KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 92

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Chapter 92: Ten Days Journey

“That’s right, it may not even require ten days. As long as the markings on the map are accurate, we will definitely be able to reach the exit indicated on the map within ten days.” Qin Jia Gui yelled in elation as he waved his hand.

Yuan Ni PIng walked forward as she tightly hugged his arm, an expression of happiness appearing on her face.

Yuan Ni Ping had a gentle character and seldom spoke, her simple actions spoke a thousand words.

Qin Jia Gui lightly patted her hand while Zhang Zhong Mou asked in puzzlement: “Even if that’s the case, why did you draw on the stone wall?”

Qin Jia Gui looked at the two huge maps he had drawn, one big one small. These two maps were the treasure map and the one drawn within Jennifer’s diary respectively. He smiled as he replied: “I was thinking that since we were given hints by Jennifer thus allowing us to find the exit. I wanted to leave something behind for people in the future, if they come to this cave, they will also be able to compare the two maps on the stone wall and be able to find the exit as well. Haha, that’s why I’ve wasted a bit of time.”

The group stared blankly for a while before Zhang Zhong Mou laughed: “This fellow, really thought it through quite thoroughly huh, should I call you clever or foolish?”

Yuan Ni Ping softly answered: “Qin Jia Gui is compassionate, he often considers other people, that’s what I like about him.”

Qin Jia Gui heard Yuan Ni Ping and a faint smile appeared on his face: “You’re the same, isn’t that so?”

Zhang Zhong Mou shook his head, he could not stand this kind of lovey dovey behaviour.

Ma Zi Ye continued: “Qin Jia Gui, since you know the direction, we should set off as soon as possible.”

Su Yu walked out of the cave as he shook his head: “It’s already afternoon, let’s have a meal first.”

Zhang Zhong Mou spoke up: “Alright, Qin Jia Gui did the map indicate any areas with a river? Damn, I haven’t bathed for so many days it’s already a torture.”

If he did not mention it the group would have been silent but once he did so, the group felt their entire bodies start to itch as Ma Zi Ye glared at him: “Why did you even talk about this sore spot of ours.”

Zhang Zhong Mou shouted: “I was only thinking for the good of everyone, my kindness came to no good.”

Qin Jia Gui shook his head: “This map does not indicate any rivers, this treasure map is truly weird, it is found from within a monster’s body and is currently showing the exit.”

Su Yu then said: “It seems that those monsters of the golden bloodline all contain some precious case and each will contain something different. When I killing the Golden Goblin, the precious case actually contained the ‘Earth Spikes Ring’ while York killed the Golden Gnome and this map was actually within the case.”

Li Dong sighed: “It’s fortunate that York was insane, otherwise they would have already taken this map and left, then we wouldn’t have been able to obtain it.”

Zhang Zhong Mou rebuked: “Damn, you’re too heartless, their entire family is buried here. Be careful, they may hear what you say and become ghosts to haunt you.”

Li Dong harrumphed but did not say anything, he knew Zhang Zhong Mou had a big mouth and did not wish to argue with him.

Zhao Shi Chang muttered: “A journey of close to ten days? Hopefully everything will be smooth.”

The group were previously eating very conservatively but upon hearing Qin Jia Gui mention that they could leave this world in at most ten days and they actually had quite a bit of food, they group began to unconsciously eat more.

After eating their fill, the group swiftly left the cave as each of them walked with elation written on their faces. Their future was no longer bleak, they had a goal and based on Qin Jia Gui’s conjecture, if they did not have any mishaps along the way they would definitely be able to get out of this frightening forest.
The prerequisite was that the journey did not have any mishaps.

Based on the directions indicated by the map, Qin Jia Gui kept the map into his bosom as he pointed in a direction: “North, this is the direction. Let’s be careful as we proceed.
We’ve already identified the direction of the exit, let’s hope that we are able to reach the exit alive.”

Zhang Zhong Mou smiled: “That’s for sure, damn, we were so fortunate to be able to find the exit map, god is finally smiling on us. I feel our luck is getting good.”

Based on the direction which Qin Jia Gui indicated, the frontage was covered with dense trees, brambles and underbrush were abundant without any obvious route to follow. Zhao Shi Chang who was walking in front lifted his right hand, his hand soon transformed and became a black curved hard shell. At the end of this hard shell was a slit that was as small as a baby’s mouth, a snow white bone blade that was about ⅓ of a meter long extended out from that slit.

The bone blade swung, “Crack!”, immediately multiple branches which were blocking the way were instantly chopped to the ground.

Qin Jia Gui walked beside him and also continually cleared the frontage, the group of people had a hard time pushing forward and Su Yu continued to follow behind the group. His eyes continually sweeping all around, in this area of lush vegetation, their vision was limited and the risk of being attacked by a monster was high.

“Everyone be more alert.” Qin Jia Gui repeated as each of them raised their perception to the limit, their body was encumbered by the heavy bags and each person toiled to move forward.

“Everyone be careful, I sense some movement.” Suddenly, Su Yu who was walking behind suddenly said in a low voice to alert the group. Everyone noticed that he had purposefully lowered his voice.

“What?” Zhang Zhong Mou hurriedly responded.

Zhou Bi Rong immediately lifted the pistol in her right hand, the group heard a noise not far away to their left, from this sound, it seemed as though there were also a group of people there, pushing aside the wild grass as they advanced.

Because of the dense branches and bramble everywhere, the group could hear noises continually draw closer but wondered who the other party was.

Was it human or beast?

Qin Jia Gui and the others all stopped as they slowly creeped forward, the formation changed and they swiftly formed a triangle, the pointed end of the triangle which was facing the left was Su Yu.

Other these few days, the group had discussed the problems with their cooperation and formulated several methods to handle different situations. For example, if they met a group of tier one beast soldiers, or if they met a single strong monster. As for facing an unknown group, they would form this triangular formation that could both defend and attack.

Forming this triangular formation, they heard a strange sound. Over ten metres away within the thick vegetation, “Bang!” “Bang!” could be heard as heavy objects seemed to fall to the ground. That sound seemed as though people were falling to the ground and eventually no other noise was heard.

“This……” The group exchanged glances, unsure what had happened.

“I’ll go check it out.” Su Yu contemplated for a short while before coming to a decision, the group could not just rigidly stay here. They could not advance nor retreat and after nodding to the group, Su Yu prepared to silently head forward to scout on his own.

Looking at Su Yu himself removing the branches and twigs that was covering his body, Ma Zi Ye who was constantly avoiding Su Yu lightly bit on her lips and followed behind Su Yu in the end.

It could not be denied that Su Yu who had a strong offensive ability and Ma Zi Ye with her ‘Web of Metal’ made them the most compatible partners, the situation ahead of them was strange and Ma Zi Ye did not feel safe leaving Su Yu go alone. Ignoring the anger she was feeling towards him, she also went forward.

The others all stayed in their original places and went on high alert for this short period till Su Yu and Ma Zi Ye have checked out the things ahead before deciding on their next move.

Su Yu silently moved forward as black scales silently appeared to cover his left arm and chest, as his tier rose, these black scales were becoming even more black, as though they were forged from dark metal, having an unimaginable toughness and sharpness.

As Su Yu and Ma Zi Ye moved forward for about seven to eight metres, pushing aside the leaves and branches in their way, suddenly, the two people stood there rigidly as they saw a scene in front of them that left them stunned.

This scene was simply too unusual to the point where their goosebumps stood on end.

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