KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 91

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Chapter 91: Forest Exit

“Ai…….” Su Yu sighed as he regretted being so heavy-handed, destroyed Jennifer’s leg causing her strange energy to dissipate resulting in her dying from loss of blood.

Zhang Zhong Mou seemed to be able to know what he was thinking as he patted Su Yu’s shoulder: “We all wish to live on, there was no right or wrong in this matter. Don’t blame yourself.”

Su Yu shook his head: “Don’t worry, let’s see if that treasure map is still on her person.”

“Okay.” Lei Rui stretched her hand as she began to search Jennifer’s body. If it were the past, Lei Rui would not dare to touch a dead body but over these few days, they had seen too many corpses of people and monsters and the corpse of Jennifer before her was not that frightening.

In no time, Lei Rui had patted down Jennifer’s body. The group were nervous as they looked at her hands wondering if she had found the map mentioned in Jennifer’s diary. This was their final hope to find a reliable map showing the exit of this forest.

Suddenly, Lei Rui’s hands stopped at Jennifer’s bosom.

Qin Jia Gui asked nervously: “What’s the matter? What have you found?”

Lei Rui took a deep breath as she slowly pulled her hand out. In her hand was a bundle wrapped in a handkerchief.

At this moment, everyone had gathered beside Lei Rui, looking at her hands with nervousness and hope. Even Ning Yan who was usually aloof also had an interested expression on her face.

Lei Rui stood up as she unfolded the handkerchief, there was a slightly yellowed folded drawing and when Lei Rui opened it, everyone had a sharp intake of air.

Map, it was a real map, filled with dense and numerous items drawn on it. There were even streaks of faint yellow lustre that seemed to be moving about.

“What’s drawn on it?” Qin Jia Gui squeezed himself beside Lei Rui as she opened the map and said: “This is a map but I can’t be certain this is the map of the forest before us.”

As she spoke she was also measuring the map but finally she handed it over to Qin Jia Gui.

Qin Jia Gui held the map as he carefully scrutinised it. Su Yu who was by the side also glimpsed at the map, he was not too familiar with such items and just as Lei Rui had mentioned, this was indeed an intricately drawn map. The legend on the map clearly indicated that this was a map of a forest but whether it was the forest before them, this was difficult to say. Even if it really was, they did not know their exact position on the map. If they could not get an idea of their location, even with this map it would be useless.

“Okay, it’s definitely the map of this forest!” Qin Jia Gui finally shouted in elation after careful examination.

Su Yu was startled: “You’re so confident?”

Qin Jia Gui nodded his head in affirmation: “Jennifer left a simple map within her diary and what was drawn was certain landmarks within an area of ten miles. At an initial glance it doesn’t seem to be useless but I now understand, it has to be used together with this treasure map. Comparing the diary to this map, we can identify our location on the treasure map. Look here, this large valley, it is also indicated on the map within the diary, it is slightly over ten miles away from that cave and this treasure map also has it. Comparing the maps we can have a definitive clue as to where our location is on the map.”

Qin Jia Gui was elated: “Let’s go back to the cave, we can’t make any mistakes. I wish to go back to the cave to compare the two maps, I believe that my speculations aren’t wrong.”

By this time the others had all crowded around to take a look at the map, most of them did not see anything peculiar about it.

“Why do we still have to return to the cave? Haven’t you brought the diary along with you?” Zhang Zhong Mou was reluctant to return.

Qin Jia Gui had a mysterious smile on his face: “A person of the mountains have their reasons, let’s head back.

Su Yu pondered for a while before saying: “Alright, let’s head back. We can also fulfill Jennifer’s wishes and bury her corpse with her family.”

Li Dong spoke up as he frowned: “Still need to carry it?”

Su Yu glanced at him without speaking, handing the bags of food on his person to Zhang Zhong Mou and Jade to carry before personally carrying the corpse of Jennifer on his back. Zhou Hua Kang and the others quickly covered the hole with Ding Shan’s corpse still within it.

“Let’s hurry back.” Qin Jia Gui held the map and was eager to return, he wanted to carefully compare the two maps and inspect the ground at the same time to confirm matters. Jennifer had personally drawn that map in her diary and going to that cave would make it much easier to confirm the different landmarks drawn on the map, allowing them to have a clear idea of where they were on the treasure map.

It was better to be prudent in this matter.

Returning back to the cave, Su Yu, Zhang Zhong Mou, Jade, Zhao Shi Chang and the few others buried Jennifer’s corpse again, looking at the five family members who were buried together, Su Yu lightly sighed. As for Qin Jia Gui, he had already rushed into the cave with the map to begin inspecting, they were rather clueless about maps and did not go over to disturb him.

A while later……

“Why is this fellow taking so long to inspect the maps?” Zhang Zhong Mou was feeling rather restless as he rubbed his tummy, he was feeling rather hungry and it seemed like it would be midday soon, throwing away the cigarette within his hand, he turned and entered the cave, wanting to see what Qin Jia Gui was up to.

Su Yu also followed and noticed that Qin Jia Gui was holding a pointed piece of rock, the strange energy within his right hand was activated as he drew on the stone wall. Upon closer inspection, his left hand was currently holding the treasure map and it seemed as though he were drawing a map based on the treasure map within his left hand.
“Hey, what are you up to?” Zhang Zhong Mou could not help but shout out.

The people behind also followed and exchanged glances.

“You haven’t gone dumb from inspecting the maps right?” Zhang Zhong Mou was incomparably stunned.

Qin Jia Gui ignored him and only when the map was drawn did he throw away the small stone in his hand before sighing and looking back with a smile on his face: “It’s done.”

“What’s done? You’ve wasted half a day to draw a map? Damn, isn’t there a map within your hand already?” Zhang Zhong Mou was not excited, what was Qin Jia Gui up to?

Qin Jia Gui had a faint smile on his face: “I’ve already carefully compared this map, Jennifer’s speculations aren’t wrong, based on the position of the cave from the valley to calculate, we will take at most ten days……. At most ten days and we will definitely be able to reach this area indicated by the treasure map. Look here, doesn’t there seem to be a door indicated on this map? This marking represents an exit, the exit to this forest. It could even be……. even be the exit of this damned world.

The group were stunned before finally reacting as Zhao Shi Chang yelled: “Qin Jia Gui, what you’re saying it, ten days, we only need ten days to get out of this forest?! No, out of this world?!”

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  1. i mean its a forrest with level 0-3 monsters, and they want to go out and face greater dangers? theres no way its a real exist….

  2. “Qin Jia Gui, what you’re saying it, ten days, we only need ten days to get out of this forest?! No, out of this world?!”

    Bitch please it is only the forest exit.

  3. They are way too optimistic. They should prepare for the worst. There have been no history of people reaparing into the real world after going into the black hole. So the probability of them going back into the real world is very low.

    Thanks for the chapter.

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