortunate that they had buried Jennifer’s corpse together with Ding Shan’s.

Li Dong, Zhou Hua Kang and the few others were not even tier one dark iron warriors, they held metal spades as weapons and this time the spades actually came in handy. The few of them busied themselves with digging and a short while later the corpse of Jennifer had been dug out.

“It’s fortunate that those monsters did not damage their bodies.” Qin Jia Gui let out a sigh of relief while Zhou Bi Rong backed away to the side, she did not wish to see Ding Shan’s corpse again for fear of feeling bitter again.

Su Yu, Qin Jia Gui, Zhao Shi Chang, Lei Rui and the few others squatted by Jennifer’s corpse. They recalled what she had written in her diary and thought of how her three kids had died and her husband going insane, the amount of mental pressure she had to bear each day was certainly frightening.

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